Mad's Dave Berg Looks at the U.S.A.

Mad's Dave Berg Looks at the U.S.A.PDF Mad S Dave Berg Looks At The U.S.A Dave Berg You Ve Seen This Berg In MAD Magazine But Like All Bergs , You Ve Only Seen A Small PartNow See The Rest Of Dave Berg In This Book Of ALL NEW Looks At The Lighter Side Of You And You And Me And If You Ve Never Seen Or Read The Satirical Cartoons Of Dave Berg This Book Is A GREAT ICEBREAKER This is my type of MAD paperback Dave Berg is efficient in painting irreverent and highly satirical scenes of modern day America His humor hasn t aged one bit, and it becomes all the sparkling because it features the different types of hypocrisy prominent in people then and now his vignettes about purported masculine dominance usurped by the women
Finding reprints from Mad magazine on the free cart at the library has been a bit of a revelation to this old pop culture person I can t think of a better way to find how culture has changed in a short time than this book of humor cartoons that both
Published in 1964, I just pulled this puppy down off the shelf and reread it for the first time in years A fantastic snapshot of American life in the early sixties through the lens of then contemporary satire Too much fun This is the stuff that helped shape my worldview when I was a kid. One or two of these panels I just did not get the reference, but since its from the 60 s, maybe its just me The rest seems spot on Some not really that funny, yet makes an interesting point One very funny aspect is an introduction by editor Al Feldstein describing Berg. Typical examples of the gentle humour of Dave Berg.