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Amy Roger's Epic Detour[KINDLE] ❂ Amy Roger's Epic Detour Author Morgan Matson – When you're on a road trip life is all about the detours Amy Curry is having a terrible year Her mother has decided to move across the country and needs Amy to get their car from California to Connect When you're on a road trip life is all about the detours Amy Curry is having a terrible year Her mother has decided to move across the country and needs Amy to get their car from California to Connecticut There's just Amy Roger's PDF/EPUB ² one small problem Since her father died this past spring Amy hasn't been able to get behind the wheel Enter Roger the nineteen year old son of an old family friend who turns out to be unexpectedly cute and dealing with some baggage of his own Meeting new people and coming to terms with her father's death were not what Amy had planned on this trip And traveling the Loneliest Road in America seeing the Colorado mountains crossing the Kansas plains and visiting diners dingy motels and Graceland were definitely not on the itinerary But as they drive Amy finds that the people you least expected are the ones you may need the most—and that sometimes you have to get lost in order to find your way home. This was a really nice read I find that Morgan Matson does a great job of balancing a light hearted tone while also bringing in characters who are facing difficult situations I think my favorite part of this book was just the road trip in general It brought on a lot of nostalgia for different road trips I've been on All around a nice summer read Reread AGAIN for #monthofmatson 2017I love this book so much so so much I am crying I have a lot of emotions I also am compelled to go on a cross country road tripReread for #monthofmatson June 11 12 2015THIS BOOK THIS FREAKING BOOK It will always be one of my all time favorites I am feeling all of the feels right now ALL OF THEMReread for #monthofmatson May 4 May 11I LOVE AMY I LOVE ROGER I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK OKAY? Okay DNF I'm just going to uietly put this one asideEveryone told me I should read Amy and Roger's Epic Detour after I tried Matson's Since You've Been Gone and didn't love it One person suggested on my review that maybe I just didn't relate to the characters and you know I think they might be rightMatson's characters read too young and immature for me Her female MCs are high school seniors or juniors but they blush at things that wouldn't have made me blush at twelveIn this one I never felt any chemistry between Amy and the shockingly gorgeous Roger but I think that was because Amy has the mental age of a young child At one point she wishes she could die because Roger asks if she might be too warm sleeping in all her clothes he doesn't ask in a remotely sexual way he's just offering genuine concern I can already tell that this book will not be for me i finished this and immediately opened a map of the US to plan my cross country road trip i hate driving what is this uarantine doing to me?? lolbut seriously this is such a cute story and really showcases different and obscure parts of the country which i thought was uniue i really have no idea how realistic it is to go on a four day trip with a stranger but MM made it work this definitely has the care free summer vibes that i have come to adore about her stories but it also includes some deeper and meaningful topics as well which i liked also i was really impressed with how the relationship between amy and roger developed its very subtle as it isnt the focus of the story but i appreciate that it feels natural to me that wayoverall this story is classic MM and i wouldnt have expected anything less↠ 35 stars I can’t believe I missed out on so many amazing contemporaries Lately I’ve been catching up on all the contemporaries people have liked and I find that I have been uite foolish in not picking up many contemporaries This book Amy and Roger’s Epic detour among the other books I’ve read recently is pushing me to read contemporaries I loved reading this book and I’ve never read a book about and in the timeline of a road trip before I enjoyed everything about this book especially those little pictures bills music playlists and travel entries which make the entire story and the characters feel so very real Both Amy and Roger are amazing people who we see work through the problems they couldn’t have made their way through without each other Watching them grow closer and begin to understand each other in ways others couldn’t is beautiful They grow to trust and rely on each other on this road trip and have a great time making their way through California to ConnecticutThe plan was for Roger to drive Amy to Connecticut in order to move to her new house But Roger doesn’t know that Amy’s father died recently in a car accident she was a part of and that she blames her for it Amy’s mother planned their trip down to the second but neither of them want to follow the path with absolutely no fun and decide to take a detour and visit places they have wanted to visit as neither of them has traveled much Watching them visit places new and old and have so much fun makes me so happy They both have a great time and meet people they would have never met otherwise They make friends take bigger detours and have a journey that was never expected Amy’s family fell apart after her father’s death Her mother left her in California for a month and went to Connecticut to put their new house together and her brother is now in a rehab centre She feels lost and even refers to herself before the accident as a different person but on this adventure she just might pull herself together to realise that there is a life out there for her that she still might thrive in I think part of the reason she wanted to take a detour is because she seeks that ounce of control on her own life The day her dad passed away she lost all semblance of control over her life and the truth that she can’t prevent somethings bore down on her The roadtrip presented her with an opportunity to choose what she wanted to do and she jumped at the chance We see her work through her issues and make peace with what happened on this brilliant trip of uncertainty friendship and funI love the characters and all the people they meet I enjoyed reading the tiny facts about the places they visit and all the things they learn about themselves they probably didn’t before And even though they are working their way past what each of them have been through and there’s these pages of memories from the past which get very emotional it’s still a very fun book I give this book 45 stars The best discoveries always happened to the people who weren't looking for them Undeniably 5 StarsI know what I want to do I want to go on an Epic Detour my final destination isn't clear but I have a pretty good idea of the places I want to seeI want to travel to Yosemite and buy a Bear Essentials t shirt drive on the Loneliest Road in America and hike a pair of my sneakers on the tree along the way go to Kentucky and eat a Hot Brown and derby pie visit Graceland and graffiti the wall and get a pair of Elvis style sunglasses gold trim and all I'll even eat a messy burger and spicy fries in Kansas all the while driving with the windows down and a root beer by my side I shall call myself Hillary and my co pilot will be Edmund That is my plan and it is a good oneWow I have a HUGE crush on this book It was great and I loved every bit of detail found between pages 1 to 343 Everything that Morgan Matson included in her story was brilliant The playlists not only have some great songs on them but they will definitely blow my iTunes budget out of the water for the next few months I plan on owning just about all of Roger's songs The menu and food receipts were clever additions whenever I see cream soda and rootbeer I'll remember Roger and Amy The Big Bear itinerary made me want to go on a hike and I don't even mountain hike but I want to do that now The scrapbook pages were priceless and overall Amy Roger's Epic Detour was absolute perfectionThis story has one of the best set of secondary characters I have ever read They made Roger and Amy's detour inspiring exciting and enjoyable Bronwyn and her gift to Amy was endearing I loved how she took away Amy's camouflage and gave her back a bit of confidence Drew was spot on with his advice to Roger Telling him There sometimes isn't' much of a difference between a knight's uest and a fool's errand was the turning point I feel for Roger's self revelation Leonard was the most aww worthy video game geek I have ever met His Make haste You must save Princess Amy had me sighing like a lurves struck goof Lucien and his decapitated moose head made me crack up Don't ever stop hedging Lucien NEVER Walcott's demo??? I want itSo pretty much I loved this book Can you tell??? I loved it to pieces I suggest you stop what you're doing now and read this book It's the best fictional journey I've been on in a long time so go on go on a detour you won't regret it Morgan Matson please write another book You have an instant fan waiting to read of your brilliance My thoughts in a nutshell This was my first book by Morgan Matson but definitely not the lastI always enjoy a good road trip book I'm living for a trip when I just sit in a car with my friends and we drive through a country It is so relaxing and excitingSo I really liked this story I adored the little drawings and playlists at the beginning of every chapter The journey was interesting The two main characters experienced a lot Their relationship slowly progresses within the bookI can't give this book than 4 stars because the ending was really unsatisfying It was too fast Morgan cut the story in half and she moved on I don't like it when an author does not explain anything Secondly I thought some part were overwritten I didn't get bored but I felt a bit much certain sceneOverall I still recommend it if you like a great book about a voyage Reread on audio as I needed a sweet readI am totally in love with this book The pictures with lists and playlists and thing through out the book is so awesome I want to go on this epic detour and another thing that I love is the author actually did this epic detour and added some of her own pictures with her in them at the back The thing that started this epic detour Three months ago Amy's father was killed in a car accident No this is not a spoiler because it's on the book blurb Anyway Amy and Charlie's brother mother decides she's moving them from California to Connecticut to where their grandma lives Amy's mother got a job teaching at one of the schools Like wow everything you have ever known is just being taken away from you Amy's brother Charlie is actually in rehab in North Carolina and will join them when he gets out Amy stayed in California by herself for the last month of school and then her mom decides it would be cheaper for her to drive the Jeep Liberty out to Connecticut It seems it's cheaper to drive it than hire a company to bring it out The thing is Amy doesn't drive not since the accident Amy's mom sets it up to where an old childhood friend is going to drive them because he has to come up that way to Philly Amy handles all of this better than I would have I just would not be able to leave where I grew up all of my life and where I had all the memories of my father but I digress Amy Roger decide to take a detour and not even go the route Amy's mother had planned out for them They each had their own places they wanted to go but some were just on a whim I freaking loved it They stayed in all kinds of places Cabins motels the jeep some college friends of Roger's and they just did whatever and went to different places Amy got to meet some really nice people along the way through Roger and some they met together They got to find out a lot of things about each other as well Mostly it was such a wonderful time OMG I want to go EXCERPT Or accurately I ate breakfast Roger ate the kind of meal usually reserved for holiday dinners and people with tapeworms Luckily it was a buffet and all you can eat a policy I had a feeling they might be revising after our visit As Roger came back with his third heaping plateful this one focused on various meat groups he raised his eyebrows at my plate Is that all you're eating? he askedThey made a few stops for Roger that involved a girl and got some things settled in that situation Amy wanted to make a stop at Graceland because Amy her father and Charlie were supposed to make the trip together before he died She thought it would be great and in a way it was but it was very sad for her It also made me cry She cried too Through out the whole book you want to know what really happened in that accident And toward the end when Amy finally tells it all to Roger I thought my heart was going to break I could not STOP crying I felt so bad hearing this and thinking about if that was my own father The descriptions just everything was so horrible There is also one point in the book that I was so disgusted with Amy's mother I wanted to punch her right in the nose I'm not going to bring that up though In the end Amy found herself even just a little bit she found something with Roger and she found healing with her brother And that's all that matters in the long run MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List This is of a 45 stars for me I really enjoyed this book I loved the way it was written the flashback triggers and the cool scrapbook aspect to it The story was just a little less cute and a little emotionalsad than I wanted it to be I picked this up right after TFioS thinking it'd be all rainbows and sunshine to help pull me out of the sad state that book had thrown me into Then when things got better for Amy I was so happy but then before I knew it the book was over This happens to me so much with contemporaries I JUST ALWAYS WANT THEM TO BE LONGER Amy and Roger who were only childhood acuaintances are forced to take a trip that would change their lives both trying to mend broken hearts for entirely different reasons and with entirely opposite processes Roger the explorer tries the best he can to confront the cause while Amy tries her best to avoid it Both have different goals but at the end of this incredible journey they come to an unexpected discovery that made their trip an epic detour I would like to express my gratitude to MsMorgan Matson for taking me with Amy and Roger on a road trip that made me see a good portion of America a country I may only see and breathe vicariously Virtual it may have been but I had an amazing experience as the entire story is told in Amy’s point of view via her written record sort of like a journal of the entire trip from California to Connecticut The entire account is supported by scraps and tokens from places they have been a receipt from a diner a picture of a landmark a drawing of a tree maps which are virtually laid out throughout the pages of the book giving it a general sense of authenticity There are even playlists for every state they go to It was certainly believable and entertaining The characters are as genuine as the story There is something simple and yet very affective with the way the author presented Amy and Roger They are ordinary people we could easily identify with trying to get on with their lives It amazed me that Amy despite being a very modest young woman can be very open minded and perceptive of realities Roger on the other hand while I found him very unattractive during the good first half of the book not physically because he is cute and sweet it’s something else read the book; it may also just have something to do with his name being the same with that of my boss Ick^^ as I was saying Roger despite his flaws is still a very well developed character As already mentioned he has always wanted to be an explorer and because of that he has to do everything he can and use up all his resources to discover what he really wants or as it turned out does not really want again read the book to know what that is^^ “There sometimes isn’t much difference between a knight’s uest and a fool’s errand” And despite being so hung up with his feelings for a certain someone who clearly wants nothing to do with him I still admire his beliefs and principles It’s really not about the destination It’s getting there that is the good part Another thing that is great about this book is that even the minor characters that have little roles in the story are well developed and significant It is mostly the minor characters that served as catalysts to the MC’s important decisions Bronwyn at Colorado Springs for instance has a lot to do with Amy’s change of disposition If you don’t feel great on the inside just look great on the outside and after a while you won’t be able to tell the difference Walcott and Lucien helped Amy tremendously in a very touching kind of way without them realizing it while Drew somehow helped Roger see a bit logic Tomorrow will be better But what if it’s not? Then you say it again tomorrow Because it might be You never know right? At some point tomorrow will be better Many might feel otherwise but I liked how the story slowly progressed because it gave the reader plenty of room to grasp the underlying meanings of the story It also gave the story a realistic effect and allowed for detailed depictions of the different states cities and towns Amy and Roger saw Overall this is a beautifully written story of hope moving on inspiration and discovering relationships This truly deserves to be read It may not be epic but it is a sweet touching and memorable read ^^

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