A Convenient Fiction (Parish Orphans of Devon, #3)

A Convenient Fiction (Parish Orphans of Devon, #3) She Needed A Husband It S Been Three Years Since Laura Hayes S Father Died, Leaving Her And Her Invalid Brother To Subsist On The Income From The Family S Failing Perfume Business But Time Is Swiftly Running Out What She Needs Is A Husband, And Fast A Noble Gentleman Who Can Rescue Them All From Penury When A Mysterious Stranger Arrives In The Village, He Seems A Perfect Candidate But Alex Archer Is No Hero In Fact, He Just Might Be The Opposite He Wanted A Fortune Alex Has No Tolerance For Sentiment He S Returned To England For One Reason Only To Find A Wealthy Wife A Country Bred Heiress In Surrey Seems The Perfect Target But Somewhere Between The Village Railway Station And The Manor House His Mercenary Plan Begins To Unravel And It S All The Fault Of Laura Hayes A Lady As Unsuitable As She Is EnchantingFrom The Beaches Of Margate To The Lavender Fields Of Provence, A Grudging Friendship Slowly Blossoms Into Something But When Scandal Threatens, Can A Man Who Has Spent His Entire Life Playing The Villain, Finally Become A Hero Or Will The Lure Of Easy Riches Once Again Outweigh The Demands Of His Heart I loved every minute of this book Mimi Matthews is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorite romance authors Characters that don t hide behind vulnerability but communicate Delicious, swoon worthy dialogue Heroes who are strong, protective, and simply put, just make you fall in love with them I d looked forward to reading this installment after reading the first two books and I have to say, this one might be my favorite The chemistry between the characters was undeniable and even though the hero tried to convince everyone he was bad, the heroine could see his golden heart under his chameleon like actions I want this series in paperback because I have the feeling I ll want to reread again and again. I LOVED it Everything I wanted in this third book We finally get to know the enigmatic Alex Archer and he s met his match with Laura Hayes Every book Mimi Matthews writes has a Midas like touch of Victorian perfection Exquisite historical detail, endearing and layered characters, the perfect touches of humor, and swoon worthy romances sometimes began in surprising ways all combine in her novels for an immersive and simply DELIGHTFUL reading experience.A Convenient Fiction is at once a whimsical and sensible romance, pairing two complementary personalities whose strengths benefit one another Mimi s attention to historical accuracy is a presence in this novel, even shining light on lesser known details of history, such as perfume making, sea bathing practices, and the laws governing inheritance.The romance is the heart of this story, but the personal growth of Laura and Alex happens right alongside their deepening relationship I love how Laura sees through Alex s carefully constructed facade from the very beginning, perceiving and calling out the hero underneath And for Laura, she learns to balance strength, independence, and her duty to her family, realizing that it s beneficial to rely on someone else for a change.My favorite aspect of the romance between Alex and Laura is that their relationship doesn t go through a typical halt in the latter half of the story There is no will they won t they type of plot dealing with some kind of disagreement or sacrificial reason Instead, theirs is a story of steadfast choice, of honor and commitment The crux of it is all about reconciliation with the past, mainly with Alex and with his friends.I highly recommend reader be familiar with the previous two novels in this series to appreciate Alex s character arc in a deeper manner, and to know the dynamic with other characters mentioned from previous books Mimi s atmospheric style reveals past events from Alex s point of view, adding context and layering for readers familiar with his backstory Fans of this series will be delighted with a glimpse of beloved characters, and the hint of fun to come with book 4 Neville s story YAY Thank you to Netgalley and HFVBT tours for the review copy This is my honest review. A sumptuous and instantly readable addition to what has become one of my favourite series as two people highly wary of attachment and love find in each other the match they need Brimming with intelligence and pitch perfect dialogue, Alex Archer s troubled past intersects his promising present with the alluring and independent Laura Matthews fills her characters and setting with painstaking historical detail, personality and warmth Characters familiar to readers of previous instalments play gentle but significant roles here I cannot wait to return to Devon again Nor to Matthews inimitable magic she owns this period Thanks to Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for reviewing Mimi has done it again I think this is my favorite of the orphan series so far, and it has everything Daring rescues, references to Victorian beauty routines, extensive seaside information and even swimming In the Victorian era It was so good Laura, our lady protagonist, is stubborn, resilient, crafty with money, and stressed out of her mind trying to keep a roof over the family s head In other words, relatable as heck, and exerting an admirable amount of agency for her gender and the time She s a fairly skilled swimmer, a refreshing ability for this sort of genre and era she travels to London alone to conduct business she knows how to balance a budget and stretch a penny I loved her as a main character.Alex is perhaps the most swoonworthy of the three orphans tall, dark, handsome and broad shouldered, he leaped off the page for me His bad boy air, which actually hides a strong moral code and heart of gold, draws the reader in with curiosity, and they stay for the aww moments Despite his purported villainous nature and would be domineering presence, Laura is never cowed into lame moments of relinquishing her agency, rendering him a solid male lead As always, Mimi has done excellent research on the times I was quite impressed with the knowledge visible on the page, even as she skillfully avoids information dumps that would otherwise slow the plot There s interesting social dynamics at play as well, namely for me the dichotomy shown between temperate, budget conscious and mature Laura, and Henrietta, her rich, often jealous and childish friend The two common sides of the Victorian woman coin, I imagine, and I love that they came together as friends throughout The main plot was not just the romance, which was nice, grounded as it was in Laura s determination to see her family out of poverty I loved this book, a solid five stars. This author knows how to write romance She just does She gets it I want a clean romance that has me swooning because of the manly hero That has a heroine who I would want to be best friends with That has a page turning story line with a happily ever after This book has all of that Well done Ms Matthews My only complaint is I m going to have to wait until February to read the next book in the series I was given a copy of this book by the author and this is my honest opinion. A Convenient Fiction will be on Blog Tour with HFVBT, October 22 November 15 After the death of her father, Laura has served as head of the family and kept them afloat through careful planning and sheer determination Now that her brother is about to turn 21, and legally able to take charge of the family s former business things should be taking a turn for the better But when legal troubles prevent this from this from going through, Laura must look for an alternative if she hopes to keep her family from destitution The altenative available to her Marriage.Alex Archer has come to Surrey to catch himself a country heiress and he has his eyes set on Henrietta He wasn t counting on the presence of Laura though, there to act as Henrietta s chaperone, nor was he counting on his attraction to her He ll need to push her and her troubles far from his mind if he hopes to move forward with his plan to woo Henrietta But try as he might he finds himself drawn to her again and again Will he give up on his mercenary plan and stop fighting the attraction Will he let Laura into his heart and stop playing the villain ________________________________First just let me say that the cover of this book is absolutely gorgeous and I am in love with it.This is the third book in Mimi Matthews Parish Orphans of Devon series Although it is not entirely necessary for you to have read the other books in this series before reading this one, I would recommend it Any information necessary to a full undertanding of the background of events are detailed by the author as you read But to get the full impact of the relationship of these four childhood friends and why the seperation weighs so heavily you should read the previous two books as I think it makes the reading of this book all the powerful.I adored Alex, he s so damaged and flawed and not nearly the villain that he imagines himself to be Getting to read about his vulnerabilities, with regards to both his past and future really endeared his character to me.Laura had such a quiet strength that I really respected in her, but it was also her weakness I enjoyed following her character as she learns to face the toubles of life with the help of those around her instead of always carrying the weight of everything on her own shoulders With her independent, take action nature I m sure her and Jenny will be great friends in no time Laura just has such a mix of strength and vulnerability, which is why I think her and Alex are so sweet togther, they have such a great balance together Plus I ADORE a couple in a historical romance that aren t constantly hiding, that actually communicate their feelings with one another Yes, please That way were not trapped in a revolving door of misunderstandings.I enjoyed this book so much and had a hard time putting it down I m looking forward to the next book in the series, because I want to learn about Neville But I am a little sad that it ll be the last in the series because I ve enjoyed it so much.I recommend this book and the series If you ve read any Mimi Matthews books before, then you already know this one will be great If you aren t familiar with her book though, I recommend them to anyone who loves a good historical romance.This is a clean romance, intimacy is eluded to but does not go into detail._____I would like to thank NetGalley and Perfectly Proper Press for sharing an eARC of A Convenient Fiction by Mimi Matthews with me for reviewing purposes This is my honest review. Mimi Matthews might be my favorite historical romance author Her settings are so thoroughly and deftly rendered, so immersive and she treats her characters with such care This book is dense with interpersonal and individual nuance, as well as several enjoyable changes of scenery, and the reader is sold on the eventual romance basically from the first pages I have loved every book in this series so far this might be my favorite but I can t wait to return to the seaside cliffs of Devon for the final installment. Puedes encontrar esta rese a en espa ol al final.I have no idea how to start this review Everything I write sounds boring, pretentious or convoluted The opposite of this story I don t know where to start, really In little less than a year this author has become one of my favorites Her prose is attractive, her characters complex, the plot interesting and the historical background impressively realistic Historical accuracy is one of her strengths.This time it was the turn of Alex, the third of the Parish Orphans of Devon, whom if I must to be honest, was the one that I liked the least During the first two books of the series, the author gave us clues on the rest of the characters and this one did not come out well And yet, it has become along with Justin, from The Matrimonial Advertisement , one of my favorites I blame it on Ms Matthews, of course, who knows how to write a scoundrel and how to redeem him.To say that this story has layers is to fall short Here nothing is easy or simple and navigating all the rules of the time is suffocating, although the author does it with mastery Add to this characters with personality and charisma, with a past and most importantly with flaws and the final result is a beautiful story about what do you think you want and what do you really need The author takes her characters to the limit And it is worth it, anything else would not have been sincere.This story is full of intense moments, both in romance and in the relationship between the four protagonists the orphans who have touched me in a special way.It has been beautiful and intense Another jewel from this author e ARC kindly provided by Perfectly Proper Press via Netgalley No tengo ni idea de c mo empezar esta rese a Todo lo que escribo suena aburrido, pretencioso o enrevesado Lo opuesto a esta historia No s por d nde empezar, la verdad En poco menos de un a o esta autora se ha convertido en una de mis favoritas Su prosa es atractiva, sus personajes complejos, la trama interesante y el trasfondo hist rico impresionantemente realista La precisi n hist rica es uno de sus fuertes.En esta ocasi n le ha tocado el turno al tercero de los cuatro hu rfanos de Devon, Alex, que si tengo que ser sincera, era el que menos me llamaba la atenci n Durante los dos primeros libros de la serie, la autora iba dejando caer pistas sobre el resto de los personajes y ste no sali bien parado Y sin embargo, se ha convertido junto con Justin, de The Matrimonial Advertisement , en uno de mis favoritos Y la culpa es de Ms Matthews, evidentemente, que sabe c mo escribir un canalla y c mo redimirlo Decir que la historia tiene capas es quedarse corto Aqu nada es f cil ni sencillo y navegar por todas las normas de la poca es sofocante, aunque la autora lo hace con maestr a A ade a esto personajes con carisma y car cter, con pasado y lo m s importante con fallos y el resultado final es una historia preciosa sobre qu es lo que piensas que quieres y qu es lo que realmente necesitas La autora los lleva al l mite Y merece la pena, otra cosa no hubiese resultado sincera.Esta historia est llena de momentos intensos, tanto en el romance como en la relaci n de los 4 protagonistas los hu rfanos que me han tocado de una manera especial.Ha sido precioso e intenso Una maravilla Otra joya de esta autora. A Convenient Fiction Parish Orphans of Devon Series 3 Mimi Matthews date 10 22 2019Publisher Perfectly Proper PressBlurb She Needed A HusbandIt s been three years since Laura Hayes s father died, leaving her and her invalid brother to subsist on the income from the family s failing perfume business But time is swiftly running out What she needs is a husband, and fast A noble gentleman who can rescue them all from penury When a mysterious stranger arrives in the village, he seems a perfect candidate But Alex Archer is no hero In fact, he just might be the opposite.He Wanted a FortuneAlex has no tolerance for sentiment He s returned to England for one reason only to find a wealthy wife A country bred heiress in Surrey seems the perfect target But somewhere between the village railway station and the manor house his mercenary plan begins to unravel And it s all the fault of Laura Hayes a lady as unsuitable as she is enchanting.From the beaches of Margate to the lavender fields of Provence, a grudging friendship slowly blossoms into something But when scandal threatens, can a man who has spent his entire life playing the villain, finally become a hero Or will the lure of easy riches once again outweigh the demands of his heart My review What a woman to do when dire circumstances force her into a wall, and the man who could rescue her wants to have nothing to do with her.There is nothing I like better than the redemption of a man s way, all in the name of Love.Having not read the two previous installments, I do understand Alex was described as the vilain of the group of four orphans The one who took off and never looked back.Still he carries his past transgressions like a cross, so ashamed by what he sees as his sins, he never stopped running away.For his first encounter with Laura, he fights his attraction to her, chemistry he senses either way.She awaken feelings he has long ago bury and refuses to experience again as it has carved deep scars last time he felt the same.Laura is holding her household with her fortitude, but now she struggles to make ends meet She is kind and caring but also hardheaded and not easy to relinquish her control.She tries to find a way to restaure her family business but her plans are dwarfed by her solicitor and as a woman she hold little to no power.As for Alex, her relationship with him unsettles her, but still, she is drawn to him even knowing he has come with a specific goal and hide a great deal of things.Alex might be introduced as the wicked guy but George and Henriette, Laura s childhood friends are no flawless angels, they bear their own sins.Mrs Mimi Matthews has manufactured an arresting tale of vanquishing one past s guilt to let it go for the hope of a future This tremendous story with vibrant and spirited characters had me turning the pages with bliss, eager to see the plot unfold and Alex and Laura find their way to one another Their romance was so sensual, by small touches with bare hands, a hint of skin revealed, a scent lingering, Mrs Matthews expressed voluptuously their growing sentiments Scorching gaze does enough a steamy scene to convey the magnitude of their love.The one matter was to find where home was really, an act of property or in the heart of those you care for.5 starsI was granted through Netgalley by the publisher Perfectly Proper Press an advance copy, prior to it I have preordered my own.Here is my true and unbiased opinion..https www.facebook.com 429830134272