The Life and Works of Frank Lloyd Wright

The Life and Works of Frank Lloyd WrightRead The Life And Works Of Frank Lloyd Wright By Thomas A Heinz Frank Lloyd Wright Is Justly Regarded As One Of The Most Important And Prolific Architects There Has Ever Been, And The Defining Genius Of American Architecture He Was Fearless When It Came To Experimenting With Modern Technology And Produced Some Of The Most Remarkable Buildings Of His Time His Mastery Of Space Allowed Him To Respond To His Clients Needs To Create Rooms That Flowed Into One Another Indeed, He Could Be Described As The Inventor Of Open Plan Living Such Houses As The Robie House And The Celebrated Fallingwater Are Than Mere Machines For Living They Elevate And Enrich The Human Spirit Wright Designed Hundreds Of Houses, But It Is Perhaps His Public Buildings That There Were Not Innovative It Is Unfortunate That There Were Not Many One Of The Finest Buildings Of His Prolific Period, The Guggenheim Museum In New York, Had A Long Gestation And Was Not Completed Until After His Death, While Several Others Were Visions Of The Future That Were Sadly Never Realized. Frank Lloyd Wright s architectural aesthetics fascinate me, and this small coffee table book has a great many photos of the hundreds of homes he designed, as well as the larger public buildings for which he is better known.My one complaint is that the book has short descriptions of each of the houses within, often telling the reader that the home contained many innovative arc
The academic content of this book was excellent, but the physical form detracted from the reader s ability to absorb the subject The many pictures were labeled somewhat haphazardly and very frequently the text and picture on a given page did not ma
Absolutely love Frank Lloyd Wright

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  • The Life and Works of Frank Lloyd Wright
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