The Blackfoot Trail

The Blackfoot Trail➼ [Reading] ➾ The Blackfoot Trail By Charles G. West ➱ – A MAN OF HONORDespite his apathy toward white folks mountain man Joe Fox reluctantly agrees to lead a group of settlers through the Rockies to Oregon Taken aback by their appreciation he soon finds hi A MAN OF HONORDespite his apathy toward white folks mountain man Joe Fox reluctantly agrees to lead a group of settlers through the Rockies to Oregon Taken aback by their appreciation he soon finds himself enjoying their company especially the attentions of young Callie Simmons That is until her parents warn Joe to keep his distanceBut they should have worried about Max Starbeau A wolf in sheep's clothing he travels with the party until the opportunity The Blackfoot Kindle - arises to steal and murder and then to kidnap Callie for good measure When the settlers find themselves unable to track Starbeau they once again turn to Joe Fox who owes them nothing but will do anything to save Callie. Average pulp shoot em' up On a side note why does every American Indian hero in Western novels have to be a half breed? Can't we get some full blooded Native heroes? Western authors treat Native Americans like fantasy authors treat orcs and it's a shame Another fine western hits all the right marks with the usual tropes we've come to expect this is my third book by West and I thoroughly enjoyed it partially I think because it had the main character is half Indian so we get to see the west from a bit of a different Viewpoint than we normally see The story was good the action good and the main bad guy was straight evil incarnate I felt slightly like the end was a little bit rushed but after the multiple tracking and chase scenes it felt just about the right time to end the storyAll in all if you like westerns I think you'd like this JOE FOX RIDES THE VENGEANCE TRAILJoe Fox a mixed heritage Native American leads a train of families ridicules to Oregon where they hoped to settle Kidnapped by Max Starbeau from the mule train Cassie is brutalized by this rat turf and then traded to the Silasa tribe for a leg of venison all she could think of she just went from the frying pan to the fireOh Lordso now Joe Fox is on the trail of Max Starbeau whose leaving a trail of dead bodies robberies of a town bank and a couple of miners were robbed of gold that they had mined from their claimsjust a nasty mess Fast reading actions of all sorts some not so nice but nonetheless a whole lot going on There's a good remedy for Max Starbeau in the end but as my father said an ill wind only blows one way This so true and you will read and visualize some of these scenes not the bad ones but the descriptions of mountains the flora all sounds breathtaking nice short story about a white guy raised buy Indians helping a group of travelers For the PC readers the idea of white dude being better at being indian than the indianshe takes down 2 indians by himself then probably a skip Damn good book I’ve decided to read all of West’s books This is #21 for me and they never disappoint Joe Fox was found beside a dead woman at age three probably his mother Raised as a member of the Blackfeet obviously his father had been whiteHe spoke only one word Joe and that became his name the Fox the name of the creek beside which he'd been foundWhile away at eighteen a Crow war party attacked the village and his parents were among the dead He led a war party of Blackfeet that tracked and found the attackers In the battle he killed twoGoing up into the mountains to find a vision of what to do Joe never returned eventually becoming a legend among the tribes Rarely any congress with anyone he was surprised when two men came looking and yelling his name He was even surprised when he agreed to help them find a party of family and friends that had gotten lost while heading for the Oregon territory The guide they hired wasn't very expertHe convinces the band of religious folks that it was to late in the season to get through the mountains before the snows and leads them to a valley to winterHe finds an attraction to the party leader's daughter Callie Simmons as does she to him Mom is not happy believing her daughter deserves better forcing Dad to set the man straight Insulted he leaves returning to his mountainsThe one they should have been worried about was a bear like man named Starbeau who had invited himself along early in the trip Surly and uncooperative during an Indian attack he robs the band murders a couple and kidnaps Callie heading outHer father and one go looking for Joe hat in hand for help not sure whether he would after the way he'd been treatedThey didn't know Joe Nothing would stop him not even a two week old trail Using all his wiles and knowledge of the territory he starts after them He knows Callie's life will last only as long as Starbeau doesn't reach any settlements before he can find them What is up with the rape? I do not understand why there needs to be rape in a story Don't give me that it is what happened back then because nearly every other western author tells about how women especially women that are almost children were treated with respect and nobody would mess with them for fear of retaliation from even criminals Is is necessary to have rape of a woman that is almost a child in order for a book to be good? Really I like this authors stories but find his attraction to brutality of women very troublesome If I could find out wether or not his stories had rape in them before I read them I would read the ones that didn't and leave the others alone Duel at Low Hawk is another one that has him raping a 14 year old girl REALLY REALLY???? I guess thats the only thing that gets drama The Blackfoot TrailSuspenseful and intriguing novel MR West has a way with words that will keep you on the edge of your seat A great way to enjoy the wild west from the comfort and safe abode while vicariously living the exploits of such fearless characters I would recommend this novel to everyone blessed with the ability to read At first I thought it was about the Donner saga all over but this was different Charles G West has never failed to entertain A western story with action adventure a hero large as life and a menacing villain The Blackfoot Trail is a western lover must read

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