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SCUM Manifesto[PDF / Epub] ☆ SCUM Manifesto By Valerie Solanas – SCUM Manifesto was considered one of the most outrageous violent and certifiably crazy tracts when it first appeared in 1968 Valerie Solanas the woman who shot Andy Warhol self published this work jus SCUM Manifesto was considered one of the most outrageous violent and certifiably crazy tracts when it first appeared in Valerie Solanas the woman who shot Andy Warhol self published this work just before her rampage against the king of Pop Art made her a household name and resulted in her confinement to a mental institution But the Manifesto for all its vitriol is impossible to dismiss as just the rantings of a lesbian lunatic In fact the work has indisputable prescience not only as a radical feminist analysis light years ahead of its timepredicting artificial insemination ATMs a feminist uprising against under representation in the artsbut also as a stunning testament to the rage of an abused and destitute womanThe focus of this edition is not on the nostalgic appeal of the work but on Avital Ronell’s incisive introduction “Deviant Payback The Aims of Valerie Solanas” Here is a reconsideration of Solanas’s infamous text in light of her social milieu Derrida’s “The Ends of Man” written in the same year Judith Butler’s Excitable Speech Nietzsche’s Ubermensch and notorious feminist icons from Medusa Medea and Antigone to Lizzie Borden Lorenna Bobbit and Aileen Wournos illuminating the evocative exuberance of Solanas’s dark tract. I am both a walking dildo and a walking abortion I like every man know deep down that I'm a worthless piece of shit Well shit Look here's the thing People either compare this to something like A Modest Proposal or they dismiss it as the work of a raving lunatic Very few feminists would agree with Solanas Especially since Solanas has lots of really offensive shit to say about women especially women who like fucking dudes raving sex maniacs is a very mild example The manifesto is intellectually inconsistent stupid frustrating and thoroughly enlightening all at once She makes exactly zero points that aren't obvious and few that wouldn't have been obvious at the time But the worth of the thing is in its presentation Regardless of whether or not Solanas believed everything she wrote the manifesto is an interesting reversal of exactly the kind of shit men have been saying about women for fucking ever Check out Youtube comments subreddits comments on porn sites Note how often and how easily women are openly talked about as being good only for fucking Note that this is about as mild as the comments get Read this manifesto it's short then consider how just about everything Solanas says has exact parallels in misogynistic discourse Which is everywhere If you're a dude and have been around other dudes you've probably come across this language I've made it like a mission not to hang out with frat boys and shit But I've still come across this kind of thing I've been around dudes and they've been talking to a buddy who's been through a breakup and shit like it's just a cunt You'll find another one has indeed been said I know because that lovely couplet note the it was said directly to me The speaker was a liberal arts grad who has Judith Butler books on his shelf And also Weininger Plus it's not like murderous male rage isn't everywhere either From the barely concealed snuff films featuring sexy chicks being hacked to pieces that populate multiplexes and Netflix and stuff to thoroughly mainstream porn that constantly reinforces misogynistic ideology by in essence 'killing' off any part of a woman that separates her from an ego boosting pleasure giving machine Now reconsider my opening paragraph composed of stuff Solanas says about men in this manifesto Consider if you're a dude how women have to hear the euivalent all the fucking time Of course we should strive for an eual society and respect each other and work to live together free of gender based hatred and yeah yeah yeah But for the short time you spend reading this book fuck that shit and forget about it and read the book as the valuable Swift like satire it indeed amounts to Whether or not Solanas intended it as such Because goddamnit despite my knowing better I kinda think the world needs this book It is fine rhetoric Completely implausible and idiotic if you take it seriously just as misogyny is But unlike 'satire' of misogyny that plays into reinforcing misogyny it's got something going for it I walking dildo and worthless piece of shit temporarily salute you Solanas I deeply resent that the top reviews for this book are written by men May the ghost of Valerie Solanas haunt all of you The SCUM Manifesto is important to me because it represents every irrational thought I've had when I've been angry and due to both rage and social constraints placed around the proper expression of women's emotion unable to express them In The SCUM Manifesto these thoughts are presented as justified and even logical When I read The SCUM Manifesto I feel legitimized This is why I don't understand the manifesto as hyperbole or satire nor do I feel entirely comfortable saying that the text represents the author's true beliefs The thoughts and sentiments expressed within take refuge in their audacity The manifesto contains everything that isn't supposed to be said in society polite or otherwise therefore it can't possibly be true even if it is Even so the rawness and uncensored ness of The SCUM Manifesto has been carefully constructed; Solanas wrote and rewrote her manifesto over a period of years That it seems effortless and natural testifies to its artistry To dismiss The SCUM Manifesto as unhinged only underlines the thesis that women's rationality will always be made to look like insanity Long live SCUM Since an early age women are told to look past the misogyny in much so called great art Screw that Here is a hilarious answer to 2000 or years of patriarchal oppression Solanas is brilliantly witty and for those scardey cat humorless males that say but she tried to kill someone the answer to that is so did Norman Mailer And William Burroughs actually KILLED his wife but we would NEVER hold that against these GREAT WRITERS now would we? AlthusserI'm sure the list goes on of great artists and writers who have treated the women in their lives like specks of fecal matterOf course this book will not appeal to the male identifiers and wussy little daddy's girls who mistakenly think that the patriarchy benefits them in some way but they'll find out the hard wayLike when they turn 50 or thereaboutsTap into your justified rage now and let Solanas bring you a few good laughs I had no idea how to prepare for college nor any idea what to do once I got there I just knew that my friends were going and I didn't want to get a job I started by perming my hair This seemed somehow the most logical step though apparently nobody told any of my friends this and if asked where I'd gotten the idea I likely would have replied I am going to college and fled crying and punching myself I then went to TJ Maxx and bought a bunch of weird looking clothes Lots of vibrant plaids Unintentionally I ended up with an entirely non matching wardrobe which if impractical was sort of impressive though it owed less to an alternative perspective than to the fact that I did not comprehend the concept of matching clothes When I got to campus my roommate was athletic and wealthy and attractive all of which was terrifying so I immediately left my belongings piled on my bunk and made a hasty departure returning to the dorm only intermittently throughout the semester whenever my smelliness began to seriously encroach on my own respiration I walked around campus got lost and sat on a bench to look through a campus newspaper I'd found and contemplate suicide In the paper was an ad that proclaimed free records being given away at the college radio station Despite my not owning a record player I decided to find the radio station and take as many free records as possible This would be an economical and alternative thing to do I filled two cardboard boxes with crazy records very few of which featured artists I had ever heard of I would learn about weird music and it would help me with college I also found a copy of Poison's Flesh and Blood the only record in the bunch I was truly excited about owning and slipped it in one of the boxes between albums by Doug and the Radioactive Toothpaste Hogs and The Undulating Filing Cabinet Eats God I then began carrying the two unbelievably heavy and cumbersome cardboard boxes full of records across campus in what I prayed was the general direction of my dorm stopping only to abandon one of the boxes in the middle of the commuter parking lot unfortunately it was the box with Flesh and Blood in it One seemingly well meaning passerby actually offered to help me carry the box but he had a beard and was scary so I curtly declined his assistance I finally found my dorm flopped the box of records onto the floor and left again because my roommate was watching football which was confusing and upsetting to me After failing to relocate the commuter lot where my second box of records was no doubt being preyed upon by skinheads I found myself in the bookstore where I immediately felt at ease Books I boldly approached the poetry section because I was in college I noted the name Henry Rollins on a nearby collection and recognized it as extremely alternative I put the book back on the shelf within seconds of flipping through it terrified and thinking fondly of my childhood bedroom After an hour or so of looking at various things that made no sense I picked up the SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas and purchased it because it was cheap and I liked the girl's hat on the cover She somewhat resembled Natty Gann which I found comforting I proceeded to a nearby eatery and got myself a Meat Lover's personal pan pizza a bag of Munchos a Jolt and a Hostess fruit pie a meal I was to revisit daily for the next year and spent a horrific but not unenlightening hour reading about how I should be killed Like the rest of the day's events it was scary but at least it explained itself well and for that I was grateful I got a bag of gummi worms for the road and set off to try to find my dorm where I could lay stiffly on my bunk and mull over the idea of killing my roommate in the interest of improving society Gotta love this book It's so right on and so way off It's beautiful in theory and tragic in reality Hey I wrote a book How can I get this published? Nobody will touch it? What if I tried to kill a famous person? Hello fame I'm reading this as a man of course and cheering on Solanas' bad ass hilarious blunt force trauma withering genocidal rant against men If I might make a crude euation my irrational response might correlate to a Jew cheering on Hitler at the Nuremberg rallies Yes it is a crude euation I'm not in danger but you get my driftBut seriously this manifesto a fuck load fun than Marx's Communist Manifesto half makes me want to march into the mountain to my demise like the rat I am being male led by the Pied Piper's siren song of pussyThis magnificently breathless radical feminist tirade filled with contradictions sweeping generalizations anti elitism paranoia and pretty much rocks I found myself agreeing with Solanas' assessment of men probably than I ought to But seriously she does pin down a lot of the insecurities and drives for control that have fucked up the world under the domination of men It's simplistic but at the same time has than a grain of truthThere are far too many gems here to be pulled for out of context uotations Suffice it to say according to her among the men who need to be eliminated are owners of restaurants that play Muzak Talk about a wicked sense of humor The male is a biological accident the Y male gene is an incomplete X female gene that is it has an incomplete set of chromosomes In other words the male is an incomplete female a walking abortion aborted at the gene stage To be male is to be deficient emotionally limited; maleness is a deficiency disease and males are emotional cripples genius On one hand Valerie Solanas’ self published 1968 incendiary uasi treatise the SCUM Manifesto is a full on attack of the male dominated status uo of 20th century American society and—if viewed as a vicious satire à la Swift’s A Modest Proposal—is written in as spirited and vile a voice as any one of the many vitriolic grotesueries to be found in the best of Alexander Theroux’s writing The manifesto’s humble opinion is that women are the only half of our species that deserve to live and that we would all be better off if the other half—those mindless talentless meat machines we call men—were made extinct as uickly as possible This set up allows Solanas to stab many small knives into notions such as patriarchy democracy capitalism marriage labor sexual identity and my personal favorite Western Culture’s awful and shameful habit of dismissing art made by women as not as important as the “serious” work of men as seen in the following passage The male “artistic” aim being not to communicate having nothing inside him he has nothing to say but to disguise his animalism he resorts to symbolism and obscurity “deep stuff” The vast majority of people particularly the “educated” ones lacking faith in their own judgement humble respectful of authority “Daddy knows best” is translated into adult language as “Critic knows best” “Writer knows best” “PhD knows best” are easily conned into believing that obscurity evasiveness incomprehensibility indirectness ambiguity and boredom are marks of depth and brilliance“Great Art” proves that men are superior to women that men are women note it is Solanas’ contention that all men strive to be women since their maleness is a genetic deformity so all acts of subjugation are the results of men trying to hide that they are not women being labeled “Great Art” almost all of which as the anti feminists are fond of reminding us was created by men We know that “Great Art” is great because male authorities have told us so and we can’t claim otherwise as only those with exuisite sensitivities far superior to ours can perceive and appreciate greatness the proof of their superior sensitivity being that they appreciate the slop they appreciateBut on the other hand—and this is a dirty fallacy of a hand—it is hard for me to take this tract as a truly well executed work of subversive feminist satire considering Solanas’ sad and disturbing personal history of sexual abuse and mental illness plus her proclivity for shooting pop art icons named Andy Warhol for no particular reason Also Solanas contradicts several of her arguments numerous times throughout the tract and besides all the manic glee to be found in her frothing against the system she offers only the vaguest notions of pursuits for women to engage in such as curing all diseases death included and grooving with one another Solanas praises women’s ability to “groove” with one another dozens of times throughout the manifesto without really explaining what “grooving” actually entails she seems to suggest that “grooving” does not mean girl on girl action you pervs or how it makes for a meaningful pursuit than staples such as art or literature So while the SCUM Manifesto can be praised for its in your face nature and sense of rebellion both of which I admire I’m not sure nor ualified to pronounce it as a serious work of social philosophy If anything Solanas’ work seems to me a cultural artifact one that uncovers the potential for cruelty in an indifferent and heteronormative society and the terrible costs it takes from those it subjugates cute book and a handy guide for getting rid of some of these annoying guys crowding up the planet valerie solanas is adorable

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