Last Respects

Last Respects❴Reading❵ ➶ Last Respects Author Catherine Aird – Murder at ebb tide Found drowned, my foot, said the pathologist two minutes after looking at the body The unidentified young man pulled from the salt water near the little fishing village of Edsway ha Murder at ebb tide Found drowned, my foot, said the pathologist two minutes after looking at the body The unidentified young man pulled from the salt water near the little fishing village of Edsway hadn t drowned after all And he hadn t been a bather either, observed Detective Inspector C D Sloan One simply didn t go swimming in a shirt and trousers Not voluntarily, that is And then there was the matter of the mysterious copper weight stuffed in the dead man s pocket and the sunken ship discovered offshore It all added up to murder as Inspector Sloan set out in a dinghy to net the killer before he got the chance to send another victim to a watery grave Publisher s description. I have been enjoying renewing my acquaintance with this excellent series of mysteries only to find that this is one I haven t actually read before It was a pleasant surprise A body is fished out of the sea and appears to have drowned but several aspects of its injuries make Dr Dabbe believe it is murder rather an accident Sloan and Crosby must try and find out what happened to cause the death and the identity of the corpse.The mystery is well plotted and though I did work out who I thought the murderer was I didn t work out the motive until nearly the end of the story I liked the characters and Sloan and Crosby work well together in spite of Sloan s misgivings about Crosby s competence This is an entertaining and relaxing read for anyone who enjoys cosy mysteries with no on the page violence or bad language and plenty of wry humour. Lovely little British mystery with lots of local colour Catherine Aird s series of books starring PC C.D Sloan is a gem In Last Respects Sloan is at first perplexed by an unidentified corpse who was found in waterbut had been dead much longer than it appeared With a full cast of characters drawn from the typical British countryside, it will take all Sloan s detecting skills, despite the aid of his sidekick Crosby, and knowledge of tides, sheep shearing, and municipal building projects to solve this case.If you re not familiar with British English, you may want to read this with access to an OED But Aird does a great job of capturing English country life and character wrapped in clever little mysteries. Slow paced but surprising Aird novel, set on the river I did not see the solution coming, however slow Beautiful cover. Last Respects by Catherine Aird on the other hand was excellent The mystery opens with the discover of a floating body by a local fisherman We soon discover that the mysterious corpse did not drown and so the hunt for the murderer is on Throughout the search, we meet a recently widowed local architect, his young niece whose fiance has just deserted her, DI Sloan, treasure hunters, and local boating men and fisherman The crime was well planned out and interesting The characters, especially Frank, Elizabeth and Horace are well drawn and engaging A quick engaging mystery read in a series that I look forward to reading in. Good A tricky murder, well investigated A body is found in the river but the PM shows he didn t die in the river, he died from a great fall Who is he Where did he fall Since he ended up in the river, he must have been pushed so who pushed him A murder before comes to light, and there is a murder after, and finally it comes to the end with a fourth murder attempted but Sloan and Crosby arrive in the nick of time Good reading. LAST RESPECTS is the tenth book in this Inspector DC Sloan and Constable Crosby series The humor is sharp and at times, a bit savage The thing I like about Sloan is that he tolerates Crosby and avoids the easy verbal cuts he could inflict on Crosby Instead, Catherine Aird treats us to Sloan s internal ruminations about Crosby s lack of snap for detecting.This police procedural offers some iconic secondary characters The Inspector Leeyes Sloan s boss is always inflicting his band of merry men with things he has learned in night classes I find myself smiling through the dry wit of Catherine Aird I ve read all of her books at least once. I ve heard of this author but finally have read something by her I would say while the investigation is by a police officer, it certainly has the aspects of a cozy mystery than police procedural This is due mainly by the very meticulous detail to the inner life and workings of people and the smaller towns villages where they live.The book isn t that long, but the meticulous nature at the front end of the story really for me dragged on a bit While I m not needing a James Bond sequence at the start, what would be nice is a bit of brightness in the writing style When Sloan our detective here gets involved it s like the story finally lights up Basically a body is found in the water by a local who sees much talks little Trying to discover who this is when no one has said anyone is missing is problematic and how he was killed is all difficult to assess The following of minute events and clues in the area does help give shape to the crime There is certainly enough crafting of the mystery by the author to have filled the entire book a bit however, it was or less revealed in a q a by Sloan and his boss at the end not quite fair play Could you have figured it out Maybesince you only had a few suspects to choose.I will give another book by CA a try, if it is very similar to this may move on to another author.If you like cozy s and you like a to read great details of people s inner thoughts and views which are well done here check this writer out. The 10th in the C D Sloan mystery series Sloan is accompanied in this procedural by his less than astute Constable, Crosby In this case, a drowned man is found by a man out for a day s fishing So why is it that the first thing that the coroner mumbles to himself is drowned, my foot Ms Aird generally plays fair with the clues in these tightly plotted stories They are set in the quintessential English village, and told with sly humor, mostly in the dialogue between the characters and in Sloan innermost thoughts They may seem a bit slow to some who are used to the current fast paced and often much violent mysteries on today s shelves, but they don t seem dated Just a nice afternoon s quiet read. Not the best of her books, but still very good A great opening line The man wasn t alive and well and living in Paris In fact, he wasn t alive at all He was floating face down in the river.I enjoyed the book It was one of her funniest ones yet But I did guess the murderer and the motive mostly too far before the end, and that made it not quite as good as some of the others where I was really baffled up until the end.CMB I figured this out at the halfway point It s still chock full of Aird s signature biting wit and worth a read for fans of cozies I do wonder why Sloan s wife has such a minute role in the series.

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