Unforgotten Years

Unforgotten YearsUnforgotten Years Free Author Logan Pearsall Smith Wgf2011.eu There S A Logan Smith Cult And This Is Tops One Can Forgive Him His Little Snobberies, For He Is The Last Perfectionist Reminiscences Aboard Edith Wharton S Yacht, Boyhood In Philadelphia, A First Trip Abroad, Haverford College, Harvard, Youthful Associates, A Year In Germany, A Few Months At Home In The Family Business, Then The Determination To Live Abroad And Write Manuscript Hunting, Oxford, The Paris Of Whistler, Bridges, Henry James, Ten Years In Sussex Sage And Entertaining Literary Chit Chat, Delightfully Done Kirkus Reviews Patrick Kurp s blog led me to Logan Pearsall Smith.https evidenceanecdotal.blogspot.coReading notes 13 With his gouty toe on a cushion, reading and reading all day long54 few human beings are detestable than spoiled American children93 My father s refusal to permit this indecorum of Walt Whitman had no effect whatsoever upon my sister.96 Whitman visited, and stayed with them for a month He sang Old Jim Crow when not occupiedWiki The origin of the name Jim Crow is obscure but may have evolved from the use of the pejorative crow to refer to black people in the 1730s.98 true religion consisted, not in sermons and ceremonials, but in spirituality, purity, and the love of God and man.99 WW removed his knitted vest and put on a coat for dinner, sacrificing his comfort to the demands of the occasion101 It was however the calm serenity of age, its placid skies and sun, which diffused about him that atmosphere of peace and leisure which made his companionship so genial.102 He would recognize some workingman as he passed And invite him in to dinner.107 WW s rejoicing in his flesh and blood his delight in his own body his affection for his fellow human beings114
I really like Logan Pearsal Smith I liked Walt Whitman I liked LPS s mom All the rest are probably better off dead A bunch of rich juveniles and aristocrats Good riddance But I thoroughly enjoyed these memoirs If you ever find this book in a library give it a read. Logan Pearsall Smith was the sort of American that Henry James liked to write about He was the scion of a colonial era Quaker family and heir to a prosperous glass bottle factory who left it all behind for the life of the mind in Europe But we learn some other fascinating details in this easygoing autobiography, which was written for the most part aboard a yacht on which he was touring the Mediterranean in company with Edith Wharton In addition to the glass bottle factory, LPS was heir presumptive to a sort of hereditary librarianship in Philadelphia Both his mother and father became, for a while, well known revivalist preachers, touring the U.S and England in the cause of Evangelicalism As an adolescent and young man he was personally acquainted with Walt Whitman, who became a regular visitor for months at a time at the Smith family home LPS seems to have known eve
A beautiful recollect I particularly loved the little reminiscences of Walt Whitman and Edith Wharton Every chapter was like a privileged window into the past through Europe and America in the late 1800 s. This book is mostly auto biographical, and as such a good look at Logan s experiences and travels, and for those who wish to better know Logan, good, if at times slow, read. A complete and delightful surprise So quirky, so anecdotal, yet so prescient.

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  • Hardcover
  • 296 pages
  • Unforgotten Years
  • Logan Pearsall Smith
  • English
  • 13 October 2017
  • 9780899879475