Good Catholic Girls: How Women Are Leading the Fight to Change the Church

Good Catholic Girls: How Women Are Leading the Fight to Change the ChurchThe Widely Exposed Transgressions Of Priests Within The Catholic Church Stunned The Faithful And Sent A New Surge Of Energy Through The Progressive Church Reform Movement In The United States Despite The Movement S Growing Profile, The World Has Only Recently Learned That Catholic Women Are The Driving Force Behind Reform Good Catholic Girls Is A Lively Account Of These Courageous Women, As Seen Through The Eyes Of An Impassioned Journalist, Angela Bonavoglia They Include Joan Chittister, The Benedictine Nun Who Refused To Obey A Vatican Order Not To Speak At An International Conference For Women S Ordination Groups Mary Ramerman, Ordained A Catholic Priest Before 3,000 Jubilant Supporters Frances Kissling, Whose Fight For Women S Reproductive Rights Has Shaken The Church At Its Highest Levels Barbara Blaine, A Priest Abuse Survivor Who Created The Nation S Most Powerful Voice For Victims And Sister Jeannine Gramick, Who Built A Pioneering Ministry To Gays And Lesbians, Despite Vatican Orders To Silence Her And Ban Her Work.Backed By Supporters Worldwide, These And Other Women Are Rethinking Catholic Theology, Changing The Face Of Ministry, And Resurrecting The Lost Lives Of Female Church Leaders As Bonavoglia Shows, The Hierarchy Ignores Them At Its Peril. I don t even know where to begin I m not sure I ve ever teetered between anger, desolation and longing so much as I have in the few weeks it took me to get through this book Covering nearly every issue affecting Roman Catholic women today from abortion to sex to women s ordination, I finished this book furious at the institution I already struggle with, even less fond of the male magisterium and wondering where I fit into it all The book affirmed what I had already experienced, namely that it s women both vowed religious and lay that are leading the reformation in the Roman Catholic Church today The author is definitely biased and states so, but she does a decent job presenting opposing opinions and it s moving to hear her share personal convictions and experiences, especially when she s challenged by the work a particular woman or organization is
Angela Bonavoglia introduced me to many good women in the Church, and for this I am grateful Her passionate story moved me at times to tears, at other times to anger.Bonavoglia makes her biases known from the beginning she is a woman determined to stay in the Church, and desiring progressive reform She is a journalist who knew that her experience while gathering this information was as important to this book as the experiences of those about whom she wrote, and I enjoyed meeting her and the other courageous woman sorting through centu
If you want to read just one book about women and inequality in the Catholic Church, this is the one.We don t get spiritual recognition, sacramental authority, administrative power, or doctrinal influence, but the church is very willing to use the labor of women. This book is affirmingI haven t been living under a rock and I know most of the major players by name in this struggle It was challenging to be reminded of the power struggle that is in the face of our profes
Although I don t agree with all of the points in this book, it is well written and informative I like the fact that it backs up its data with names and dates I think that this book needed to be written. I loved this book Me and Catholicism have a complicated relationship I agree with some, but not all of the reforms this books suggests I may make a involved post about this one at some point This is not just a feminist rant at one of the last boys clubs remaining in the modern world This is a considered attempt of one woman to find her way in an institution whose representatives at best, offer little that is genuinely helpful or enlightening, at worst, inappropriately try
Lots of information, names and dates to follow, but very interesting Somehow discouraging and encouraging at the same time, and completely thought provoking at the least. eh, i was angry in the bookstore

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  • 26 June 2019
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