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The Annotated HP Lovecraft[PDF] ✎ The Annotated HP Lovecraft By H.P. Lovecraft – Explore the marvelous complexity of Lovecraft's writing—including his use of literary allusions biographical details and obscure references in this rich in depth exploration of great horror fiction Explore the marvelous complexity of Lovecraft's writing—including his use of literary allusions biographical details and obscure references in this rich in depth exploration of great horror fiction from the acknowledged master of the weird including the stories Herbert West—Reanimator Pickman's Model The Call of Cthulhu The Thing on the Doorstep The Horror at Red Hook and Did Lovecraft believe in ghosts or paranormal phenomena In what story does the narrator fear riding the Boston TA pathfinder in the literary territory of the macabre HP Lovecraft The Annotated PDF/EPUB ² is one of America's giants of the horror genre Now in this second volume of annotated tales Lovecraft scholars S T Joshi and Peter Cannon provide another rare opportunity to look into the mind of a genius Their extensive notes lift the veil between real events in the writer's life—such as the death of his father—and the words that spill out onto the page in magnificent grotesuerie Mansions universities laboratories and dank New England boneyards appear also as the haunts where Lovecraft's characters confront the fabulous and fantastic or—like the narrator in Herbert West—Reanimator—dig up fresh corpses Richly illustrated and scrupulously researched this extraordinary work adds exciting levels of meaning to Lovecraft's chilling tales and increases our wonder at the magic that transforms life into a great writer's art. Setting aside the text of H P Lovecraft's included tales “The Rats in the Walls” “The Colour Out of Space” “The Dunwich Horror” and “At the Mountains of Madness” The Annotated Lovecraft uickly becomes an instance of gratuitous exploitation of Lovecraft's nameThe author of well over fifty horror stories not to mention essays noted letters and weird poetry a selection of three short stories and one short novel hardly encapsulates even a sampling of the author's work The Annotated Lovecraft teases the reader with a smattering of uotations culled from Lovecraft's correspondence with fellow authors and editors and provides some “viewpoints” written by Lovecraft with regards to his own craft as a denouement – but the included material does not warrant an entire volume dedicated to such sparse revelationsAnnotations included feel somewhat intrusive for the most part Despite several occasions when a footnote is helpful to a modern day reader a description of chemicals mentioned in “The Colour Out of Space” for example or the scientific nature of light waves and their impact upon the human eye are completely unnecessary to the enjoyment of the story but provide further insight as to the author's intent the notations are excessive They serve as comparisons to other works not included in the book including those of other authors Other notes serve as stickling points to point out perceived errors in Lovecraft's scientific knowledge despite the fact that such erroneous observations are made by the tale's third party narrator and not by Lovecraft himself These serve as points of interest only to those already well versed in Lovecraft's work and then the notations are completely moot anywayBy far the most offensive notes are those which serve as definitive sources A certain word – say “ichor” “detritus” “pustules” or even “cul de sac” will be defined by use of a footnote as if the reader would not be intelligent enough to know the word and would need further clarification in order for the story to proceed And yet throughout the introductions of each story true five dollar words are strewn throughout the text without such dictionary assistance – as if to express a superior intelligence of the writer over the readerPhotographs are included throughout the book but they come with captions centrally located at the beginning of the title as opposed to conveniently beneath the image as is typical For a book comprised of annotations this is a downfalling not to be overlookedFinally perhaps the most insulting uality of The Annotated Lovecraft is editor S T Joshi's freuent exhalation of frustration with erroneous incomplete or improperly edited Lovecraftian tales whether by the original publishers by subseuent editors of short story collections or even by H P Lovecraft himself from autograph manuscripts wherein Lovecraft attempted to include details omitted from his original work – and yet The Annotated Lovecraft is veritably riddled with typographical errors These errors are primarily of mistyped words one correctly spelled word in place of a similarly spelled word which effectively renders the text incomprehensible in its newly erroneous form or sometimes words which have been omitted completely due to error which could have been avoided by a careful review of the reprinted text “Convenient if textually unsound” states Joshi of one collection of Lovecraft's work “Lengthy but insubstantial and occasionally unreliable” he writes about another book a memoir of one of Lovecraft's friends “The editing is at times erratic” and “Previous Arkham House editions contain many errors” he goes on about other compilationsHe ought to have thrown his own The Annotated Lovecraft on top of that same pile of lightly dismissed works I've always loved HP Lovecraft stories though you have to be in the mood for a slow creepy tale that gradually gets under your skin rather than something overtly frightening This particular edition adds annotations to the stories which I found fascinating little tidbits about the locations in the stories about other mentions of a particular detail in other horror stories by Lovecraft or other writers and definitions of words no longer common Though rarely necessary for the enjoyment of the story I found them interesting and I would recommend this edition While Joshi's reconstructed texts of several of Lovecraft's stories are fascinating for the scholar to compare to modern printings the real jewels are the annotations provided on every page For those not entirely familiar with Lovecraft or readers not as schooled in ancient literature obscure spellings or little known myths these footnotes are invaluable Joshi's extensive grasp of all things Lovecraft shines S T Joshi brings his wonderfully detailed study of Lovecraft and his work to annotate a few of Lovecraft's best stories Don't read this as your first introduction to Lovecraft though there are so many annotations they will get in the way of actually just enjoying the stories But grab this to read them through again and gain a new and deeper understandingMy only criticism here is one of unreuited desire I want Very disappointed in the annotations some of which were merely definitions of words I'll stick to the non annotated versions from now on A great sampling of four of Lovecraft's stories This volume contains heavily annotated versions of The Rats in the Walls The Colour out of Space The Dunwich Horror and At the Mountains of MadnessThis is my second time reading this and this time I read it without referring to the annotations You really have to decide how you want to read this book before going in The annotations are excellent and incredibly informative but sometimes it feels there's as much annotation as there is actual text to the stories This sounds like a knock but the annotations are worth having just know what you're getting into going in do you want a scholarly read or do want to soak in the eldritch ooze that is Lovecraft?The three short stories are excellent and At the Mountains of Madness is a good story but felt a little long with a lot of scientific mumbo jumbo that could and probably should have been trimmed It's essential Lovecraft but it really highlights why his shorter stories work best Overall a well researched and intriguing read Highly recommended if you have anything beyond a casual interest in Lovecraft A fantastic selection of HP Lovecraft's work exhaustively annotated by ST Joshi I love me some HP Lovecraft But this fancy annotated edition is lame The footnotes on every page are of a distraction than anything else For example if the story says and then I looked down and found some vile unnameable fluid had coated the soles of my sturdy canvas footwear the footnote will give you about 200 words like Lovecraft was one of the first to pioneer canvas footwear for men In a letter to LL Bean in March 1916 Lovecraft writes 'thank you for the awesome footwear bro I think you should call these new canvas shoes creepers because when I wear them I really feel like creeping up on people Not only an excellent collection of Lovecraft spanning some of his different styles and themes and giving a taste of the Cthulhu Mythos along with other works outside of the Mythos but also highly informative and helpful The notes really illuminate a good deal of the text not only helping with Lovecraft's intentionally arcane vocabulary but also giving a nice sense of his influences and the context of the world in which he was writing There's annotation and then there's distraction This is ridiculously annotated If you wet your pants at the mention of Lovecraft then perhaps you want this much information on every little detail But seriously it's overkill I read some of the annotations out loud to other people because they are so ridiculous Nonetheless Lovecraft's weird genius shines through

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