American Heritage New Illustrated History of the United States Series

American Heritage New Illustrated History of the United States SeriesPDF American Heritage New Illustrated History Of The United States Series Author Robert G Athearn Includes A Foreword By Late President John F Kennedy Volumes Include The New World, Colonial America, The Revolution, A New Nation, Young America, The Frontier, War With Mexico, The Civil War, Winning The West, Age Of Steel, The Gilded Age, A World Power, World War I And The 20s, The Roosevelt Era, World War II, And America Today Lavishly Illustrated In Color With Photographs, Paintings, Maps, Drawings Indexed Approximately 90 100 Pages Per Volume. These books infuse my earliest memories They were part of my childhood landscape, fascinating picture books on our living room bookshelf that I encountered as soon as I learned to walk and explore I remember hours spent during my pre literate years lying on the carpet in front of the bookshelf, immersed in the paintings, photographs, and political cartoons collected here to illustrate American history Before I had learned to read, these books had already infected me with an incurable history bug Of course, I did learn to read, and read each of these volumes cover to cover I read them for pleasure I referenced them for school papers And I never lost my fascination with the illustrations that had first captured my imagination When my father died, I recovered these books from his house, and added them to my library Reading them again as an adult,
Dad s mom, Lajla, had a profound influence on my development Her libraries at her home in Illinois and cottage in Michigan provided me with some of my earliest reading material during the interminably hours when the adults were amusing themselves and I was the only kid When she realized I d become quite a reader, at about age ten, she started to intentionally encourage the practice by buying me books, mostly sets provided by Time Life and the American Heritage Society, but notably including, when I had just turned eleven, The Encyclopaedia Britannica With the exception of the latter reference series, I read them all as they came in, volume by volume, obtaining thereby a very general understanding of the world albeit distorted by the prejudices of the Editors of Time Life.The American Heritage Illustrated History of the United States has gone through two editions, one of 1963, a second of 1988, but, with the exception of the final volume, remained basically the sam