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Innocent Sins Presents 2133❰PDF / Epub❯ ☂ Innocent Sins Presents 2133 Author Anne Mather – Innocence betrayedMemories of a long ago summer night still taunt Laura Neill With all the provocative innocence of youth she stole into her stepbrother Oliver's bedroom and discovered love and fleeti Innocence betrayedMemories of a long ago summer night still taunt Laura Neill With all the provocative innocence of youth she stole into her stepbrother Oliver's bedroom and discovered love and fleeting happiness in his armsDriven away by his apparent betrayal it's been eight long years since Laura last visited home Can she now face Oliver without confessing the aching love she still feels for Innocent Sins MOBI :¿ him or the secrets she's held all this time. Re Innocent Sins Anne Mather continues her long tradition of keeping it in the family Typhoon of Tackiness HPlandia outings with this oneThe backstory is that the ten years before the story starts the h's father married the H's mother The H's mother is the stereotypical AM evil conniving gold digging amoral OW who has an unhealthy hold over her momma's boy H son As these things go in the Province of Anne Matherdom the stepmother loathed and despised the h as she sees the h as her rival in the h's father's affections So when the 21 year old H sleeps with the 16 year old h the stepmother OW is worried that her husband will blame her for not managing the children betterMore importantly the stepmother realizes that the h is massively in love with the H and in the aftermath of their one night of love the stepmother realizes she can use her influence with her son to send him off to chase his career while having a threat to hold over the h The stepmother also likes the fact that she get some major self esteem blows in against the h cause now she is a Tarty Tart McTartlet which hopefully will also drive the h away and she can have the h's father and his money all to herselfThe h is very hurt by the H's silent departure and even devastated by the nasty remarks and taunts of her stepmother when she miscarries the baby she and the H created in their one time event The h takes herself off to uni in the aftermath of all this and her relations with her father become distant and there is no contact at all with the HA few years later the h marries an American and the H becomes a famous photographer with a bevy of supermodel girlfriends Eventually the h gets a divorce and focuses on her career in America but the H and h are destined to meet again at the funeral of the h's father Apparently the h's father died in somewhat mysterious circumstances His body was found in the house by the stepmother but it was several hours after he departed this plane of existence Since the body was literally outside the room where the stepmother had been secluded in all day there is some uestion as to why it took so long for him to be found surely she heard the thump?There is also the uestion of the h's father's new will The house that the father and stepmother lived in was the h's mother's family home but the h's father originally intended to leave it to his second wife For some reason the h's father changed his will to leave the house to the h shortly before his death by apparent cardiac incident The stepmother wants the money from the sale of the house which was left to her in the original terms of the father's will But now the stepmother is imploring her son the H to hide the second will which invalidates the stepmother's claimThe H appears to go along with this for reasons that aren't clearly defined but do indicate that this H is a lyin' cheatin' nematode snot snarfing pustule AM lets us know this by having the very unavailable cause he is hooked to a supermodel H put the moves on the h even tho his model girlfriend is calling and trying to visit the H pretty much every other pageAfter many tense confrontations between the H and h and ghostly father visitations to the h while she is in the family home the truth finally comes out The H's father realized that his wife the H's mother was having affairs with the local ladies' husbands right in the marital homeAfter years of believing the stepmother over his own daughter the father finally realized what a sewer sucking parasite he had allowed to latch on to him In an attempt to redress the great wrong he had done towards his child he arranged for the h to inherit her own mother's homeThe final kicker was when the h's father walked into his own bedroom and saw the stepmother with her latest married lover he dropped dead from the shock and the stepmother was too busy gettin' busy to realize her husband was deadThe H is only convinced to reveal the existence of the second will when the h's aunt who is the housekeeper for the family home calls both the H and h to show up unexpectedly When the H and h arrive it is to find the stepmother again ensconced upon her married lover There is a HUGE verbal battle and the stepmother reveals the h's miscarriage and the H realizes he has been a right wanker for way too many years Plus there is a uestion of the H's jealousy when another man is getting what this momma's boy H infers to be his In a fit of sudden remorse for his and his mother's actions or maybe the H finally gets that it is really tacky to try and tap his own mother the H tells the h about the will and the stepmother is moved into a grotty flat the next dayThe H takes off on his next photography assignment and the h goes back to America and her loft in NYC The h declines to press criminal charges against the H or his mother for trying to circumvent her inheritance Several months go by while the h and H have their respective brooding mopey moments but the h sees that the H has broken up with his supermodel girlfriend and calls the H to express her sympathy she has to leave a small message as he is unavailableThe H gets the message the h called a few days later and he goes to NYC to lurve her up and convince her to marry him supposedly he has longed and pined madly for her all these years and he wants to make up for the baby lossThe h is all okay with that cause she loves the H just as madly back and we leave the two of them in dubious domestic bliss for another Typhoon of Tackiness AM Trainwreck HPlandia outing Please don't let me read this Well I read it of course and it's Anne Mather all over the placeWhat stands out isn't the awful stepmother aka the real evil OW of the book and of whom nothing will convince me she didn't do something to facilitate the death of her husband Catching her in flagrante my footNope what stands out is the so called hero the biggest loser H in HPLand and let's face it he has a Hunger Game arena's worth of competition Wow he's burning on fire for the heroine It's been how long since he seduced a 16 year old left the country for her to carry the bag for his evil mother hides the real will after a couple of weeks then only hunts her down after she's inherited the lot?Another for Written in the wrong genre category This would have been better as a romantic gothic with the young heroine coming back to the house with the spooky housekeeper resentful stepmother handsome but shallow stepbrother and the honest but eually handsome detective Well four out of five made it the hero was an ass the author tried justifying his actions by putting all the blame on his mother i don't blame the mother yes she had never liked her stepdaughter but she did not create any misunderstanding or did anything dreadful for that matter it was oliver by himself who preferred to stay away from laura he did not even bother to find out if she was pregnant or how she felt after the sex and them being discovered by his mother he took the easy way out yes he was only 19years old but he was a very selfish young boyand he proves it again now when he is involved with natalie yet that is not stopping him from kissing and trying to make love with laura so he had every intention of being unfaithfulonce what a selfish bastard he was playing with 2 women not to forget he hid laura's father new will under the pretext of protecting his mum now again he did not have to do this to betray laura in such a way and laura's reaction to this ? was something like i can understand she can understand he was trying to protect his mom ? haha he has enough money and can provide for his mom as well in the new will laura's father also provided for his mom only he did not leave her the house but instead gave it to laura so what was so bad about it ?? that he had to get influenced by his mom and hid the will the book is worth a read it showed many emotions the one star i rated was for oliver who i disliked intensely he did not deserve laura and neway i never felt like he loved her or cared for her it was a case of lust and he was a weak person talk about momma's boy wow This novel was full of secrets and sins The hero and heroine grew up at step siblings and fell in love many issues and secrets kept them apart Only for them to rekindle their love after the heroines father died suddenly It was an alright book but I never felt any of the passion I should have for it Some of it was full of cheese in my opinion It was okay Note to self do not read spoilersOther reviewers describe a selfish and lying hero who discards the heroine without any thought of making sure she is okay then cheats on his girlfriend when the heroine comes back into his life by kissing her and trying to sleep with her He even helps to cheat her out of her inheritance Not for me Like uite a few other Anne Mather books this one has a juicy scandalous plot line Its story movement scenes are well thought out and creative What it lacks is emotional depth between the leads The author has a very intellectual skimming the top approach to the story No deep emotions invested in the girl and guy who are supposed to have madly loved each other when in their teens Gone to bed once hence the book title surprise surprise And then his mother cooks up non sense and both of them walk away from each other for over a decade She marries some one else and is divorced too But that's an inconseuential thing in the storyThey meet each other after about 15 years when her father dies But the events that unfold are just sexual exploration Nothing heartfelt nothing to show how much they pined for each other Because all they do when they get together is paw at one another No talk no feeling NothingThen suddenly towards the last few pages both of them declare being lost without the other all their livesIll fated lovers who have lost 15 years of their lives owing to his mother's scheming they don't sound forlorn at all They just take off from where they left off in bed that is And HEAWhat can I say sex without emotion is not romanticI hope authors keep this simple maxim in mind We readers are still sentimental enough to expect pining and longing and extreme passion Sigh The writing and plot here were actually pretty decent in the beginning sort of modern day Gothic with characters who seemed approximately like real people but the book is spoiled by the fact that the hero is a douchebag he has a perfectly nice girlfriend throughout the book Natalie is a fashion model she feels he does not spend enough time with her he doesn't she would like to meet his family although she is suspicious of his beautiful brainy stepsister since he informed her that view spoilerwhen they were teenagers he had sex with said stepsister hide spoiler The book was so boring I had to force myself to finish which was disappointed because Mather wrote another book I very much enjoyed I had higher hopes for this one

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