Shadow Hunt

Shadow Hunt❰Read❯ ➲ Shadow Hunt Author Luisa Prieto – Bastard son of the king and member of the magic wielders Council Peregrine the witch has a lot of power He also has powerful rivals When one summons a demon to kill him and destroy his line he must fi Bastard son of the king and member of the magic wielders Council Peregrine the witch has a lot of power He also has powerful rivals When one summons a demon to kill him and destroy his line he must find a way to stop him and gain the throneBound to serve a powerful witch the demon Winter wants to complete his mission kill the one who bound him and return home The longer he hunts Peregrine though the he comes to appreciate himNow Winter doesn't want to kill Peregrine and Peregrine finds himself drawn to the dangerous seductive demon With a mortal's compassion and a demon's cunning Peregrine entraps Winter securely than his rival ever couldPublisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable malemale sexual practices. In a fantasy world there is a political feuds Two distant cousins fight for the throne Kenth has his own right motives and to obtain the throne he has to kill all the heirs till the banshee the witch who has cursed his family will declare him the right king To kill Kenth summon a demon Winter Winter will not be free until he will satisfy the oath of Kenth His latest victim is PeregrinePeregrine is the bastard son of the latest king and he is also a witch And virgin He has sacrifice his chastity to maintain his powers and he will lose them if he breaks his oath And now the task of Winter is to find him take him and kill me And the second part of the cast is not so distasteful for the demonPeregrine is not a naive character He is thirty years old and he is clever He knows he can't win the demon so maybe he can bring him to his side Winter is merciless but he also esteems the sharp mind of Peregrine and also his fine body Kenth is not an all negative character he is also beloved by his people I think we will see him againAn interesting fantasy novel where not all is white or black Peregrine is an all positive character white but Winter the demon is not all black and above all Kenth the villain can gain your simpathy At the end he is by his order that the Demon choose to first bed the Witch instead of kill himhttpelisa rollelivejournalcom96 Argh What a godawful blurbIt's actually surprisingly good although I do think the end rather fractured in focus It comes off as blatant serial set up and doesn't uite conclude things satisfactorily because of thatYou get the feeling that is to come yes but that this chapter of the overall story isn't uite closed yet There are still pages sections missing that perhaps have been lost with age I'd also like of the backstory You get glimpses and hints and there's enough there yes but it's also like Gertrude in Hamlet or pretty much any Discovery channel history show in that it raises uestions than it answers and in the end never actually answers themFor that reason it gets 3 starsBut it's really uite good It creates a marvelous atmosphere a uite nicely mystical atmosphere It becomes really oddly sensual but in the good way in the style of art films What do you get if you put together a witch king a summoned demon and a banshee? A briliant read Romance intrigue magic ploting not totally evil ursurpers and did I mention a hot demon with uite a few murderous intentions? It held me captive till the last page and I just hope the next one will come out soon It's not a fluffy tale and it has switching POV's so you get to know the intentions of the main character's also of the ursurperous bastardIt's my first book by this author's but I hope there will be from them Most awesome book I have read in a long time I stayed up way too late last night reading this and could not put it down the entire time The intrigues are awesome the magic is awesome the characters are fantastic and I love love love the villain I would give six stars if that were at all possible 3 Stars An enjoyable story and a satisfactory ending but there are enough loose threads to knit a sweater and since it was released in 2007 I don't expect we'll ever find out what happens to the villain This was a story that could have been written in a 500 page book Unfortunately or maybe fortunately this book is much shorter than that It had potential to be than just not bad but somehow it was wasted Maybe because it is simply too short? The whole story happens in like 3 days? Everything happened too fast to my liking especially the romance; it reeks of insta lovelust Also the world building feels like a rough sketch instead of a solid picture I liked the banshee cursegift the royal family history magic and witch's sacrifice concepts and well the characters also weren't bad We actually get a villain here who's not exactly evil The story would be lovely if it was developed But it is not so 3 stars it gets I feel bad for only rating it three stars I really liked the book However at times it felt rushed and I felt detached from the story though I can't pinpoint why Very goooood Shadow Hunt is a good fantasy novel with original ideas nice characters and a good plot It's well written and easy and uick to read I really liked reading it but it was too short for my taste I like fantasy novels that take the time to really create a dense deep background that allows you to really see and feel and imagine the world you dive into I want to thoroughly understand the structure of the world to get a sense even of those regions and places and people that are not actively involved in the novel Don't get me wrong the world building in this novel was not faulty per se it was coherent and made sense but I saw too little and got too few information to really get an idea how the world works and how it looks like Since I loved the premise of the story otherwise I think as a 400 to 500 pages story with the gained space and time used to really fill in all the gaps this book might have made my favourite list As it is it's still a really good read just not fulfilling its whole potential I thinkThe blurb of the story doesn't tell a lot so I'd recommend reading Elisa Ramblings review it gives a nice short summary of what's going on in the book

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