Resurrected? PDF Epub Resurrected Gary R Habermas The Resurrection Of Jesus Of Nazareth Is The Central Tenet Of The Christian Faith St Paul Put It Succinctly If Christ Did Not Rise From The Dead, Our Faith Is In Vain This Remarkable Dialogue Between The Leading Christian Scholar Of The Resurrection And The World S Best Known Philosophical Atheist Resulted From A Three Hour Discussion On A Popular Religious Television Talk Show, Moderated By John Ankerberg The Dialogue Began With Both Participants Agreeing To 12 Separate Historical Facts That Occurred When Jesus Died And Shortly Afterward Habermas And Flew Then Explored How Each Of Their Perspectives Could Account For What Happened Flew Offered A Psychological Thesis Interpreting The Biblical Accounts In Natural Terms Habermas Supported The Historicity Of The Resurrection By Using Contemporary Critical Methods The Discussion Goes On To Examine Subjects Such As Medical Details Regarding Crucifixion, Extra Biblical Sources For Jesus, The Jesus Seminar, St Paul S Conversion Experience And His Contribution To The Early Christian Testimony The Interchange Is Marked By Mutual Respect And Exceptional Clarity Of Thought And Expression This Is A Book That Will Appeal To A Wide Audience Of Believers, Seekers, And Non Believers The Topic Is Timely, The Participants Renowned, And The Presentation Inviting To Both Scholar And Layperson. This book emerged from the remarkable dialogue between the leading Christian scholar of the Resurrection and the world s best known philosophical atheist resulted from a three hour discussion on a popular religious television talk show, moderated by John Ankerberg The dialogue began with both participants agreeing to 12 sep
This book was interesting and thought provoking, although biased towards the apologists The editor was a theist believing in the resurrection, and even the atheist became a theist shortly after the dialogue took place Tony Flew, the mentioned atheist, is pretty weak here and speaks much less then Habermas The main arguement was mostly every scholar believes the apostles and some others thought they saw Jesus, so he must have been resurrected Is what some people tho
Interesting book Gary Habermas presents the evidential approach to apologetics quite well Dr Flew does not have any good answers to the evidence Short book.

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  • 26 July 2019
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