Trance (Alex Madison #1)

Trance (Alex Madison #1) Download Trance Alex Madison 1 By Adam Southward His Victims Are Powerless He Is In Control This Is His Revenge And He S Only Just Begun.Three University Scientists Are Found Dead In A Gruesome Murder Suicide, And The Only Suspect In The Case, Victor Lazar, Is Quickly Captured When The Spate Of Violent Suicides Follows Him To Prison He Is Moved To Solitary Confinement, Reserved For The Highest Risk Inmates And Then His Assigned Psychologist Inexplicably Takes His Own Life.Alex Madison, A Former Forensic Psychologist Turned Private Therapist, Is Brought In To Interview Victor He Suspects That Victor Is Controlling His Victims, Somehow Coaxing Them Into A Suggestive Trance It Seems Like Science Fiction, But As Alex Digs Deeper He Uncovers A Frightening Reality Of Secret Research And Cruel Experimentation And The Perpetrators Are Closer To Home Than He Could Ever Have Imagined.Too Late, Alex Learns The True Extent Of What Victor Is Capable Of And Who He S After With Everything He Holds Dear At Risk, Can Alex Take Control Of A Dangerous Mind Before It Takes Control Of Him Abandoned at about 80 pages A great premise and lots of potential but I couldn t get past the clunky and rather flat prose. It is possible to be intrigued with a story but also be disenchanted with the arrogance of the main character, and such was the case here Alex Madison is a philandering jerk, who seems to be aimless and without any sense of purpose He s a miserable soul, and while I didn t like him at all, I still had to see how things
Finished reading July 4th 2019 We understand so much, yet so little Delving into people s minds is an immature science, even for those of us who have studied it for years A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and Thomas Mercer in exchange for an honest review Thank you view spoiler I admit it was hook, line and sinker when I saw the cover of Trance and read the blurb The promise of a dangerous character with the ability to control minds sounded absolutely fantastic, and there was no way I was going to be able to resist reading it It might have been that I had set my expectations too high, because unfortunately I can t say I was convinced by the story itself and I ended up having mixed thoughts I still think the premise of this story is absolutely engrossing and probably the strongest aspect of this book The suspect of this story, Victor Lazar, is a fascinatingly disturbing character his mental ability makes this story step on the border of science fiction and paranormal activity and without doubt gives Trance a unique touch A
Despite a promising start this novel slowly devolves into a bad episode of the X files A celebrated clinical psychologist, Alex, takes on the rare forensic case He is to examine a strange Romanian prisoner who was found at the scene of a brutal murder suicide Seems like a lot of people kill themselves when this prisoner is around But Alex has all the usual baggage., a divorced wife he still loves, a precocious brat, plenty of angst and guilt which he assuages with an addiction to Xanax The case unfolds predictably with this supposedly brilliant man doing incredibly stupid things I was disappointed with this book the prose is flat and Alex is a bore The confinement of the prisoner is definitely not believable. at most he was a witness and the
Psychological crime fiction with horror science fantasy elements 3.5 Stars The premise is original with a well thought out serial murderer storyline that includes a villain that terrifies a flawed, Xanax addicted protagonist and horror born of science fantasy The atmosphere is appropriately dark and sometimes desperate As a whole, the writing is good, but I had difficulties with the flash backs forwards, which were often awkwardly executed None of the characters were particularly likable, so I followed the creepy but often pitiable POV of Victor Lazar, the villain who suffered horrific abuse as a child Victor survived his brutal life in an orphanage and became a formidable murderer Less interesting but necessary to the story the soul revealing POV of psychologist Alex Madison, the protagonist whose middle upper class childhood ticked all the boxes for psychological scars Long, angsty passages about Alex s thoughts and feelings about the three women in his life highlight the fact that Alex was a relationship car crash I expected deeper background on Alex Madison s father and his part in the science underlying the storyline The female characters are less developed, but IMHO had the author taken time to layer Sophie and Natalia s characters, the story especially the denouement might have been powerful Trigger warnings Beginning on page one, there
Agonizing..I seriously struggled to finish reading this book after several chapters into the story I was hooked on the storyline, too curious to learn how it ended to stop what turned into an agonizing journey Maybe part of the problem was that it was so well written that the descriptions were too detailed Th
A SIMPLE MAN S REVIEW Bleh The story promises some sort of supernatural thriller , but since the author explains the mysterious skill pretty early on, the supernatural element quickly vanishes And for the thriller part The story is quite predictable and you ll have it all figured out WAY before the end The idea behind the mysterious skill of the antagonist is pretty interesting It sort of takes what we already know about psychology and pushes it to an eleven or thirteen, but you d have to read the book to get that joke There s a few Derren Brown shows out there that give you some insight into what is possible that s the scary part of this whole book Unfortunately, the protagonist is a complete ass Why would anyone want to read another book with him as the main character He s selfish and annoying, but not in a redeemable way It s actually hard to not actively root against him This book had a few interesting parts but was mostly about
I don t often review books, but this one struck me differently I only got about 75 pages in before I had to stop reading it The female characters were written in such a limited, shallow way that was almost offensive The author failed to give even the assistant depth by instead rel
Scary Stuff This book really frightened me, to the point that I had to take breaks from reading Both the thought of the way the orphans were treated, and the darkness that was Victor, appalled me I look forward to reading in this series,
Disclaimer While I own this book I got it for free for being a Prime Member It was one of the June books and I spent almost the entire month trying to decide before choosing.As I have previously boasted a lot like Bingley in PP boasting on his terrible penmanship, I rarely read reviews before starting a book and occasionally even skip the blurb This actually allowed me to sort of enjoy the beginning of the book because I simply believed that the narrator was unreliable I mean how could some one this unlikable, this self centered, this misogynistic, this drug addled be a serious character When other characters began offering their perspective on the story I thought ohhh he s creating these people and scenarios in his mind And then I realized I was wrong these bizarre behaviors, pompous actions and Xanax addiction actually are the main character The unlikable, bullying, douchy main character This guy is such an ass clown he should wear floppy shoes and honk a horn.Victor Lazar, who is supposed to be the Hannibal Lecter of the story starts out as good, scary bad guy but the actor makes him instead a tragic vigilante who is out to right the wrongs he suffered as an orphan in Romania Victor has an X man level power which the author tries to explain but can t and then just leaves it with the guy mumbling and