When She Was Bad: Violent Women and the Myth of Innocence

When She Was Bad: Violent Women and the Myth of InnocenceOur Culture, Argues Award Winning Journalist Patricia Pearson, Is In Denial Of Women S Innate Capacity For Aggression We Deny That Women Batter Their Husbands We Forget That The Statistics Prove That Children In America Are Abused Mostly By Women We Ignore The 200 Percent Increase In Crime By Women During A Period In Which Most Crime Statistics Are Dropping Instead, We Transform Female Violence Into Victimhood By Citing PMS, Battered Wife Syndrome, Postpartum Depression As The Sources Of Women S Actions When She Was Bad Tells The Stories Of Such Women As Karla Homolka, Who Raped And Killed Three Women, Including Her Own Sister, Then Blamed It On Battered Wife Syndrome Dorothea Puente, Who Murdered Several Elderly Tenants In Her Boardinghouse Before Attracting Any Attention And Marti Salas Tarin, An Ex Con Who Runs A Halfway House For Women Just Out Of Prison Pearson Weaves These And Other Stories With The Results Of Research By Criminologists, Anthropologists, And Psychiatrists To Examine The Facts Of Women S Violence And To Demolish The Myth Of Female Innocence. This is NOT for the faint hearted This is an eye opening and challenging book What s particularly shocking is how relevant this book is today, nearly twenty years on Pearson identified the current feminist narrative of victimhood long before Twitter or SJW was even a phrase What s , she breaks down the fact that treating women as children, not capable of responsibility for their own actions, is not helpful, feminist OR patriarchal I didn t always agree with certain readings Pearson makes here, but all are valid and well researched I totally agree that violence should not be gendered we all have the capacity for it, for a variety of reasons and we ALL have t
This was a great book to read That said, when I read it I guess I had a stronger stomach There is one case in it involving sexual violence against a woman that still haunts me The book s gist that women are just as capable of violence as men and that the myth
How female criminals are sometimes different treatment in the court system Lots of real life cases. Very strange to be reading this 20 year old book in the shitstorm of 2017 I admire the breadth of this book and the author makes some pretty ballsy pardon the phrase allegations about female victimization, namely that it permits women to commit violent crimes and get away with them That s quite a thesis, but Pearson believes it fully, a
This is actually my second time reading this Some points get repeated to the point of being kind of obnoxious, but otherwise it s a great examination both of violence perpetrated by women and the way societal expectations and cultural norms shape the way we view suchas violence. Finally a balanced book about the issue of anger, violence and aggression which seeks a way to change the causes, rather than a means to manipulate the issues for other purposes Pearson goes in with eyes wide open She untangles the mass if information, and seeks out what has been hidden, over looked or simply never recorded Then she gives a way to address these issues head on and unflinchingly.Having worked in prison myself, and now being on the Board of a regional women s health organization, I find her approach and her thoroughness refreshing I may even suggest a chapter be one of our readings at our monthly discussion lunches to see how it helps inform our own work.A brave and exciting addition to the literature which equalizes women as human beings with all the frailties, disturbances and needs to
Pearson argues that women have the propensity to be just as violent as men and surveys instances of female violence to support her theory She suggests that female violence is often disguised e.g Munchausens by proxy or rationalized to fit in with a dominant script of women being the
One of the most important books I have ever read and thus criminally neglected in the criminological literature The reason this doesn t deserve all the allocated stars is because the citing methodology is
I found its exploration of female aggressive violence, particularly the arguments about its eventual indirect manifestation as opposed to similarly aged direct male aggression, enlightening and the real world examples used as fascinating as they were tragic Obviously a bit of an older bo
This book inspired me to write my final thesis on gender crime This book doesn t talk about why females commit crime presay nor does it clarify it s reasons However it gives a general background knowledge about some of the females that did commit violent and criminal acts throughout the centuries.

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  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • When She Was Bad: Violent Women and the Myth of Innocence
  • Patricia Pearson
  • English
  • 02 March 2018
  • 9781860494888