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Swords and Deviltry❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Swords and Deviltry Author Fritz Leiber – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk For the first time the story of how the greatest heroes in fantastic literature first met 'The two thieves had themselves been robbed by two youths who eyed each other suspiciously over the sprawled s For the first time the story of how the greatest heroes in fantastic literature first met 'The two thieves had themselves been robbed by two youths who eyed Swords and PDF/EPUB or each other suspiciously over the sprawled senseless bodies Fafhrd said 'Our motives for being here seem identical' 'Surely they must be' the Mouser answered curtly fiercely eyeing his huge potential foeFafhrd glanced down at the belts and money pouches of the fallen thieves Then he looked up at the Mouser with an honest open ingenuous smile 'Sixty sixty' he suggested Thus was born the most improbable relationship in the whole history of swords and sorceriesContains • Induction • Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser • • shortstory by Fritz Leiber • The Snow Women • Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser • • novella by Fritz Leiber • The Unholy Grail • Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser • • novelette by Fritz Leiber • Ill Met in Lankhmar • Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser • • novella by Fritz Leiber. This is the first volume in Fritz Leiber's classic fantasy saga the adventures of Fafhrd and his friend and partner The Grey Mouser composed from the 40's through the 70's The volumes are ordered chronologically by their position in the saga not the date of their composition and this volume features some of Leiber's most mature works We meet the young Fafhrd a barbarian of the northern wastes dominated by his mother the great Snow Witch who longs for the excitement and variety of civilization that arrives in the form of a theatrical caravan and we meet Mouse the apprentice of a poor hedge wizard who revenges his master's death becoming in the process The Grey Mouser The book ends with what is perhaps its best tale an account of the two heroes' first adventure together in which they join their wits and swordsmanship to defeat the Thieve's Guild of Lankhmar the City of a Thousand SmokesLeiber does not choose to construct an alternate world or an elaborate multi volume uest for that matter with the painstaking care of Tolkien but he writes just as well perhaps better and creates a marvelously expansive world filled with good food good wine good sex and good fellowship with a little roguery and thievery thrown in for good measure Tolkien's debt is to Beowulf and the old Viking sagas plus than a dash of Merrie Olde England but Leiber is a direct descendant of Dumas and Sabatini with liberal doses of If I Were King and The Hunchback of Notre Dame thrown in for good measure This makes for a romantic wordly wise cosmopolitan theatrical fantasy a world I find much comfortable and compelling than the good professor's esteemed but rather dull Middle Earth Leiber is one of the fathers of sword and sorcery fiction and it shows Reading these stories feels a little like sitting at the feet of an old old storyteller while he reminisces about childhood heroes There's a feel of both age and timelessness about these stories tall fur clad barbarian and short swordsman thief who can vanish in the shadows this is like reading the origin myth for characters we've known for decades The four stories three novellas and one vignette within describe the adventures of Fafhrd a giant barbarian from the frozen wastes and the Gray Mouser a youth who has apprenticed to a hedge wizard 'Induction' covers a meeting between the two in a famous city 'The Snow Women' is Fafhrd's origin story and how he came to leave his tribe 'The Unholy Grail' covers the Grey Mouse's origin and 'Ill Met in Lankhmar' is when they meet again and become true companions 'Lankhmar' won a Hugo and Nebula for best novella and it is plain why These are the tales that influenced the greats of fantasy There's a tone of wry humor perhaps a little mocking at youth and noble intentions and early in the stories I wondered if the narrative would remain tongue in cheek Then Leiber would suddenly twist it and the frustration the rage and the fear in his characters would come into play It's well doneLeiber does perhaps show his age in these stories both personally and culturally Woman have no likeable roles playing controlling mother witch junior controlling fiance witch Lady Macbeth and Ophelia Still there is something of sophistication in their character as Leiber gets inside their emotional landscape to explain their actions or lack of As the stories of Fafhrd and Gray span 50 years I'm interested to see where they end upLearning Leiber was one of the fathers of SS sent me on an internet hunt and I find my appreciation for his stories growing His parents were both Shakespearean actors and a reoccurring theme through his writing was acting and the life of actors Late in life he received royalties from DD who used Fafhrd and Gray as charactersA note for Pratchett fans out there Lankhmar was apparently an indirect inspiration for Ankh Morpork and Pratchett has two characters in the first Discworld based on Fafhrd and the Gray MouserA solid three and a half starsCross posted at Wayne’s WorldWayne’s WorldWayne’s WorldParty on ExcellentWayne OK welcome to our show today we’ll be talking about some swingalicious sword and sorcery action specifically Fritz Leiber’s 1970 collection of “preuel” stories beginning the chronological adventures of his AWESOME heroes Fafhrd and Gray MouserGarth Yeah they’re sword and sorcery heroes kind of like we’re rock heroesWayne Ha Yeah Garth I’m kind of like Fafhrd muscular and testosterone oozing swordsman and you’re like the Gray Mouser a street smart and mercurial stealthy thiefGarth I I thought I was like Fafhrd I have blond hairWayne OksilenceWayne Ok well super cool Fritz – Gartyh NOT the catWayne Ha No not the cat schwiiiiiing Frtitz Leiber joined the preuel stories The Snow Women A Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser Adventure The Unholy Grail A Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser Adventure and Ill Met in Lankhmar A Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser Adventure together with an excellent introduction to get readers on their way for a smoking hot journey with the dynamic duo of swords and sorceryGarth The dynamic duo right They could also be like the Laverne and Shirley of swords and sorcery Or the Barney and Fred of fantasy writingWayne Or the Hall and Oates of Dungeons of Dragons Kind of gives a new meaning to Maneaterboth laughWayne OK that’s our show so stay tuned for our next show when we’ll ask the uestion “Is too much ever enough?”Garth Good uestionWayne’s WorldWayne’s WorldWayne’s World This beautifully illustrated by Tom Kidd version of the book also contains additional material007 Introduction by Michael Moorcock015 The Original Appearance of the Grey Mouser and Fafhrd of the Blue Eyes by Harry O Fischer019 Authors Introduction by Fritz Leiber 1973021 Swords and Deviltry including021 I Introduction023 II The Snow Woman116 III The Unholy Grail149 IV Ill Met In Lankhmar227 Introduction to The Childhood and of the Youth of the Grey Mouser by Fritz Leiber228 About This Tale by The Editors of Dragon Magazine 1978229 The Childhood and of the Youth of the Grey Mouser by Harry O Morris 1978236 The Grey Mouser poems239 Interview with Fritz Leiber by Jim Purviance in Algol 1978256 Copyright and AcknowledgmentsThis is copy 40 of 300 signed copies printed and is signed by Fritz Leiber Facsimile Signature and Tom Kidd Fritz Leiber is another of the early defining authors in fantasy mostly because of the coining of the term 'Sword Sorcery' Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser is the tale of a companionship between a mountain tribe barbarian and a failed wizard's apprentice and their journeys together in Lankhmar and the surrounding lands Swords and Deviltry is the first book actually first collection of short stories in the series and introduced the two protagonists with one origin story each then ends with Ill Met in Lankhmar the tale of how the unlikely friends first meetThis was an acceptably enjoyable fantasy tale but its uality seems to have withered a bit as time has passed It doesn't stand up to other genre classics or newer fantasy books and I would only recommend it to those who like me want to read the whole fantasy canon ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy LiteratureI must confess that I had some preconceived notions about Fritz Leiber’s work Because he’s credited with coining the phrase “Sword Sorcery” and because I never hear women talking about his stories I imagined that they appealed mainly to men who like to read stuff that has covers like theseimage error I'm sorry I have nothing good to say about this ETA let it not be said I don't listen I will say something nice I can see in this the seed that so many people watered into the staple of troupe based fantasy and I understand the draw of the band of brothers story Okay back to my rant now that I am chastened At best I'd say it's amateurish wish fulfillment smut of the swashbuckling variety Please only continue reading if you're looking for a good rant Otherwise allow me to politely disclaim this was not my favorite and have a great dayCONTENT WARNING just a list of topics view spoilerextreme misogyny torture domestic violence loss of loved ones headache inducing fight scenes arachnophobia hide spoiler In the midst of the table an alembic was working The lamp’s flame—deep blue this one—kept a boil in the large crystal cucurbit a dark viscid fluid with here and there diamond glints From out of the thick seething stuff strands of a darker vapor streamed upward to crowd through the cucurbit’s narrow mouth and stain—oddly with bright scarlet—the transparent head and then dead black now flow down the narrow pipe from the head into a spherical crystal receiver larger even than the cucurbit and there curl and weave about like so many coils of living black cord—an endless skinny ebon serpentandThe floor was marble the ceiling blue as lapis lazuli The side walls were thickly hung by ring and padlock One was covered with all manner of thieves’ tools from a huge thick pry bar that looked as if it could unseat the universe or at least the door of the Overlord’s treasure vault to a rod so slim it might be an elf ueen’s wand and seemingly designed to telescope out and fish from distance for precious gauds on milady’s spindle legged ivory topped vanity table; the other wall had on it all sorts of uaint gold gleaming and jewel flashing objects evidently mementos chosen for their oddity from the spoils of memorable burglaries from a female mask of thin gold breathlessly beautiful in its features and contours but thickly set with rubies simulating the spots of the pox in its fever stage to a knife whose blade was wedge shaped diamonds set side by side and this diamond cutting edge looking razor sharpThis book marks the beginning of a fantasy saga that Fritz Leiber crafted over a period of fifty years As you might gather from the above Leiber was a master of this genre If you love this kind of description; if you crave a walk on the wild side; if you need to explore a world where human desires confront strange rituals powerful shaman and gods and where good and evil are palpable; then you must follow me through this book and beyondIn Swords and Deviltry we are introduced to the two main characters Fafhred and the Grey Mouser One is big somewhat naïve and impulsive The other is on the small side a former magician’s apprentice and very meticulous They are an odd couple This book begins by giving us the threads of both characters before they meet in the urban cesspool of Lankhmar a major city in the world of Nehwon Both have suffered and survived and brought their paramours to Lankhmar They meet in the midst of a theft and then find reason to celebrate at which time their lovers are introduced to each other Women are not mere playthings but this is another sexist world where women avail themselves of certain means to even the distribution of power “A woman must always keep all ways open can you understand that? Only by being ready to league with any man and discard one for another as fortune shifts the plan can she begin to counter men’s great advantageAnd the women chastise the men for failing to act on promises made“I am not a coward” he cried “I’ll dare Thieves’ House and fetch you Krovas’ head and toss it with blood a drip at Vlana’s feet I swear that witness me Kos the god of dooms by the brown bones of Nalgron my father and by his sword Graywand here at my side” He slappedThe story becomes darker and Leiber shows how much of HP Lovecraft he has integrated into his own uniue styleIn their drunken preoccupation with the project at hand and mere locomotion they did not look behind them There the night smog was thicker than ever A high circling nighthawk would have seen the stuff converging from all sections of Lankhmar north east south west—from the Inner Sea from the Great Salt Marsh from the many ditched grain lands from the River Hlal—in swift moving black rivers and rivulets heaping eddying swirling dark and reeking essence of Lankhmar from its branding irons braziers bonfires bonefires kitchen fires and warmth fires kilns forges breweries distilleries junk and garbage fires innumerable sweating alchemists’ and sorcerers’ dens crematoriums charcoal burners’ turfed mounds all those and many converging purposefully on Dim Lane and particularly on the Silver Eel and perhaps especially on the ricketty house behind it untenanted except for attic The closer to that center it got the substantial the smog became eddy strands and swirl tatters tearing off and clinging to rough stone corners and scraggly surfaced brick like black cobwebsandThe wizard lay just inside the buckled door And he had fared as his house the beams of his body bared and blackened; the priceless juices and subtle substances boiled burned destroyed forever or streamed upward to some cold hell beyond the moonBy this time you should be able to decide whether this sort of story suits your temperament Leiber can rightly claim that he was one of the developers of the “Sword and Sorcery” genre that has fueled the imagination of many devoted to “Dungeons and Dragons” He is pitch perfect in how his stories roll out and this series is particularly notable for its character development over the long haul I know I will find it hard to resist re reading it in its entirety Ah sexism we meet again And in such an unexpected location a pulp fantasy novelI don't know what Leiber looked like but I'm picturing that sickly skinny kid from The New Guy This book is every bit as embarrassing to read as Piers Anthony although it has a slightly lower number of naked women per page What it has to make up for this is SCREAMINGLY stereotypical and degrading female characters Women fit conveniently into one of two boxes 1 Old jealous hags2 Young hotties who put outNot only is this division of female roles strictly enforced throughout the women all inevitably serve as foils for the male characters In case any of you are foolish enough to read this waste of paper and time I won't spoil exactly how this manifests itself but it's clear that every female involved in the plot is being used as a vehicle for setting up the male characters In the one and only scene where two women were having a conversation without a man present the conversation was summed up in this sort of fashion The two women sat on the couch giggling and talking of girlish thingsIt was one line while the men were talking on the other side of the room about something much important which had several pages dedicated to its explication The wives of our two protagonists are ENTIRELY dependent upon their men and horribly impractical and flighty This in spite of the fact that one of the women has seen much of the world on her own and should understand the city they are in better than her husband upon marriage she apparently decided to let her man deal with all the thinking Uhh so about other aspects of this book Skip the first two stories if you choose to bother with this They're crap clearly written to extend the Farvhrd and the Grey Mouser series yet creating absolutely no tension nor developing characters There's not even anything notably interesting about the fantasy world being presented in these two stories The final of the three stories Ill Met in Lankmar is definitely the high point although the high point is relative in this case like pointing out the high point in Kansas It is significantly entertaining although it is as believable and realistic as Duck Tales and caters to about the same level of intellect Overall my opinion of Lieber based only on this book mind you is similar to my opinion of Robert Howard the other author credited with starting the Swords Sorcery genre They both sucked They stumbled across a genre that a lot of people have enjoyed though and that can't be taken away from them Even if it is a stupid genre I prefer the nuance depth and world building that's often found in the fantasy authors who came much later like Peake Tolkien Martin and to a lesser extent Bakker and Abercrombie But this is just a matter of preference which isn't based on anything scientificSimilarly you can't scientifically prove Bob Marley makes better music than Kriss Kross but I can maintain a bullheaded opinion about it I know who makes me wanna jump This is the first book of the series which gave us term and fantasy sub genre Sword and Sorcery It consists of 3 novellas which talk about the background of the main characters Fafhrd and Gray Mouser and their fateful meetingThe Snow Women Fafhrd is a barbarian living in the lands of North where the harsh climate allows the survival of the strongest This was the longest novella and also the most boring one Not much happened except for Fafhrd's brooding and longing to see the civilized lands This part also happened to be uite sexist Usually some minor sexism does not bother me much I try to keep in mind the time period when a book was written unless the author goes out of hisher ways showing it I am looking at you Robert A Heinlein and your classic Stranger in a Strange Land This time sexism in this novella bothered meThe Unholy Grail Mouse is an apprentice to a wizard specializing in white magic When he came back from a mission he found his mentor brutally murdered and himself being hunted He starts dabbling in not so white magic trying to stay alive and get revenge; he also changes his name to appropriate Gray Mouser If you think this part sounds exciting than the previous one you are right it actually isIll Met in Lankhmar Fafhrd and Gray Mouser finally meet in the city which was an inspiration for Terry Pratchett's Ankh Morpork They instantly like each otherIf this series was the father of sword and sorcery then earlier written Robert E Howard's Conan was the grandfather To my great surprise the latter series aged a little and is still as fun to read as in the days of its first publishing The former series aged a lot It is considered to be a classic of genre but it does not offer anything I have not seen before and better done It is still entertaining enough to warrant 3 stars I will also try to read the seuel but I reserve a right to stop reading it the moment I realize it is not better than this one This review is a copypaste of my BookLikes one

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