The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI: Preparing Your Leadership Skills for the AI Shaped Future of Work

The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI: Preparing Your Leadership Skills for the AI Shaped Future of Work[Reading] ➿ The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI: Preparing Your Leadership Skills for the AI Shaped Future of Work Author Marin Ivezic – Artificial Intelligence AI is reality The Fourth Industrial Revolution, or a Robot Apocalypse depending on whom you ask, is already underway The transition has already started But what it means in ter Artificial Intelligence AI is reality The Fourth of Leadership Kindle Ô Industrial Revolution, or a Robot Apocalypse depending on whom you ask, is already underway The transition has already started But what it means in terms of leadership? How should leaders prepare for the dramatic shifts in the global workforce?The authors, emerging technology risk researchers and practitioners, demystify the processes behind this revolution Rather than offering another sensationalistic, panicinducing view on AI – or its overlyoptimistic alternative – the authors explain the reality of AI implementation in The Future MOBI :¿ business environmentsThe transformed economy will need a new kind of executives – motivators, innovators and social experimenters – those that have, paradoxically, developed their distinctly human skills The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI clarifies those new roles and makes the transition easier. 🌸🌸🌸 FOLLOW ME ON MY BOOKSTAGRAM!🌸🌸🌸

Being a voracious reader, I read over 100 books in a year, although, I seldom come across a non-fiction book that totally captures me from start to end. The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI is one of those rare finds. Marin has put in a lot of thought while writing this book. The structure is so well organized that the content flows seamlessly from one topic to another. The language is simple which makes it easy to understand the theories and concepts detailed in the book.

The content is extremely well researched with the backing of numerous surveys and facts. Marin has covered a vast range of topics that people can relate to. I found most of it very useful and something that I can adapt to my own work life. Marin has surprised me with the extensive knowledge that he has displayed in the book and the useful content that he has so effortlessly incorporated into it. I especially enjoyed the comic strips in the beginning of each chapter and the take-away points at the end that gave me a lot to think about.

I am truly amazed at how deep and wide the reach of AI is in our everyday lives. Thanks to Marin’s extensive research behind this book, the information is so thorough that you won’t be able to help yourself but think about how AI already has and will continue to impact you in one way or another. I am happy to have chosen to read this book during the global lockdown as it was a way more productive use of my time rather than binging on Netflix. Definitely recommend this book not only to business owners, leaders and managers but also to employees and students in any field. No matter which industry you belong to, there is definitely something for you in this book that will act as an eye-opener just like it did for me. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a reality that no one can deny. It is already made its first steps in market disrupting the reserved human resource chain. The future will be undoubtedly dominated by AI. To survive it is essential for us to develop our extream skills to beat the technology. It may sound impossible but it is the truth that we have to admit one day. 

I have seen many books written about the future technological advancements. But none of them provide informations better than this book. The concepts are crystal clear here. The best way to tackle any problem is to admit our weaknesses and rise above. We can't fought with AI for so long. We can adapt our businesses according to the probable risk that would be created by AI in the future. The authors are experienced market risk researchers and they presented their years of wisdom through this book. 

After reading this book, I got an insight to the future problems that we are likely to confront due to the invasion of AI. But this book is different because they gave many practical leadership measures that we can adopt to manage this apocalypse. It is very important that everyone in this world has an insight to the future. Because if we start now we will cherish later. Also the flawless use of language and funny illustrations in the chapters helps the reader to sail through. The Future of Leadership in the Age on AI explores the impact of AI in the present and the near future on economic, finance and allied spheres. AI is changing not only the composition of the work force but infact changing how we work! This book offers us insights on how to prepare for it, adapt to it and ultimately navigate it efficiently.
The narrative is comprehensive and crisp. The book does not bore you with unnecessary details but keeps to point. But what is particularly interesting about this book is that it does not take sides but explores every alternative solution practically and thoroughly. It delivers what it promises in the synopsis that it neither is it ‘panic inducing’ nor does it side with the ‘overly optimistic alternative’.
The chapters are well sequenced and each start with a short illustrated comic strip. This induces humour to the content and makes the reading experience more enjoyable. Definitely a very refreshing, engaging and significant read!

‘Lifelong learning will become essential for both leaders and workers’

Authors Marin Ivezic and Luka Ivezic have produced one of the more significant discussions and the inevitable influence of AI on the way we think, function, and operate our business lives. Marin is a partner at PricewaterhouseCoppers, working with global adopters and developers of AI solutions, analyzing real-life AI implementations. Luka works globally as a consultant and author exploring geopolitical and socioeconomic emerging technologies – AI, 5G, and Internet of Things.

The term AI is on the forefront of all matters technologically, and seeking the actual definition of the term aids the appreciation of this book. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is defined by Wikipedia as intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence by humans and animals – computers that mimic cognitive functions that humans associate with the human mind, such as learning and problem solving. AI was founded in 1955 – and look how far we have progressed since that founding!

The authors step up to describe how the AI transformed economy will need a new kind of executives - motivators, innovators and social experimenters - those that have, paradoxically, developed their distinctly human skills. Their discussions of the advantages and ‘disruptions’ of AI on business – and on our culture in general – are related with a lighthearted accessible style of presentation, including the insightful use of ‘comic strips’ that underline the messages of their book.

The Preface sets the tone – ‘Today’s business leaders face a conundrum. AI unquestionably will play an enormous role in the future of their organizations and the business environment in which they operate, but what effects will it have? Prognosticators have wildly different visions of the future it will create, ranging from causing the extinction of humanity to ushering in a Golden Age in which machines provide all humanity’s needs and free us to focus on altruistic service to one another and the advancement of human culture…What makes AI more then ‘just another new technology’ is its ability to create a convergence of the many operating technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), block chain, robotics, 3D printing, augmented reality and many others…AI is so much more efficient at processing far greater amounts of data than any human can..’

With this fascinating overview of AI the authors discuss the skill sets business leaders must have to incorporate the benefits of AI – prospering from the changes to make the world better through the use of AI. This book is a must-read for business leaders, but it also is one of the more insightful and beneficial books for understanding the impact of AI. Very highly recommended.
My local bookstore recommended this book, and I was skeptical at first, but it ended up being the book I didn’t realize I needed until I started it. The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI avoids the pitfalls common of many technical texts by using clear, simple language and maintaining focus on the important concepts. This book is well written, concise, and organized in a way that keeps your attention and flows easily from one section to the next. Bite sized sections make reading this text easy and enjoyable, unlike many books of its kind.

Since this book is not profession specific, it is useful for anyone. The authors cover not only what needs to be done to avoid as much fallout as possible, but tips on successfully implementing the changes to thrive where those who resist the change will fall behind. And although it is primarily focused towards those in leadership roles, several sections are applicable and would be beneficial for workers and those who are about to enter the workforce. By using the research and recommendations in this book, anyone can learn how to help themselves obtain and maintain employment in the midst of this current industrial revolution.

Lastly, the takeaway sections at the end of each chapter are helpful in condensing the material and emphasizing the main points for easy retention. And the comics at the start of each chapter are wonderful and bring some addition entertainment value. Are you ready for the next revolution? Few people are. But the good news is that it is not too late to prepare yourself. And The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI by Marin Ivezic and Luka Ivezic proves to be a great boot camp for what is to come.

It is a book that encompasses the past, present, and future in order to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of a phenomenon. The revolution that is to come. Or is it already here? While it might seem like a more or less far-fetched futuristic topic, it is not so. AI is already part of our world. The reason why this might be hard to notice, for some, is that it is so well integrated in our everyday life.

In order to determine The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI, we must first turn to the past. Marin Ivezic and Luka Ivezic will start by walking the reader through the first three Industrial Revolutions, only to set the foundation for the fourth because this will most likely have an exponentially bigger impact than all its predecessors. However, any one of us can act in order to ease this (unavoidable) transition and ensure that we will not be swept away.

If you want to stand your ground in the coming Fourth Industrial Revolution, you must be ready to adapt. The authors predict a major workforce shift towards the field of humanities and a strong reliance on interpersonal skills. What will be most appreciated in human workers will be what is distinctly human (so far), traits like creativity and cooperation. Furthermore, the disruption in the workforce will not affect only entry level jobs, but will climb up to the executive levels as well. Some management positions will become obsolete as their department dissolves. The key to survive and thrive is to prepare in advance for what is to come, and this read has some great tips to offer.

Contrary to the title, the book is not exclusively about leaders and leadership; although this does occupy considerable pages, the authors opt for a more holistic approach to the corporate world. As someone with work experience in the HR department, I must admit that this section in particular appealed to me. The authors give hands-on advice about how to ease the future into the present. They offer ample examples of different strategies (used for recruiting, retention and other processes) by different organizations and analyze these in a critical way.

If we raise the looking glass to an organizational level, there are two main approaches that can be taken. Some companies rely on AI to reduce jobs which increases their profit by cutting costs. But the same technology can also be used for profit by augmenting the skills of the workers and creating new job openings.

The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI by Marin Ivezic and Luka Ivezic is well documented. It draws heavily on reports, studies and constructing and deconstructing arguments based on academic literature. Beyond the overall tableau painted in the pages of the book, there are some spicy details which might seem trivial at first glance but come with potentially drastic implications like a lying AI they reference.

But what makes the read truly valuable is the rich personal insight from the authors’ expertise in the domain and their personal experience. Marin Ivezic specializes in risks and cyber-security of emerging technologies with a portfolio that includes collaboration with a famous organization as they tackle frontier technology problems. Luka Ivezic acts as an independent consultant with vast multicultural experience in the world of emerging technologies.

All in all, the future is already now. It is up to us how we implement it. But if you are not so ambitious to partake on this grand adventure, you will still find plenty of cool facts in the pages of The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI. AI is such an important topic to talk about right now. So many jobs will be impacted (positively and negatively) by AI within the next 10-15 years and no one is truly preparing for it. This book will present you with thought provoking data about AI, it’s current and possible future implementations and predictions on where it may go as well. The authors also show all the varied industries that already use AI in their day-to-day operations, such as Finance, Business, Economics, Medical and so on. Rather than having a negative tone however, the book is markedly excited and upbeat about the potentials for AI in the current and new Industries. They also give guidance for the leaders of tomorrow and how they can be better prepared to implement and utilize AI efficiently right now.
The Authors clearly know their material and their audience. The information is easy to understand, and I have read a few books about AI, so this isn’t completely new. However, I believe this book has given me new ideas to ponder about my own leadership role and how I can make a difference in this field. Good Job!
Excellent Guide to What Leaders Need to Know and Do in the Age of AI

This is a surprisingly in-depth look at the past, present, and future of AI with the focus being on helping the leadership in companies as this concept gets incorporated more and more into their corporate models. The book starts with looking at the industrial revolutions of the past and what our present one is shaping up to be. The authors explore what AI is now and its potential in the future, from dystopian to utopian views. Then it dives deep into what this means for leaders and employees. The bulk of the book addresses the leadership skills needed to help workers as they transition to jobs that AI can not supplant as well as the leader’s ability to help facilitate change at the organizational level. It is a strong call to action for leaders to actually lead--their employees, their teams, and their companies through uncharted AI waters. Highly recommended for anyone who is in any sort of leadership capacity in an organization.

I received a free copy of this book, but that did not affect my review.

My book blog: “The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI: Preparing Your Leadership Skills for the AI-Shaped Future of Work” is a really useful book written by a great team: Marin Ivezic and Luka Ivezic. Marin Ivezic is a partner at PwC (PricewaterhouseCoppers) specialized in risks and cybersecurity of emerging technologies; and Luka Ivezic is an independent consultant and author exploring geopolitical and socioeconomic implications of emerging technologies.

Each chapter is more interesting than the last one. In every part you will learn something new and take advantage of the authors’ pieces of advice.

One of the best things about the book is the way the authors get you to know Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is a practical guide to what type of intelligence already does for the business, economics and finance world and how it is going to develop. The narrative structure is simple: it is easy to read, specially for people who are not involved in this subject, like me.

I would highly recommend it to anyone. It will leave readers with a great deal to think about. “The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI: Preparing your Leadership Skills for the Al-Shaped Future of work” is a book written by Marin Ivezic and Luka Ivezic.
It is a book that has less than two hundred pages, which is perfect to read in a couple of days and make the most of this interesting read.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing more and more and it is a key in the future of economy. This book prepares the reader for the future of work. It is very interesting and its content is fundamental for the future of people's business. The authors give a clear insight on this world and some certain predictions for what might happen in the future.
I found this book very interesting and clear. It is not difficult to read and it opened my mind towards new ideas for my business. I would certainly recommend to read The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI because it gives clear and important information and because I think this is very interesting to read. I am giving it four out of five stars.

The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI: Preparing Your
  • paperback
  • 259 pages
  • The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI: Preparing Your Leadership Skills for the AI Shaped Future of Work
  • Marin Ivezic
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  • 10 June 2019
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