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Panic Snap[Epub] ❤ Panic Snap ➞ Laura Reese – Her first novel Topping from Below was a cause celebre of erotic fiction Now in Panic Snap Laura Reese once again crosses the boundary between pleasure and pain with a story of extreme sexual obsessio Her first novel Topping from Below was a cause celebre of erotic fiction Now in Panic Snap Laura Reese once again crosses the boundary between pleasure and pain with a story of extreme sexual obsession and one family's terrible secretThe accused murderess in a sensational trial Carly Tyler waits outside a California courtroom as a jury decides her fate Is she the depraved Madame de Sade of the newspaper headlines or the innocent victim of one wealthy family's gothic past Left for dead by the side of a road fifteen years earlier she emerged from a coma with no memory and a face completely altered by the plastic surgery need to repair her injuries Who is she and what happened to her The trail leads her to a magnificent vineyard and its mysterious owner James McGuane a man of wealth and immense sexual charisma who holds the key to her past But to unlock it she must risk her life on a terrifying erotic journey that tears apart a dynasty and reveals the truth about an appalling murder. This book should have a label Read me if you dareI'm giving this book only two stars because I'm pissed I really wanted to give this book 45 stars because if I overlook all the bull it is brilliant and captivating story I read it in one sitting ButWhy an author with such a huge amount of talent would pull a such a nasty trick on her fans is beyond me Her first book shows that she has it in her So why go there?If you've read Topping From Bellow when you read my review déjà vu will smack you across the face The story is about a woman Carly who is looking for answers 15 years ago when she was 17 she was found in a ditch naked and beaten to a pulp with broken bones and bleeding all over When the farmworker found me in the field I was lying in a newly dug hole half buried as if the person who put me there was interrupted before he could finish the job My body like a newborn's blood covered and naked She spend two weeks in a coma When she woke up she had no memory of who she was how she got there and what happened to her First 17 years of her life felt like a black hole She spend many years trying to remember looking for answer being angry at the person who did this to her and her family that never came looking for her even though her story was in the media for uite some time after she was foundYears went by and she kind of made peace with what happened to her and that she might never find any answersOne day she sees an article in a news paper about a family that runs a winery with a man's picture in it She gets this feeling that she knows him She doesn't remember neither how or where she met him but she feels that he's somehow connected to what happened to her The picture triggered a piece of memory that is trying to break through a brick wall that her trauma build She doesn't get her memory back but her gut is telling her that she needs to meet this man because he might give her some answersAnd here is where I started grinding my teethShe arrives to this place where McGuane family lives she meets James suspect el número uno Gina suspect el número dos and their mother cute old thing Guess how she's going to get truth out of James Yep by doing every nasty thing he asks of her Because that's the deal you give me what I want and I'll give you what you want And OMG he is dark and perverse psycho But she learns very fast that she enjoys the things he does to her even though all of his reuests are so over the top I think it would make even hardcore fans of dark erotica go WTF? But all of their encounters are very well written as disturbing as they are There is nothing romantic about their relationship Their relationship is not about love or romance it's about dark possession and addictionSo every time they get together he tells her an episode from her past And every time he ups his game Even though she is a willing participant in everything he does you get this feeling of dread First of all because she suspects that he is the one that almost killed her 15 years ago it's hard to put trust into hands of a potential psychopath but also because he doesn't offer her a safe word and pushes both her body and her mind to the limit Every time it makes Carly wonder just how far he is going to go this timeThere is a lot of uestions surrounding Gina's involvement in all of this because she acts very creepy too She has very close relationship with her brother and very soon you start to uestion just how close because you can see that nothing is off limits for those two It's never said out loud that their relationship goes beyond sister and brother love but from the way Gina acts around James makes you think that there is something going on It could be nothing but it could be something very kinky and perverse That's when she becomes suspect number two It's very possible that it was her who hurt Carly out of jealousy all those years ago The deeper you get into the story the darker and twisted it gets when puzzle pieces starts coming together Even though there are only two suspects it's still hard to figure out which one of them did it and what their motives were I got to a point in the story where I started to uestion if there was a victim in all of this At some point they all started acting crazyAuthor describes the scenery in a very beautiful and romantic way and that is what gives this story even darker feel because characters are anything but How can monsters live in a such a beautiful place ?The ending like the whole story was almost identical to Topping from Bellow Different names different places couple of new sexual encounters but everything else was same old The behavior of two main characters was identical to the characters from TFB The author did threw one major twist at the end which was nice but I still can't forgive the fact that she simply took and re wrote her first book If you haven't read her first book you might like it but I'm not sure you will if you have On a positive side I don't regret reading it I haven't read anything uite as dark since TFB But I think I overdosed a little on all things dark and twisted I need something sweet and romantic now Taboo to the Extreme I wasn’t aware that one of my favourite writers in the Erotica genre Laura Reese had a new book out I found out or less by accident I’d logged into to check out the publication date of Laura’s Erotic thriller “Topping from Below”1995 and I stumbled across her latest novel; “Panic Snap”So not only was I pleasantly surprised and ordered the book immediately but I was delighted to discover that Topping From Below is back in print Why it ever went out of print I’ll never understand; I can only surmise that a lot of people were doing as I had and ordered their hard copy of the book still from but via the independent sellers And that btw is a cool way to negotiate at The books are often next to nothing all you pay is for mailing and the books unless they say otherwise are near perfect But I digress I’m supposing that the publishers realised that the book was selling and ordered a reprint Whatever happened Laura Reese has now gained the status of a “cult following” and her book has become a “cause celebre” of EroticaTopping from Below has a lurid product description; “An explosive erotic thriller about one woman’s voyage into the heart of evil” It’s a bold statement but I guess it works and Laura takes up the theme in Panic SnapSo what is this “heart of evil?” The book opens in a court room There is a trial a woman is accused of murder and her guilt is assumed but not yet announced While the woman awaits the jury’s verdict we hear her storyFifteen years ago the woman was found beaten mutilated beyond recognition and close to death Slowly she recovers helped by ground breaking surgical procedures and intense physical therapy The body can and has recovered whereas the mind has a mind of its own And the traumatic events of that morning so long ago have erased her memory She does not know who she is; she has no memory of the attack or her attacker She has no memory of her childhood or her parentsShe takes the name of Carly Tyler But who is she really? Her broken face is healed but she does not recognise herself The surgeons have done their best but it is unlikely that anyone who knew her before will know her nowA just by chance feature in a magazine precipitates a compulsion; a resonance A photograph of a powerful man suggests a link to her past The name of his vineyard is in Napa Valley wine country Byblos; that is where she must goA woman’s search for her identity drives the novel – hand in hand with sexual obsessionThose of you who have read Laura’s previous book will guess that they are in for some explicit bdsm Those of you who haven’t read Topping From Below – well Panic Snap is not for the faint hearted Dominance and submission; a Dominant who demands total obedience even to the point of exerting control over bodily functions The Bestiality that featured so strongly in Topping From Below may be absent but Laura Reese has no fear of breaking through boundaries shattering Taboos She uses the character of Carly to demonstrate the psychological dimension of the true submissive Like the character of Nora in Topping Carly bears no shame no guilt at the depravities her Dominant inflicts upon her; rather she embraces them with mere curiosity as to how far he will push her and how far down the road she will goLaura Reese is a writer with an instinct for precision Her characterisation is superb; her delineation of scenery is meticulous She could almost be writing staging instructions for a theatrical adaptation She writes at a steady even pace from the description of a room a vista food that Carly has prepared for dinner to the flowers in the magical garden growing alongside herbs and vegetables All is coloured to add to an atmosphere sometimes of tranuility sometimes evoking fearBut Panic Snap is an erotic novel – so let’s get on with the sex Throughout the book the pace never changes; Laura Reese will devote pages to a particular sex act yet she is never crude If you are expecting the immediacy of Pornography you won’t get it – yet in a bizarre twist the sensations the images and the emotions here lend themselves so easily to Porn So let’s take a look at the Rimming scene surely if ever a fetish screamed out for a reader’s arousal this is it Check it out – is it Pornographic? Is it erotic?“I started to reproach her but then felt her tongue once on my body sliding over my buttocks She kissed every space of flesh made my skin ripple with anticipation then spread my buttocks and ran her tongue down the crack in the middle slowly and just as slowly came back up again I let out my breath a lust felt sigh Once her tongue made the descent down the divide as slow as a slimy snail lingering lingering taking her time until she reached my asshole – Satan’s hole she whimsically called it the dark winking eye of evil This time she didn’t pass it over but lapped at it as if she were an animal licking it over and over like a dog tonguing a wound She caressed my testicles with one hand the other still spreading my buttocks then left my balls to reach down and pull on my penis her tongue still lapping Her hand slid smoothly on my cock – she must’ve used spit to moisten it – as she tongued my asshole“I murmured my approval then settled down on my elbows and let her continue She circled the hole with her tongue wetting it massaging it the most hidden part of my body – ‘it’s the brown pit of everything forbidden’ she once said with a smile – then she pushed her tongue inside as if it were a worm wiggling its way home”And at the conclusion of the Rimming chapter;“I feel the desire in him the slight tremble of his flesh and this makes me work harder sliding my tongue in farther feeding the grasping sloe eyed hole and it comes to me then this resonance of something long forgotten a renascent passion to please My response is visceral and unbidden too complicated for words I lick and suck him shove my tongue in his bowels a vortex pulling me in while my mind spins I feel transported to someplace dark and crepuscular to a feral world where ancient passions hold sway I keep my tongue inside him moving tasting pushing for lower depths I am an adjunct in this sex a mere appurtenance to another and even as I tongue him deeper willingly now needing of him even as I do this a distant tocsin rumbles in my brain sounding the perils I’m on precarious ground here traversing the slippery scarps of James’ scree ridden soul”Writers and readers of the Erotica genre talk a lot about ‘the final Taboo’ well I do anyway What Carly is doing is fascinating to her and to us the reader She is going against everything we’ve ever been taught going right back to when we were babies – ‘it’s a dirty place no no do not touch it – wash your hands flush away all signs of it’ And where will she go from here? Full blown Coprophilia? Probably you can sense her carnal need in the paragraph above Laura Reese does not prevaricate about what is going on here – there’s no innuendo – no clever metaphor to dilute and sanitise Carly is sliding into James’ anus with her tongue higher and higher up she goes If his bowel chooses that moment to empty – well so be itFrom Laura Reese’s keyboard we learn that sexual pleasure even perhaps especially Taboo sexual pleasure has integrity in both giving and receiving when it comes from the heart Porn does not talk about feelings – the description of this fetish that could easily draw on the dirt and grime of Porn becomes a tantalizing tale worthy of Scheherazade herself When Carly learns what her sexual partner really wants of her there is rhythm and pace – a breathless lyrical placing of words There is real love in these pages It’s there in the subtext And the reader is a Voyeur we are absolutely present in this Rimming scene we are there watching as her tongue slides and intrudesI do not understand why Panic Snap has provoked so many negative reviews on especially US The main complaint runs along the lines of – ‘Laura Reese has not moved on from her theme of charismatic sexually controlling men’ In other words she is telling the same tale – the tale that she told in her previous book I don’t think that she is repeating herself at all – certainly Panic Snap features Sadomasochism at its most extreme at its centre as does Topping From Below Both books share a dynamic Dominant with a bizarre sexual magnetism and in both books no one does anything they don’t want to do Writers return to the same themes over and over again Only when they have written it out – only when they have dealt with it will they leave it alone Laura Reese has risen to a mighty challenge in Panic Snap – and who knows why she chose the theme of Sadomasochism? Might as well ask why did I choose to read it? And you will probably read it too – why? Because it’s forbidden? Because it tantalizes? Maybe that is why Laura Reese has delved into it – or maybe she just wanted to see if she could once again write the Taboo – the forbidden But as I say who knows and does it really have to matter? Imagine what those same complaining readers would have said if Laura Reese’s follow up to Topping From Below and been just a plain old murder mystery – with no sex? They would have been furious – that would have been a good reason for a negative review DNF There are some things that are so disturbing that you shouldn't let them pollute your brain This is one of them WTF I've read and enjoyed some pretty risky bdsm erotica books This is absolutely not enjoyable There was nothing sexy about the sick control he had over her the things he did and the things he wanted her to do I very rarely uit reading a book but I simply could not finish this without making myself sick Wow what an unusual book I had a lovehate relationship with it not unlike the main characters' relationship I must admit that i am NOT a fan of dark erotica but other than that the plot was really interesting and suspensful This is the first book I read by this author and the beginning sucked me in Up until a half way through the book I kept thinking 5 5 5 and then all the nastiness began along with the mystery kind of going downhillThe sex stuff though gross Scalding water asphyxiation branding whipping enemas animals ew ew ew ew ew I am utterly stunned that someone could find this hot ie the guygirl in the book clearly did as did some of the readers but to each his own who am I to judge? A few of the sex scenes started to make me physically sick so I had to keep skipping paragraphs Also there were some extremely repetitive descriptions for example the author mentions James being tanned and with sun bleached hair due to working in the vinery at least 6 times WE KNOW How does this book still get my 3 even with all this?? Well I really liked the unusual mystery and kept hoping for a super surprisetwist ending The ending was somewhat anti climactic though ha ha get it?? As I was suspecting all along view spoiler it was a combination of James Gina and Carly I assumed it was some sort of bondage gone wrong scenario for Carly 15 years ago but I was wrong about that In terms of Anna I assumed Carly and James killed her so that they could continue their affair which was close enough So I was really hoping that the ending would surprise me with something completely unexpected it didn't The trial was not well explained Carly mentions being a coward and not telling the jury the whole truth so what did she tell them? hide spoiler There was something about Panic Snap that seemed vaguely familiar And by vaguely I mean extremely familiar Almost like I read the exact same thing before Then I remembered it was called Topping From Below and I finished reading it a few days agoIt was very similar the protagonist a supposedly strong willed modern woman is on a mission of revenge to find out the truth about the murder that closely affected her In Panic Snap it was the protagonist own attempted murder that occured 15 years prior to the story taken place The result besides from the coma and retrograde amnesia was an entire new apperance where she could go and confront the gulity party incognito as it wereAlong the way things do not go as planned and the gulity party finds out her true identity but it's okay because the gulity party will give her all the information she wants about past for absolute submission to him Sadomaschism shenagians ensuedIt was amazing how both novels by Reese were so similar to one another In fact Panic Snap could have been called Topping from Below 2 Napa Valley Seriously Once again it was well written and probably will make Lifetime a bunch of money one day when it becomes a Saturday night movie However it was so gross I am not just talking about the very graphic sex scenes I will never look at the word 'jut' the same way again I am talking about the SM things There were catherers and enema and breast pumps and lambs and eww Something tells me Reese knew that both her stories were sounding a little too alike and wanted to push the envelope even Just like with Topping From Below she went way too far and maybe that is what she meant to do With everything in life SM has been romanticized in recent years especially with the Shades of Grey trilogy However this is a very hard unflinching and very gross light of SM and bondage Sure if you're the dominant you have it made But if you're submissive kiss your rights away it can be sold to the highest bidder While this story is based around a couple in a BDSM relationship it is also very much a mystery a who done it story I really liked this book The writing was good the story was interesting and kept you wanting to read The only problem I had was that there was a lot of descriptive detail throughout the book especially in the beginning I like to have the setting described for me but not so much that my attention starts to drift elsewhere And some of the descriptions were repetitive For instance we get a very thourough description of the vineyards as Carly is driving into town then again as she drives down the long driveway then again as she gets out of the car and so on And sometimes the descriptions would be the same only stated slightly different and over and over we had to read about how James' skin is slightly tanned from time outdoors or that his hair is blonder because it is sun bleached Yes we still remember that description from the last time you used it But really overall these complaints are small The book is good and interesting For those who may be concerned about the BDSM part in my opinion it wasn't that extreme This book doesn't involve a lot of major humiliation which is what I have difficulty reading Mostly it's whipping some bondage The most degrading things to me were having her eat from a dog dish but even that was minor and a one time event Then there was a situation involving urine which I cringed at but again it wasn't that bad compaired to what I've read in other books But just be aware that these items are present in this story And btw you will be wondering all through the book who done it and you will be surprised by the ending I was Wow where to begin This book was bloody brilliant and very similar to topping from belowAgain I asked why someone would put themselves through all of this if they didn't need to and I jumped between my ideas for the ending Honestly if you loved topping from below you'll love this one IMO its betterso why I hear your ask did I only give it 4 stars Well I thought long and hard about writing this but feel I have to be 100% honestly with this review I borrowed this book there is no way in these times can I afford to pay £10 for a e book for a real book and I feel for that I must mark it downI understand fully that authors need to earn their keep also but sorry £10 for something I'll never real own in my home etc is way over the top This book was absolutely gross I hated how the author would get you going and then all of a sudden something vile and disgusting happens This book is a total tease and many parts of the book made me want to vomit I would not recommend reading this book if you are easily grossed out In fact I wouldn't recommend this book at all With nods to Pygmalion Turn of the Screw Rebecca and War of the Roses 1981 novel Panic Snap is a twisted tale of obsession confused with love It's as compulsively readable as it is disturbingCarly and James hit every high ick factor fetish on the top ten checklist Their story isn't for Pollyannas

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