Ancient World Commanders

Ancient World CommandersAncient World Commanders PDF Epub Author Angus Konstam Ancient World Commanders From Antiquity To The Medieval Period, Including The Main Military Leaders Of Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Israel, Greece, Rome, Carthage, Huns, Goths, Visigoths, Alans, Vandals, Kievan, Rus, The Vikings, Moors, Franks, Normans, Mongols From The Mythological Warrior Achilles To The Chinese General And Strategist Zhou Yu, This Superbly Illustrated Book Describes Than 160 Prominent War Leaders Of The Ancient World From The Beginning Of Recorded History In About 2,000 BC , To The End Of The 5th Century AD. poorly edited mistakes throughout the book would have been better if the people were list chronologically instead of alphabetically. This was the worst editing of any book I have ever read It only got two stars because the subject matter is something I enjoy. A picture book with very brief articles on military leaders from the ancient world It would serve as a very introductory summary. This book has all the telltale signs of a book that was rushed to the market with minimal copy editing, and the knowledge that there was demand for a book on ancient military history and that it was important in the publisher s mind to get a book for sale than it was to make sure that the book was polished Presumably, if the work sells enough, it can be edited in a second edition As a fond reader of ancient history and military history 1 , I feel ambivalent about this work On the one hand, I am glad that someone took the effort to examine ancient leaders, defend the timescale they were looking at ,and made sure that they did not ignore the rich military history of East and South Asia On the other hand, though, this is a sloppy work, with inconsistent dates, short entries that are filled in by reproductions of artwork with dubious historical accuracy about the scenes portrayed, and very sloppy printing, including at least one entry, that for Mark Anthony Marcus Antonius , a duplication of the
A good, but superficial, account of many military commanders of ancient times To some extent the superficial aspect can be forgiven If the author had gone into detail on everyone he covered he would have filled an encyclopedia, but, considering the conce
There were numerous typos, and with some the end of the sentence was missing An alright read but needed better proof reading and better placement of the pictures so that it didn t cut into the flow of the reading. Great book on short bursts I am still trying to figure out how Mycenaean warriors wore that armor which is like garbage can.

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  • 06 August 2017
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