Only a Little Planet

Only a Little PlanetPDF Epub Only A Little Planet David Brower Nature Most Of The Photographs, Which Range From A Pacific Cove To A Rain Washed Street Just Off Park Avenue, Are Details Partly By Design Partly Because That Is The Way They Happened The Subtleties Of Light Weather, The Happy Accidents Of Things Uniquely Briefly Together, Are Always About Us For The Seeing 128 Pages Of Collins Poetry Schweitzer S Color Photography Juxtaposed. I have a lovely serendipitous relationship with this book After finding this book at the used book sale of a public library, I immediately fell in love with it Years later, while cleaning out the basement at my mother s house, I found a co
Dad has alwaya, so far as I can remember, been an environmentalist and a joiner of environmental groups such as Friends of the Earth, the Sierra Club, the Lake Michigan Federation and the like He even has regularly contributed to a group devoted to the preservation of wolves in the wild, enjoying their recordings of the animals which he would play to excite the household dog.One kind of benefit of all this contributing and joining would normally be the publications of the groups concerned, magazines and books This title is from The Friends of the Earth and like similar books from the Sierra Club it consists substantially of beautiful nature photographs, here accompanied by what may loosely be described as poetry
. Really dope combination of photos and writing Simple and powerful, if not bleak, message. A random library find More picture than words, I enjoyed the simple significance of this timeless book.

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  • Paperback
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  • Only a Little Planet
  • David Brower
  • English
  • 26 October 2019
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