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Lover Avenged Black Dagger Brotherhood #7[PDF / Epub] ★ Lover Avenged Black Dagger Brotherhood #7 Author J.R. Ward – Rehvenge has always kept his distance from the Brotherhood—even though his sister is married to a member for he harbors a deadly secret that could make him a huge liability in their war against the Rehvenge has always kept Black Dagger Kindle Ï his distance from the Brotherhood—even though his sister is married to a member for he harbors a deadly secret that could make him a huge liability in their war against the lessers As plots within and outside of the Brotherhood threaten to reveal the truth about Rehvenge he turns to the only source of light in his darkening world Ehlena a vampire untouched by the corruption that has its hold on him—and the only thing standing between him and eternal destruction. “It’s simple I don’t think you should date anyone” Rehv moved in even closer until he could see the flecks of gold in her eyes “But I’m not just anyone” Wow I think I've found my new favorite BDB book Besides Z's he will ALWAYS be #1My first read was great I loved it but it didn't stand out from the others On my second read Amazing One of my favorite books EVER not just the BDB It's totally surprising considering Rehv and the nasty business with his blackmailer but I SOOO loved him I loved the whole book All the side characters were amazing except Lash stupid moronic idiot who needs to DIE ASAPAnyway D Loved it The storyWith most of the glymera dead or hidden there is a fight for power in the vampire world between those who are left behind and their main obstacle is their king WrathOnly four Brothers are left that are able to fight which forces Wrath to get back on the streets and do some fighting on his own even though it's forbidden because he is KingRehvenge is approached by a council member who wants to eliminate WrathHe has to deal with his club his monthly visit to his blackmailer his illness that needs and treatments and now he has to decide where his loyalties lieOne night at the clinic waiting for his dopamine shots he talks with his nurse Ehlena She isn't afraid of Rehv like all the others are and is intrigued by him but she knows that they are from two totally different worlds so she refuses him when his flirtations get too highWhen Rehv's past and double life threaten the people he loves he will be forced to make a difficult decision All I know is life is too short not to come back here and be with you like this again Life is just too short and I like being with you too much for me to give a crap about anything other than having another moment like this”Rehvenge’s chest swelled as he stared at her “Ehlena?”“Yeah?”“Don’t take this the wrong way”She drew in a deep breath and he saw her bare shoulders tighten “Okay I’ll try not to”“You keep showing up here? Being who you are?” There was a pause “I’m going to fall in love with you” The story Loved it It was dark it was f ed up emotional and full of surprises with some action as well Just fantastic The Brotherhood was forced to make some changes as well as Wrath We get to see into Rehv's universe how it all works and what he must do to protect his ownThe battle in the end was great left with a little cliffie for the next bookThe characters Even though this is Rehv's book this one is focused on two couples WrathBeth and JohnXhex They don't get THAT much page time but they're there and we see their relationships progressing some forward some backwards WrathBeth Wrath has been going out fighting alone without anyone's knowledge and that's something that will drive them apart when Beth finds out He is dealing with headaches and view spoilerloss of vision hide spoiler 4 Sin Eater StarsFirst read 2014Reread April 3 2017“Life is such a glorious trauma is it not?” Wrath SpoilersLover Avenged is the 7th book in the BDB series and it was a good read with tons going on I'm going to keep this review short and sweet so I can get to my John Matthews' book right away Rehvenge and Ehlena were both cute and likable I loved how playful vulnerable and tender Rehv was with Ehlena Ehlena was sweet but she did make me angry for a bit when she didn't stand by her man I get that he lied to her and she was hurt but it took her a whole month to come around A month was too long Rehv and Ehlena's relationship was a slow burn but had a nice build up as they spend time together but didn't have a ton of sex because of Rehv's sympath side “No matter what you wear to me you will always have diamonds on the soles of your shoes” Rehv He seemed so fragile as he gave himself up to her and she realized that if anyone tried to hurt him even though he could than take care of himself she would commit murder To protect him she would kill The conviction was as solid as the bones beneath her skin Even the powerful needed protection sometimes EhlenaI have to say that sympath stuff was interesting but not very detailed so I was left with some uestion There was too damn much Lash and the Lessers shit in this book I didn't give one rat's ass about them I was bored everything time they were on the pages I took a star off my rating for the overabundance of LashLessers We readers got our first taste of Payne and I'm loving her I loved Wrath and Beth in this book Poor Wrath went fully blind and the way it was handled was both heartbreaking and beautiful Tohr was back and trying to slowly piece his life back together I was really upset with Tohr and the way he was with John Matthew for half this book He was just so closed off and it ripped JM's heart out Lassiter was great I loved all the funny ass interactions between Lassiter and all the brothers John Matthew really hit rock bottom in this book Not that I don't totally understand where he was coming from but it was sad to read especially the parts with him and Xhex I really loved getting to know Xhex in this book My heart broke for both her and JM And OMG when Xhex was taken by Lash I was flipping I know my John Matthew will get his woman back but damn I hate Lash Overall a great read that needed less Lash Below a few of my favorite uotes“Oh for fuck’s sake don’t look at me like that” Rhage recovered first “I can’t help it You’re just so sexy in those baggy ass pants I got to get me a pair ‘cause nothing says hotness like wearing what looks like two Heftys stitched together at your racket and balls” Lassiter nodded “Totally craptastic Sign my sac up for some of that” Tohr Rhage and Lassiter“John Matthew was her well of soul as the symphaths called itor her pyrocant to the vampires Her essential weakness” Xhex“Oh man there's a marathon of Beaches running tomorrow night Can we go after ten so I can see it once all the way through? Everyone in the room turned to the blond and black haired guy who was propped in the corner massive arms over his chest What he said Look it's not Mary Tyler Moore 'kay? So you can 't give me shit Vishous the one with the black glove on his hand glared across the room It's worse than Mary Tyler Moore And to call you and idiot would be an insult to half wits around the world Are you kidding me? Bette Midler rocks And I love the ocean Sue me Vishous glanced at the king You told me I could beat him You promised As soon as you come home Wrath said as he got to his feet we'll hang him up by his armpits in the gym and you can use him as a punching bag Thank you baby Jesus Blond and Black shook his head I swear one of these days I'm going to leave As one the Brothers all pointed to the open door and let silence speak for itself You guys suck” LassiterVishous and Wrath Excellent just excellent JR Ward is back with a vengeance For anyone who was disappointed with the previous two books in the BDB series I urge you not to give up on it “Lover Avenged” is every bit as good a book as the first four of the series It’s got everything that you could want starting with an outstanding hero and heroine in nightclub owner drug lord Rehvenge and nurse Ehlena It’s a testimony to the author’s writing skills that she can make a drug lord mobster pimp into one of her most endearing heroes ever I absolutely adored Rehvenge and I never thought I would say that His character has always been so so for me But now that JR Ward has fleshed out his character and we learn the WHY of who he is and why he’s done the things he has I just could not resist him I totally fell for the mohawked sable fur wearing hardass with a heart of gold By the end of the book he proved that he truly was a ‘male of worth’As for Ehlena well she may be my favorite heroine of the whole series She was brave compassionate a caregiver for her mentally sick father and most of all forgiving I wanted her to have everything I thought she deserved And she took no crap from Rehvenge But when she broke up with him it just about killed me and I wasn’t too happy with her It was funny because when they first started out she didn’t think she was good enough for him but at the end the tables turned and Rehvenge insisted he wasn’t good enough for her Clearly these two belonged together and were perfect for each other They are one of my favorite couples of the entire seriesAnd Ward brought the romance back Not with just Ehlena and Rehvenge but as an added bonus the reader gets a renewed romance between Wrath and Beth And both romances were sexy and super hot no skimping on the details either Whew Beth and Wrath had one scene that took them under the desk and across the floor And Rehvengewell he was one generous lover is all I can say without giving away spoilers For fans of Lora Leigh’s Breeds series you’ll be interested to know that there’s some common ground between Rehvenge and the BreedsAbout the plotit’s pretty simple It starts out four months after the previous book and Wrath is secretly fighting again while dealing with an increased loss in his vision Being the King fighting's a big no no but the ranks of the Brotherhood are depleted with Tohr gone and Phury involved with the Chosen And the lessers have been on a raid all summer killing and stealing from the glymera and it looks like they’re making serious inroads in their war with the vampires So Wrath is keeping secrets which isn’t good for his marriage And when Beth finds out she’s mad about the lying and that places a serious strain on their relationship Add to that a plot to get rid of as in ‘kill’ and replace the King by some of the glymera and it’s no wonder Wrath has one giant headache all the timeThen we have nightclub owner drug lord and secret half breed sympath Rehvenge brother of Bella who’s married to the Brother Zsadist Rehvenge’s identity as part sympath is a closely guarded secret and it comes with a host of medical complications in order to suppress that side of him if it’s revealed he could be banished to a colony for these sociopaths Rehvenge is getting blackmailed from a couple of people who know his true identity and one of them wants him to go in on a plot to murder Wrath Although they’re not exactly ‘friends can he do that to Wrath and the Brothers?Then Rehv meets a nurse at Dr Havers clinic the beautiful Ehlena and sparks start to fly Rehv is so drawn to her but he can’t be honest with her If she finds out whowhat he is and what he has to do once a month with the vile scorpion princess one of the most disgusting villains ever straight out of a Stephen King horror novel she would be repulsed When it looks like destiny is leading Rehv on a clear path that can‘t include Ehlena will he be strong enough to give up the one woman who brings light and hope to his increasingly lonely life?Fans of the series will be happy to know that almost all the characters have at least a cameo appearance except I don’t recall Marissa or Cormia mentioned except in passing But no matter all the Brothers are back with their wisecracks and idiosyncrasies including Tohr who finally looks like he’ll be getting his act together I loved the interaction between Tohr and Lassiter the fallen angel who helped rescue him and sticks around a while with the Brothers He has some of the funniest moments in the book his fascination with “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and the Bette Midler movie Beaches and the brothers reaction to that had me laughing out loudThere also is a mention of the character of Muhrder who has a connection to Xhex which I’m sure we’ll hear about a brief reappearance of Payne who has an encounter with Wrath Lash who's back with a vengeance and is crucial to the plot and an adorable new character GeorgeThere is lots of humor in the book which helps relieve some of the tension that builds up in the plot I laughed out loud many times for example when Butch called Wrath ‘Rapunzel’ due to his long hair or when Wrath uestioned the effectiveness of a bullet proof vest he was wearing because of how light it was and V suggested he strap a garage door or maybe a car to his chest There were LOTS of moments like that and clearly the brothers have not lost their sense of humorWe also get to see where the series is headed with the new blood John Matthew uinn and Blay John Matthew and his obsession tough girl Xhex finally hook up but sadly it’s not all it could be These two have a lot of growing up to do because they spend most of their time in the book hurting themselves and each other There’s way than meets the eye with Xhex though and the author gives us just a hint about her troubled past She was a hard character to love especially when she hurt John Matthew I wanted to scratch her eyes out But then as and of her background was revealed I felt sorry for her and all that she went through in her life She is a big part of the plot in this book and because of where the story takes her I’m sure she will be in the next book Her situation and her relationship with John is clearly left unresolvedThis is a very long book over 500 pages but it moves along so fluidly you won’t notice the length There were no spots where I was tempted to skip passages I wanted to read every detail although some were very gory What Xhex does to some creep who murdered his girlfriendyukThere’s uite a few plots going at one time yet it never gets confusing Frustrating sometimes when Ward leaves you hanging to switch to another plot just as things are heating up romantically with one of the couples but that just makes you want to read fasterAnd the conclusion? You’ll think maybe JR Ward had a little help from Stephen King is all I’ll say My what an imaginationAs you can see I loved this book This ranks right up there with my favorites of the series and I think Ward is in the groove again I found this one extremely hard to put down didn't want it to end yet had to know the ending Wrath and Rehvenge struggle with but finally accept their destinies and it helps that they each have their true loves by their sides I can’t wait to see where JR Ward takes us with this series there’s lots to tell 5 Big Stars I don't even know where to begin with this review Like so many of Ward's other books this book consumed my thoughts Even when I wasn't reading it I was pondering the interactions between the characters hoping for the best and dreading the worst that I felt was coming I don't know how the WARDen does it but my love for this series and her writing grows even all consuming with each book I do know that she understands the power of evoking emotions in the reader I can't read any of her books without getting my emotions involved in the processI loved Rehv before I read this book I love him even after reading this book Rehv is a great example of why antiheroes are so compelling to me He is a mass of contradictions and not predictable in the least He is so sexy so powerful yet so vulnerable at the same time He's no boy scout but his does have honor and duty He sacrificed himself again and again for those that he loved even allowing some of them to think the worst of him Inside he bore his loneliness like a burden he felt he deserved I was glad that he had two families his mother and sister and Xhex Trez and iam I didn't like the drugs the violence and the prostitution but I could understand why Rehv and Xhex inhabited that dark world They felt that this was the only place they belonged Fortunately Rehv also has the tether of his family although he has to live a lie for many many years Xhex doesn't even have that The sympaths were as fascinating I thought they would be Even though this book delved into that world I'd be perfectly happy to read about them They manage to exude a menace that jumps off the page as I read about themLike most outstanding books the scenes were vivid like a movie in my mind I love the realism mixed with magic and the supernatural I am in awe of the WARDen's imagination She has taken an hipupscaleurban motif mixed with the culture and world of an ancient race and created several love and relationship stories and put them all together into a delicious confection that is this book But it's the three dimensional characters that really seduce me Even the casual characters manage to grab my notice and my interest I am so glad that Rehv found Ehlena It was great seeing such a tough isolated guy fall so hard and fast and give his heart away The interactions between Rehv and Ehlena was sweet and romantic but erotic at the same time He really knows how to treat a woman with tenderness to cherish her as though she is the only woman in the world At times I was worried that Ehlena didn't deserve his love and devotion but she proved true and worthy of it Ehlena is one tough steadfast woman Just what Rehv needs And Rhev is what she needs as well My heart can rest in peace that Rehv does have the love and acceptance he always secretly yearned for I am happy that he has a deep loving relationship with Bella and is like a brother to the Brotherhood It was also nice to see of Wrath and Beth interacting As they were the first couple some of my memories have faded So reading about their relationship and how it has remained deep and true was really great What the WARDen has done with Wrath was so well executed and felt right although some might feel that it was a dark way to goJohn Matthew is at a really dark point in this book and I vacillated between despair and rage at what he is doing to himself But I am so excited to read his book when it comes out I wish it was coming out sooner I can't wait to see him come into his own and claim his shellan in XhexXhex is my girl I love the woman She is all over it I enjoyed getting perspective on her emotions and her thoughts Her loyalty to Rhev is unuestionable and I know there is to learn about that as well as her past I felt her sorrow as she tried to push JM away although she clearly loves and is as drawn to him as he is to her The next book in the series is going to be awesome as we see what transpires with Xhex and JM and follow along from how things ended in this bookThe whole Lash situation promises to grow even enthralling At first I dismissed him as an immature bully But he is proving to be a formidable antagonist The way things will go down with him is going to be something else He's evil as all get out but he's a fascinating character I think he will definitely prove to be the supervillain in this series And boy did he go there at the end of this book Let's just say it's going to be 'on' in the next bookIt was nice seeing the other brothers but like the greedy BDB fan that I am I wanted of them Short stories about other brothers and their shellans please??? I miss Marissa and Cormia Haven't seen much of them lately More Butch V and Jane too How about Rhage and Mary updatesAh I never get enough of these books Let this be a warning to you Do not read these books if you want a life outside of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Not that I'm complaining mind you 4255Well this was much better than the previous bookHonestly I went into this book half expected it to be disappointing considering I wasn't happy with Lover Enshrined But I needed to read this one just couldn't resist Rehvenge’s story He caught my attention since book 3 so it was impossible to ignore his story And I can tell you now when I finished reading Lover Avenged it wasn’t what I expected and it didn’t disappoint either—it literally blew me away This book was amazingI really loved Rehv and Ehlena’s story It was exactly what I wanted Before I started reading this book I had a feeling that I would enjoy Rehv’s character but I never thought that I would fall head over heels in love with this half symphath half vampire He simply stole my heart with his selflessness gentleness and thoughtfulnessWrath is always one of my favorite male characters in this series so I’m particularly biased toward him here What can I say? I enjoyed his story and I loved a little drama between him and Beth Speaking of Beth she is incredibly wonderful in this book I’m very happy for the king that she’s his shellanXhex and Johntwo wounded souls Yeah this is what I call an interesting coupleAll in all this was a great read With 642 pages it’s certainly massive yet it’s worth reading I’m so glad I decided to continue with the series “You know” he said “this is why I love you so much”Her tone was heartbreakingly warm “What do you mean?”“You don’t ask me to go inside because it’s cold You just want to make it easier for me to be where I want to stand” Frankly I read this book without a break Rehv and Elena's story was than I had expected even though I wasn't into his character that much from the previous books Rehv have been a detached character for me from the start I didn't sympathize him as much as I should for what he has to endure However JR ward could practically attracted me with the other stories and characters Her narrative is good as always I couldn't have asked for “Life is such a glorious trauma is it not?” I loved Wrath and Beth's story it's a little bit tragic and sad at some point but in the end their story was what redeemed this book to 5 stars rating Xhex and John are good too I was so thrilled when there were five chapters left what Rehv had done made me almost cry This is really perfectThis series is so addicting Although it's the seventh of the series the story is still in the line Every point is reasonable Every decision of my beloved characters excites me I can't even guess where the story will go in the next book and hope JR Ward will keep writing this until the world endshttpsgooglokejwE Genre Paranormal RomanceType Book 7 of Black Dagger Brotherhood seriesPOV Third PersonRating Even though not a member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Rehvenge was an influential member of the glymera As a businessman he was both feared and respected But behind the persona he had a secret that not only would change his life but the Brotherhood as wellEhlena was a kind hearted nurse who had fell into tough times Once a member of the glymera a reversal of fortune forced her scrape by while tending to her ailing father She had been admiring Rehv afar but as they got closer his secret could possibly rip them apartIn previous books in the series even though Rehv intrigued me he wasn't a character I cared about Before reading I wasn't sure if my opinion of him would change I'm glad to say it did And he lived dark and violent and seedy Was going to die that way too He deserved where he was going On the surface Rehv was a selfish opportunistic and manipulative character In the past he showed how he sacrificed for the ones he cared but in this book we get to see yet another side of him Seeing his vulnerabilities made him lovable The thing was it wasn’t that she wanted to change everything She just wanted something for herself something that made her know she was alive I like how responsible Ehlena was not only with her profession but also her family She was under a lot of pressure yet she managed to always put others first However there were times when I thought she was naive and judgmental “John Matthew was her well of soul as the symphaths called it or her pyrocant to the vampires Her essential weakness” Besides Rehv and Ehlena Wrath Beth and John Matthew Xhex were the secondary stories Wrath's issue was a good sub plot to show his worth as the King And Xhex surprised me I never liked her before but her vulnerability made me sympathize with her Lover Avenged is a story of a couple in two different worlds that fight for what they believe in With how the story ended I'm definitely looking forward to the next bookStandalone Books in the series Must be read in order For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit you know what needs to be avenged? my heart it didn't deserve this treatment Rehvenge or Rehv and Ehlena “Ehlena?”“Yeah?”“Don’t take this the wrong way”She drew in a deep breath and he saw her bare shoulders tighten “Okay I’ll try not to”“You keep showing up here? Being who you are?” There was a pause “I’m going to fall in love with you Ehlena is a sweet humble nurse who lives with her old and unable to help himself father She is a good nurse dedicated to her job at Haver’s clinic and her patients She is a good daughter who stands by her sick father and spends most of the money that she earns for his care She is also a very poor girl who is not part of the glymeraRehvenge is the owner of the most famous vampire club and the brother of Bella A crime boss and a drug lord He is a badass boy with a mohawk and amethyst eyesAnd with a big bad secret He is half Symphath he has the ability and desire to manipulate emotions in others which is not a good thing and he needs to keep himself calm in order to be able to operate daily Moreover Rehvenge is part of the Glymera and he is rich So Ehlena and Rehvenge have really nothing in common – except Rehvenge’s freuent visits to the clinic in order to get antibiotics and medicines in large uantities Rehvenge thinks that he does not deserve her And probably he doesn’t because Ehlena will lose her job and her dignity because of him And because he never tells her the whole truthEhlena thinks that she does not deserve him And she couldn’t be wrong because she will save him permanently And because she will be the brotherhood’s special nurse and a valuable asset for all the warriorsBook cover Yes I am totally biased I adore all Paul Marron’s book covers although I love him as LOTHAIRE As a result this book cover is my favorite in the series so farKick start for the next book view spoilerWhat happened to Xhex? hide spoiler Rehvenge is so Boss Lash is a Villain you love to hateI am loving this series with each book I read All the characters feel like Family Even Lash who I really hated at first when he was just a trainee and was mean to John all the time Now that he is the Omega’s son and an all powerful Lesser villain he is pretty awesome You just have to love how good he is at being bad He is so much smarter than Mr X and Mr O were Plus he can really do some damage and he isn’t impotent like they were This book is mostly about Rehvenge and I was waiting for his story since we have been hearing so much about him in the previous books I mean he has so many issues but is such a manly vampire What is not to like about a huge guy who runs the hottest club in the city drives a Bentley has a penthouse takes care of his Mom sports a killer Mohawk and Tattoos and is also a local political leaderOf course I knew if he was going to have a love interest in this book that the evil Sympath Princess blackmailing him into sex that he hates every month would somehow have to be dealt with I won’t tell if or how that happens but he falls for a nice nurse from Havers clinic who knows nothing about him being half sympath or owning the club and being a drug kingpin Though Ehlena does know Rehv has a problem with dopamine she thinks it is from the Vampire form of Parkinson’s She also knows his arm is infected and tries to help him with that since she is a nice girl John and Xhex have encounters throughout this book Their storyline is heating up a lot I can’t wait to find out what happens with them in the next book John has given up on Tohrment at this point and is so different than he used to be He is sullen and drunk a lot now Hopefully that ends soon It is almost like a soap opera I am caught up in But soaps were never this goodBlog|Goodreads|Facebook||Twitter|BookBub

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