Imola (Agnes Hahn)

Imola (Agnes Hahn)Reading Imola Agnes Hahn Author Richard Satterlie After Witnessing The Horrific Murder Of Her Twin Sister Lilin, Agnes Hahn Developed A Multiple Personality Disorder In The Form Of Her Dead Sibling And Was Admitted To The Napa State Mental Institution, Simply Known As Imola To Its Residents By Controlling Her Sister S Body, Lilin Escapes From The Institution And Begins A Killing Spree Throughout Northern California Calling On The Lessons Learned In Her Therapy Sessions And With The Support Of Investigative Reporter Jason Powers, Agnes Begins To Challenge Her Maniacal Sister Wrestling With The Secrets Of Her Dark Past And Her Persistent Inner Demon, Agnes Finds Herself In The Ultimate Battle To Regain Her Life. I think that I liked this book even than the first book Agnes Hahn It was about Agnes Lilin which made it an even interesting read The ending, though, was a bit of a disappointment, but many of the questions raised in the first book were answered, and truth to tell, I am not really sure that there could have been a satisfactory ending I know that I would have been frustrated by an open ended c
I was so disappointed by the ending of the book, although I guess it was the only possible ending Also I preferred the 1st book in the series I don t find that this book added much that wasn t already mentioned in the 1st one Although we get a bit of information regarding the traumatic events of the time that Agnes was 3 4 years old, it was c
Ok I gave it a chance Agnes Hahn and Imola should have been one book It was slow and drag on I usually give books the benefit of the doubt but I would not suggest this book to anyone. I think I should have read the Agnes book first I wouldn t exactly call this a horror story it was like a thriller A pretty quick read though.

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