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Another one Bites the dustGreat read indeedI have to say though when you don't like a book it is a complete waist of time to write a 2 page review about how you disliked the bookespecially out of 200 reviews if you are the only one who disliked it; also spoiling it for everyone else who hasn't read the book by telling the book in it's entirety Brenda Jackson writes ROMANCE NOVELS there will be no shooting thugs the hood or drugs involved so if this is what you are looking for when reading from Brenda she is not the author for you I read so many negative comments from readers declaring they are tired of reading the same old things in romance novels that is why it is called a romance novel there will not be much violence or drama involved You may want to read Noire Nikki Turner or Wahida Clark which are all great authorsFor those of you who enjoys romance The Madaris Family Series is a great romance series to read You will grow to love and enjoy this group of family and friends they make you want to become a part of this family Sweet surprising read Read again today fourth time Dex hasn't seen or talked to Caitlin his ex wife in four years Now they have just received some shocking news from her father right before he dies Mr Parker never filed their divorce papers and Dex and Caitlin are still married On top of that there are some dangerous men who are angry over a land deal and are threatening to harm Caitlin if she doesn't sell the land to them Will Dex be able to protect Caitlin as well as resolve the issues in their troubled marriage? I enjoyed this book a lot I just saw this book was published in 1996 which may explain SOME of my uestions but not many Caitlin found out she was PG and WRITES the hero ONE LETTER? She doesn't call doesn't contact his family just sends ONE LETTER like it's the 1800s and that's it And this man was her HUSBAND not some ONS I can'tdon't forgive or even like this dumb heroine And she knew he was close with his family She met all his siblings and mother she knew he came from a large loving close knit family and she deliberately denied her own daughter a relationship with not only her father but also a large loving extended family She had NO reason to ever think he wouldn't want to know he had a child She was just stupid and selfish and she chose to raise her daughter alone with only one grandparent Dex is way too good for her This is going down as a DNF at 29% Unless Dex goes through with the divorce gets full custody and marries a deserving woman I don't want to read any Caitlin doesn't deserve a HEA From what I gather this book is a Silhouette reissue so somewhere somehow this family series was popular and probably launched this writer into some sort of stardom I ask how?So Caitlin and Dex were married four years ago The marriage was fraught with challenges First Caitlin was 21 Dex 10 years her senior 2nd it was a 'whirlwind romance' Caitlin's father decided to play the guilt card the book never says how but I'm thinking Fred from Sanford and Son hand over heart face in paroxysms of agony saying Elizabet' I'm coming home Flash forward 4 years to now and Caitlin's father summons her and Dex by his side only for Dex to find out that oh ho They are still married through some chicanery by Caitlin's dad Oh and Dex finds out that he has a daughter and that Caitlin is in danger through a letter left to Dex by his father in law in the first 50 pages sighsMs Jackson suffers from something that 95 percent of what AA romanceswriters suffer from the inability to allow the reader to pause to savour Penelope Truck speaks about people not wanting to pause when speaking because they think that in the spaces people will find out how bad their ideaspitches are The same might be true for the writers They probably think if we throw in everything but the kitchen sink the reader won't notice how short on emotion this book is and might miss a plot hole or two Really it's important to pause because that's when people reflect It's the same in writing romance The reader needs time to 'pause' in the narrative to appreciate how the characters feel especially in light of revelation upon revelation I felt cheated out of Dex's righteous anger because there were so many things coming out all at once and you'd think that it would have taken him time to adjust but he just got angry and then got over itIn addition Ms Jackson's writing style is adeuate at best There's a part in the book when Dexter is supposedly so shaken by emotion that it's robbed his voice of all power right? The writer goes he said in a whispered voice ORLY?Then it doesn't help that Caitlin the protagonist is annoying Four years ago she's bulliedguilt tripped by her dad to renounce her marriage vows and chooses to do so when Dex has left the country Then she holds Dex responsible for not coming back to the States to save their marriage because she 'sent him a letter' that conveniently got lost in the post to Australia Huh? Okay Caitlin forgets that she had the guy's kid and he didn't even know that he left her in that way but that's nothing because he didn't come back for her After she broke up with him and sent her papers and wedding ring in the post that arrived in Australia but not the letter saying that she was having his baby and wanted him back Things that make you go hmm But she's still in love with Dex and that makes everything okay Because she has to believe that love draws love Ew?The narrator then goes on to say how Dex is a Scorpio and can carry a grudge blah blah blah hooey Never mind that it's Dex who makes overtures to stay in the marriage to have a relationship with the mother for the child's sake to protect her at the behest of his father in lawon his own initiative I just don't see what Caitlin brought to the relationship at all I must say that children are cute in theory but difficult to write so I'll give the writer a pass here Oh and for the love of holy no epilogues It really doesn't add anything to the story because it's either something to do with having a kid or just about to have a kid It's like gilding the lily so to speak and doesn't add to the book But I hear that readers like it who knew?I give the book 15 stars not because I like it ¬¬ but because there were flashes of humour with some background characters that broke up the WTFness of this book Read this book over 18 years ago and the re read was well worth it Didn't remember somethings like Corinthians in this book didn't remember that she and Trevor met in Whispered PromisesGreat love story between Dex and Caitlin They both fell in love with each the moment they met and it did not hurt that baby brother Clayton was insinuating that he was going to go after Caitlin if is brother Dex did bust a moveWow the lengths that a father would take to keep Dex and Caitlin apart Makes me wonder what happened to the letter that Caitlin wrote to Dex informing him that she was pregnant and wanting him to take her back Did Halston Caitlin's father some how intercept the letter Glad that everything worked out for the best for Dex Caitlin and Jordan This book turned out to be rather nice I did not like the way Caitlin handled Dexter in the beginning and I did not like the way Dexter handled Caitlin either I was like why even try to be together but they have a common bond And to me that bond is worth fighting for Jordan is their common link and as a woman now I see two parents are needed A WOMAN A MAN are needed to foster the development of a GREAT individual HHHHhhh It's so beautiful to see another Madaris brother find love again Caitlin was able to melt the heart of bitter Dex Interesting to see how one mistake ruined the relationship of these two individuals and in the same breath that same mistake reunited them I truly enjoyed this story and I can't wait to see Clayton turn in his player card Forgiveness is essential for growthCaitlin and Dexter story is one where you come to understand the importance of forgiveness and sacrifice Love truly does not insist in its own way The story takes you on a journey of what it means to honor and cherish and to forsake all others What God brings together let no person tear apart So far I am definitely enjoying the Madaris Family series I was so grateful that Dex come to his senses and realized the error of his ways so that him and his true love Caitlin could finally live together in total and blissful matrimony Awesome read

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