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Burning Up[PDF / Epub] ★ Burning Up Author Susan Andersen – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Though it's been years since the infamous Macy O'James stepped foot in Sugarville Washington everyone remembers what she supposedly did The tiny town is still buzzing about her crime and lack of punis Though it's been years since the infamous Macy O'James stepped foot in Sugarville Washington everyone remembers what she supposedly did The tiny town is still buzzing about her crime and lack of punishment Now back to lend her family a hand Macy vows to hold her head high—especially at her high school reunion But forget about the hottest man in Sugarville escorting her Though she and fire chief Gabriel Donovan generate enough sparks to burn down the town he's a law abiding line toeing straight arrow So not her type But maybe—just maybe—he can change her mind about that. After several not so entertaining books from Susan Andersen I really enjoyed this book There was humor heartache and some hot luvin in this book Macy O'James heads back to her small hometown of Sugarville to help her cousin Janna who is recovering from an accident She was the bad girl who of course wasn't really as bad as the town painted her who left town and who many people hated She comes back to town with her armor on after making a success of herself in music videos in LA However that doesn't stop her from still feeling as if she is still that same young teenage girl She uses costumes as armor against the small mindedness of this little townGabriel is the new fire chief in this small town He moved from Detroit to have a uieter life He doesn't want to be with someone who seems as wild as Macy since she reminds him of his mother who abandoned him when he was 14 However he can't resist her charm At the beginning he's a bit of an ass to her but he definitely gets betterI loved seeing those who treated her like crap get their own in this book I'm a real lover of those type of revenge stories They deserved the come uppance It seemed a bit cheesy but still satisfyingOh there is also another little side love story in this book and it was super sweetI was pleased to read this new release from Susan Andersen I hope she continues with this streak for her next release The books I have read by Susan Andersen in the past have always been like a cup of luke warm tea Good but it could be betterSo I was surprised that I could not put down Burning Up It had some great features a girl with a bad reputation a small town a fireman a close and supportive family interesting living situations sass a little mystery and a kid I love all of those things in a romance and wowzers with so many I was happy as a clam But you probably know that those themes alone don't make a good story the writer has to do a good job at pulling them all together and Susan Andersen certainly doesFor the first half of the book itreminded me a bit of Susan Elizabeth Phillip's 'It Had To Be You' I uite like the plot of both of these books so I was not at all bothered by the similarities I'd actually say in many ways this book is stronger than Phillip's 'It Had to Be You' This is a dynamic story with characters to loveThere were so many things to love about this story I am having trouble sharing without spoilingI will say this I have read Andersen's novels in the past and have never been so excited and pleased by her stories so I haven't read everything she's written But after this book I am going to revist what she has published and read some of her works She has completely won me over as a supporter and biggest fan of this particular novel I am getting a t shirt made mark my wordsBottom Line The hot cover is foreshadowing This book is a steamer It's also really well crafted with strong rich characters and a great setting Trust me you'll enjoy this story This book has one huge problem There's a totally hot adorable Irish rock star and he's thrown away on a short secondary romance We don't even get to look forward to him having his own book It's a tragic waste I tell yaOkay with that out of my system I enjoyed this The plot and character aren't very original there's uite a few Susan Elizabeth Phillips plot echoes but Andersen puts her own spin on things so I didn't mind I'm grading this up a bit just because it worked so much better for me than Andersen usually does not sure exactly why but I think the pacing was smoother and tighter And I really enjoyed the character of Macy O'James who is outwardly tough but hides her real pain behind a pose of sexy costumes and sharp one liners Macy is a woman who's made her mark on Hollywood yet when she returns to the small town she went to high school in to help her cousin she reverts to an over the top hoochie mama costume wearing wild girl Except she is NOT a wild party girl she seems to just keep that persona up in public a logic I never could figure out or followEnter Gabe the fire chief and a man who likes things nice and uiet He had a rocky childhood raised by party girl mom who dumped him into state system when he became a teen and Macy and her costumes brings back bad memories but she also intrigues him He fights the attraction thinking she's like his own mother but soon enough he notices there is a real Macy and a clown she acts like when she's out in the townOK So amazingly enough I really liked this I had some problems with the details of Gabe and his firefighting as being unrealistic Also the whole I dress up like a street walker with style because it's my armor against this stupid small town thing went a bit too far I also would have preferred fewer pages devoted to getting it on on the growing relationship andor secondary characters I was bored skimmed those Oh but don't get me wrong it was a good read The supporting cast of characters was great I really enjoyed the story arc of the building romance and it had a really sweet I love you scene at the end too loved that one It had some humor the characters really came into their own and there was even a secondary romance that was super cute too Overall a strong contemporary offering definitely better than I expected note I read a pre release galley copy provided by publisher Firemen are so sexy But thenso are gorgeous Irish rock stars How could you do this to me Susan Andersen? Put two completely sexy guys in one book? Hell make it three Our resident cop wasn't half bad eitherI loved this book I've loved Susan Andersen's writing ever since I read Bending the Rules Everything she writes is just so funny that it pulls me in from the get goI loved Gabe and Macy they were so smokingly electric cute funny and sexy together I thought that the character development in this novel was great because you could actually see the changes being made in Gabe's and Macy's personalities and mentalities and those changes made them into better people I love when that happens in a booksighThe side story with Grace and Jack was so cute and I'm glad that it was in there I loved that tattooed and pierced Irishman and the accent I imagined him havingHoly hell so damn sexyThe Janna Surprise was something I actually wasn't expecting I mean hell I suspected that the arsonist was one of the firemen way before Gabe ever did but I didn't see the Janna Surprise coming at allSuper duper book and I look forward to reading of Andersen's books in the future45 stars This is a feel good bookI liked Macy a lot She was no nonsense girl who didn't cry who worked hard who had few but very good friends The only thing is that she's on the defensive from her whole home town And what she does? Since they consider her a whore and a no good she gives them exactly that With outrageous outfits her colourful wigs her sassy mouth But with her family she's the opposite loving sweet talking helping self sacrifying girl next door niceObviously Gabe doesn't get what's happening Why a no good I gave it to every boy sinfully sexy dressed girl is giving him the sensations he's starting to feel? Slowly he gets it And also slowly gradually falls for herIt was really nice to read There was funny moments sad moments angry moments There was scortching heat There was love There was romance And there was deeply satisfying conclusion PS There was a really nice side romance with Grace Gabe's ex girl friend and Jack Macy's best friend I would like to read their story D 25 stars max The whole high school drama bullshit was over the top silly the hero was an ass until close to the end and the dialogue often read like they were snotty 12 year olds not full grown adults Overall the story was too much of a stretch in so many places I did like the secondary romance what little there was I thought the sex scenes were well done it is something this author excels at writing I should have passed on reading this one but I've enjoyed so many other books by this author 35 It would have been 4 because the book is light and fun and I enjoyed the characters But the story is just too common Misunderstood small town girl blows back into town years later determined to flaunt her big city success and not let the pain of earlier rejection show She of course pairs off with the straight laced good guy in town who does his best to resist his attraction Rachel Gibson Susan Donovan Toni Blake etc have all done this story several times But hey overall it's a fun ride and has some worthy characters Enjoy 45 Stars Fast Fun and Five AlarmMacy O'James has made a name for herself starring in music videos in LA Now she's returning to the small town of Sugarville a place where the name she made was far less flattering back when she was in high school Tormented by the in crowd her reputation was shattered when her high school crush turned out to be a lying bag of bollocks and told everyone she was easy after she put a halt to his advances As if being labeled the school slut wasn't bad enough an accident that ended the football dreams of three top players on their team took her from school slut to town pariah Macy's gotten very good at protecting herself from slings and arrows but when her cousin is struck in a hit and run and Macy races home to help take care of her she isn't certain that her ability to keep the nasty at arms length will be able to stand up to an extended trip to the only home she's ever really known even ten years after she had originally leftRelatively new in town Sugarville fire chief Gabriel Donovan had heard the rumors about Macy O'James The mix of LA celebrity and small town least liked didn't leave him with much of an impression until she blew into town and set every one of his personal fires to burning at incendiary levels The beauty was definitely weird with her costumes and insouciance and flagrantly flirty with everything male on top of that and for some reason the combination riled him like nothing else Suddenly he was mouthing off at her over the least provocation and that woman does provocation like nobody's business and his vaunted control was left in tatters It didn't take long though for him to see that there was to Macy than public opinion and behind those costumes and that carefree front lay the heart of a woman who loved fiercely and took a bone deep joy in lifeAnd that was when those fires Macy O'James set to burning inside him went supernovaSusan Andersen's light contemporary romance thoroughly entertained me on a lot of levels I loved the characters and their back and forth banter was some of the best I've read lately The chemistry between Macy and Gabe was positively stunning and it exploded off the pages I'll admit I have a preference for the adversaries to lovers theme in romance so I was predisposed to much of my enjoyment and satisfaction with the book but beyond that Andersen created two perfectly suited characters and slammed them against one another in delightfully heated waysAnd it was than their dialogue I enjoyed I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of character they each had Macy in particular struck me as a solid fully realized and sympathetic character Her outrageous actions and devil may care attitude were fun to witness and while in the story they hid her softer vulnerability and the evidence of years of hurt from her world that side of her character was nicely revealed to readers There was also an inherent honesty to her nature and a willingness to admit fault that was appealing She truly did shine when town pressures didn't slow her down and when they did her reactions were believable and realistic and I thought very well writtenThe plot zipped along uickly with a fast flowing and smooth narrative and beyond Macy's town issues and the romance with Gabe Andersen included an ancillary plot thread about a town arsonist that added necessary dimension to Gabe's character and balanced out the overall plot of the book nicely Macy's issues with her old rivals were well done It worked for me though some could complain that after ten years some of the people's reactions to Macy were implausible but because of the small town setting I found it very believable The longest memories and the most closely held grudges can always be found in small townsAs for the romance and sexual aspects of the book? Welllet's just say I'm still fanning myself and leave it at thatThis was a fast light read that had a bit genuine meat to it than I was expecting There were a couple of scenes that I thought were a bit implausible like the public attack at the reunion that ended in a bit of a Kumbaya moment and the tertiary romance between Grace and Jack that was woven into the storyline was of a distraction than an enjoyment because of the very ancillary nature of Grace as a character but I was completely entertained by this sizzling fun book A special kudos for the plot twist at the end I didn't see that one coming at all and I usually doI don't know that I've read anything by Susan Andersen before this and if I have it's been several years I think Burning Up may just have corrected that grievous oversight for me I love it when that happens Reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another I start this review by saying that Susan Anderson has hardly ever disappointed me I went into reading this book a little upset because I really wanted the third book in her Sisterhood Diaries Series to have been her next venture after Bending the Rules Yet as soon as I got myself situated in my bed all snug and comfy and opened to the first page I changed my mind considerably and now am very grateful that she chose to read this book because it was a story worth telling You are introduced to Gabriel Donavan first alongside Johnny Angelini a character that I found rather intriguing which is a running theme with most all supporting characters in this story Gabriel is a fire chief tired of the big city and everything that comes with it He moved to Sugarville looking to lay down his wild boy past and busy adulthood schedule for slow paced normalcy Yet the minute he laid eyes on Macy O'James with her Sexy pin me up sailor outfit that made every warm blood man want to stand and solute he knew that normalcy took a hike along with his blood pressure but he was bound and determined that she wasn't right for him and in fact she embodied everything that he was working to move beyond He just didn't know how wrong he was and how different from his first impression she really was underneath all that doll me up baby attitude she was a warm caring loving and extremely loyal woman and Macy O'James wanted Gabriel the moment she laid eyes on him and had never knew a man could stir something so strong in her let alone when all he did was once her over like every other man who came near her did But she was in Sugarville for a reason and that was to take care of Jenna her cousinsister she never had but chose Who by the way was another supporting character that I found most intriguing and her nephew Tyler Macy was a woman on the fast track in the music video industry after appearing in some for her best friend Jack Savage another supporting character along with Grace who in my opinion should have gotten their own book and now is designing them She loves that she has moved on and created something of herself but never got passed the torment for the people of that town because a rumor that was started by a very icky horrible person Think the biggest thing I really loved about this book was that it was the Heroine who had to grown up and see herself in a different light before she was able to see him completely and what they had together It was a refreshing story with mounds of humor and tons of sexy banter and curl your toes steam My one and only ualm with this story was the random fire mystery because I think it would have been great had it had a bigger purpose I mean I know it gave Gabe and Macy some time to feel things and need things that may have not come about just so greatly if not for it but I felt that maybe it was just too simplistic and kind of brushed under the rug without too much trouble As you can probably see I have fallen in love with the character in this book and the story itself never fell short it was always upbeat never slow and hot and sweet and wonderful In the true nature of this book I have to say that I BUZZ LIGHTYEAR LOVE THIS BOOK

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