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The Lady in the Lake❰EPUB❯ ✷ The Lady in the Lake Author Raymond Chandler – A couple of missing wives—one a rich man's and one a poor man's—become the objects of Marlowe's investigation One of them may have gotten a Mexican divorce and married a gigolo and the other may b A couple of missing wives—one in the PDF ´ a rich man's and one a poor man's—become the objects of Marlowe's investigation One of them may have gotten a Mexican divorce and married a gigolo and the other may be dead Marlowe's not sure he cares about either one but he's not paid to care. Looking down into the deep waters of the small lake there is movement a hand the murky image is unclear concealing a secret which gives this book its title The Lady in the Lake Marlowe watches his stomach is not joyful however appearances can be deceiving The brutish husband Bill Chess the village drunk is arrested for the crime the victim his mysterious mate an outsider Muriel has been wet for a month so well the difficulty in identification is very unpleasant for the poor local coroner Little Fawn Lake eighty miles from the bustling metropolis of LA is unfamiliar territory for the intrepid shamus you notice this and the uncomfortable investigator moving about in the uiet area His client has a vacation cabin here and Marlowe needs to search it The fat constable Mr Jim Patton in the mountains of San Bernardino there is surprisingly competent Philip Marlowe a private eye has been hired to find the wife of businessman Derace Kingsley Crystal a woman whose proclivity for extracurricular activity begins the plot The results murders Mr Marlowe is a magnet in this aspect of discovering dead bodies where ever he roams the unliving are there and stillness prevails But not for long others will fall as the detective travels from the mountain lakes outside Los Angeles that city itself to a corrupt little town Bay City Santa Monica Al Degarmo the tough cop from Bay City they do not think kindness a virtue is snooping around no gentleman a crack in the head with a blackjack a punch in the face a kick to the shin anything to make you talk few keep uiet Mr Marlowe will experience his unhappiness he is no superman when hit it hurts blood flows from him very easily like anyone else Chris Lavery a playboy the kind that never saw a attractive woman he didn't covet is the key to the story and revealing the villain or villains from the not so bad Still lies and liars are easily found here people who can be believed rare trust becomes an anomaly Raymond Chandler the in my opinion the best mystery writer who ever put ink on paper and that includes computers shows again his mastery of atmosphere and character you feel the unhealthy air closing in the breathing becomes hard the thickness all consuming death is near For this is much than another who done it art if I may be presumptuous in writing this is great literature a fact I have decided to take a break from my usual obsession with history to take a deep plunge into several of the classic noir detective novels by Raymond Chandler James M Cain and Dashiell Hammett A few of these will be re reads Why noir? America is evenly divided between two fanatical ideologies so I guess the noir genre suits my cynical nature as an outcast literary hermit who despises the hypocritical dishonesty and corruption of both political franchises as well as the obedient myrmidons in the media who defend them against the other side without seeing that they are both evil and despicable in and by themselves Another key ingredient to the noir formula is the hard bitten cynical private eye working against both the criminal element as well as the corrupt cops I don't know many criminals besides a few upper level corporate fruit flies who will never be brought to justice but I live in Las Vegas where the police force has worked overtime to tarnish its own image to the best of its ability In coffee shops around town I have been completely unsuccessful in trying to engage any one of these morons in an intelligent conversation It is beyond their meager abilities It creeps me out that these antisocial goons carry both a badge and a gun That is another reason I am going noir No one suits this noir streak better than Raymond Chandler's sarcastic hard drinking private dick Philip Marlowe In The Lady in the Lake Marlowe is hired by a perfume company exec to find his estranged wife who had disappeared from their summer home sending him a very nice dear John letter saying that she was running off to Mexico with another man That came as no big surprise but later he runs into his wife'e lover who claims they never ran off together so where did she go? The wife had some bad habits and the husband is concerned about some embarrassing publicity that might cost him his cushy job rather than about the missing lady's well being No hard feelings Dear With Marlowe as our wise cracking guide interpreter and body guard Chandler leads us on a twisting turning roller coaster ride through a 1940's lookingglass from Hollywood to the lake in the mountains where we stumble upon a lady's body back down again and then back up to the lake again where much to our chagrin we meet both the missing lady and her killer This is the first time I have read The Lady in the Lake It is a 222 page page burner that you will not want to put down without a good fight Whether you are flying transatlantic across America or taking a meandering overnight train ride through Europe may I recommend this novel as an antidote to your temporary captivity As a warm up to get you into the proper 1940's mood for this novel may I also suggest that you go to YouTube and pull up the 3 minute 1947 trailer to the movie As research for a novel I'm writing I'm reading detective fiction and ripping off everything of value My story takes place in LA of the early '90s but I'm traveling to all eras and hiring all manner of sleuth to serve as tour guide thorugh the City of Angels Working my way backwards in time through the Philip Marlowe series next up is The Lady in the Lake Published in 1943 I found myself less interested in who shot whom from where and why this time and allowed Chandler's slowly aged and robust prose to intoxicate me If the best style is that which is invisible that's ChandleresuePhilip Marlowe goes to see about a new client Mr Derace Kingsley a big shot businessman who takes to Marlowe's nonchalant backtalk Mr Kingsley is also desperate to locate his wife Crystal missing for a month Last seen at their in the mountain town of Puma Point Crystal's disappearance hadn't raised much concern from her husband due to a telegram she sent announcing her intention to obtain a divorce in Mexico and to marry a fop named Chris Lavery The playboy has assured Kingsley that this is untrue which Kingsley believes Asking Kingsley's bewitching secretary Miss Adrienne Fromsett for Lavery's address Marlowe detects poison in her attitude Knocking on the fop's door at his home in Bay City Marlowe is assured for the time being that Lavery did not run off with marry or has any notion of Crystal Kingsley's whereabouts Watching the house Marlowe attracts the attention of a neighbor Dr Albert Al who becomes so agitated by the presence of the private dick that he calls a cop Det Lt Degarmo who assumes Marlowe has been hired by the family of Al's deceased wife to watch the doc He gets told to beat it Next stop Puma Lake San Bernardino baked and shimmered in the afternoon heat The air was hot enough to blister my tongue I drove through it gasping stopped long enough to buy a pint of liuor in case I fainted before I got to the mountains and started up the long grade to Crestline In fifteen miles the road climbed five thousand feet but even then it was far from cool Thirty miles of mountain driving brought me to the tall pines and a place called Bubbling Springs It had a clapboard store and a gas pump but it felt like paradise From there on it was cool all the wayThe Puma Lake dam had an armed sentry at each end and one in the middle The first one I came to had me close all the windows of the car before crossing the dam About a hundred yards away from the dam a rope with cork floats barred the pleasure boats from coming any closer Beyond these details the war did not seem to have done anything much to Puma LakeMarlowe is shown around the lakeside cabin by Kingsley's neighbor Bill Chess a temperamental sod who maintains that Mrs Kinglsey was here a few weeks ago but went down the hill and hasn't been back Marlowe works it out that Chess's wife Muriel caught him in a compromising position with Crystal Kingsley and left him the same day that Mrs Kingsley was last seen Walking near the lake Chess gets even reason to become mopey when he spots something in the water the badly decomposed corpse of Muriel Chess Marlowe goes to fetch the local law Sheriff Jim PattonWhile Bill Chess produces an undated letter from his wife that could be construed as a suicide note suspicion falls on him for murdering Muriel Marlowe learns through the local gossip ueen that a few weeks back a man claiming to be a Los Angeles copper named DeSoto came around asking rude uestions about someone named Mildred Haviland No one cooperated with him but the photo he flashed looked like Muriel Chess Marlowe phones the copper switchboard but can find no detective named De Soto He breaks into the Chess cabin for a look see and is caught by the sheriff Marlowe shares his theory that Muriel wasn't killed my her husband but someone out of her pastConfirming that Lavery was seen at the San Bernardino hotel where Crystal Kingsley's car was located with a woman who looked just like Crystal Kingsley Marlowe returns to Bay City to confront the fop Snooping around the place he's confronted by Lavery's landlord Mrs Fallbrook who holds a pistol on him she found on the stairs Marlowe manages to avoid getting shot and after getting rid of the nosy woman finds Lavery shot dead in the bathtub It looks as if a woman surprised Lavery shaving and emptied the pistol that Marlowe just had pointed at him He finds a handkerchief on the bed with Adrienne Fromsett's initialsUpdating his client Marlowe goes on the theory that Lavery got killed over whatever business happened with Dr Al whose wife officially died of carbon monoxide poisoning and was discovered by Lavery Her parents suspect foul play and visiting them Marlowe discovers the private eye they hired was set up by the Bay City cops and sent to get his mind right in jail That's exactly where Marlowe ends up with Lt Det Degarmo hoping the private dick starts feeling unwelcome in Bay City Interrogated by a sympathetic police captain Marlowe learns that Degarmo was once married to Dr Al's nurse Mildred Haviland Is it your line that you can tie this Al business a year and a half ago to the shooting in Lavery's place today? Or is it just a smoke screen you're laying down because you know damn well Kingsley's wife shot Lavery?I said It was tied to Lavery before he was shot In a rough sort of way perhaps only with a granny knot But enough to make a man thinkI've been into this matter a little thoroughly than you might think Webber said coldly Although I never had anything personally to do with the death of Al's wife and I wasn't chief of detectives at that time If you didn't even know Al yesterday morning you must have heard a lot about him sinceI told him exactly what I had heard both from Miss Fromsett and from the GraysonsThen it's your theory that Lavery may have blackmailed Dr Al? he asked at the end And that that may have something to do with the murder?It's not a theory It's no than a possibility I wouldn't be doing a job if I ignored it The relations if any between Lavery and Al might have been deep and dangerous or just the merest acuaintance or not even that For all I positively know they may never even have spoken to each other But if there was nothing funny about the Al case why get so tough with anybody who shows an interest in it? It could be coincidence that George Talley was hooked for drunk driving just when he was working on it It could be coincidence that Al called a cop because I stared at his house and that Lavery was shot before I could talk to him a second time But it's no coincidence that two of your men were watching Talley's home tonight ready willing and able to make trouble for me if I went thereIf there's an aspect of Raymond Chandler's books that stand out most for me its discipline Philip Marlowe is a man with no past his lack of military service isn't explained not in this book and dubious future He has no friends no exes no pets We don't know where he grew up or what made him want to become a private dick We learn about Marlowe by watching in action how he gets information from lowlifes and liars or how he responds to pressure from those in authority That's Marlowe not where he went to college or what happened to him to make him like he is And yet there is a lot to him Let me see your identificationI handed him my wallet and he rooted in it Degarmo sat in a chair and crossed his legs and stared up blankly at the ceiling He got a match out of his pocket and chewed the end of it Webber gave me back my wallet I put it awayPeople in your line make a lot of trouble he said Not necessarily' I saidHe raised his voice It had been sharp enough before I said they make a lot of trouble and a lot of trouble is what I meant But get this straight You're not going to make any in Bay CityI didn't answer him He jabbed a forefinger at meYou're from the big town he said You think you're tough and you think you're wise Don't worry We can handle you We're a small place but we're very compact We don't have any political tug of war down here We work on the straight line and we work fast Don't worry about us misterI'm not worrying I said I don't have anything to worry about I'm just trying to make a nice clean dollarAnd don't give me any of the flip talk Webber said I don't like itMy only complaint with The Lady in the Lake is how Marlowe seemed to fade into the background by the climax He's not so much driven by a mystery he has to solve as sort of going through the motions and Chandler introduces so many characters that they end up doing almost as much detecting or scene stealing as Marlowe I could feel Chandler sort of give up toward the end let Marlowe take note of what other characters were doing and end the book He became of a passive hero as far as the story went but Chandler gets away with it by writing such smooth and unadorned prose 5 Stars WOW A masterpiece The very best Marlowe of all Great pacing wonderful progression of events and clues just enough snappy dialogue delicious detective as philosopher uotations genuine tension and suspense a sprinkling of red herrings This is the whole enchilada Awesome I brushed my hair and looked at the grey in it There was getting to be plenty of grey in it The face under the hair had a sick look I didn’t like the face at all I went back to the desk I sat very still and listened to the evening grow uiet outside the open windows And very slowly I grew uiet with itFull size image here cover by Tom AdamsI particularly enjoy how the clues fit together slowly progressively throughout You can see the connections or think you can winks and by the end it's mostly all there for you I correctly pieced together 4 5 aspects of the plot but MISSED the very clever big twist Awesome It was a •38 Smith and Wesson on a •44 frame a wicked weapon with a kick like a •45 and a much greater effective range I drove on through the piled masses of granite and down through the meadows of coarse grass where cows grazed The same gaudy slacks and short shorts and peasant handkerchiefs as yesterday the same light breeze and golden sun and clear blue sky the same smell of pine needles the same cool softness of a mountain summer But yesterday was a hundred years ago something crystallized in time like a fly in amber Notes and uotes The upper part of his face meant business The lower part was just saying good bye120% it's amazing how modern much of the slang is here Soap opera beef hunk etc 220% Behind the right hand lower corner of the windshield there was a white card printed in block capitals It read VOTERS ATTENTION KEEP JIM PATTON CONSTABLE HE IS TOO OLD TO GO TO WORK 250% She put a firm brown hand out and I shook it Clamping bobbie pins into fat blondes had given her a grip like a pair of iceman’s tongs30% The thing rolled over once and an arm flapped up barely above the skin of the water and the arm ended in a bloated hand that was the hand of a freak Then the face came A swollen pulpy gray white mass without features without eyes without mouth A blotch of gray dough a nightmare with human hair on itA heavy necklace of green stone showed on what had been a neck half imbedded large rough green stones with something that glittered joining them togetherBill Chess held the handrail and his knuckles were polished bones“Muriel” his voice said croakingly “Sweet Christ it’s Muriel”His voice seemed to come to me from a long way off over a hill through a thick silent growth of trees 490% very good pacing and prose here A nice rhythm even during the description of rooms people and clothing The snappy dialogue is well balanced It's the best Marlowe so far imho 590% uintessential Chandler I brushed my hair and looked at the grey in it There was getting to be plenty of grey in it The face under the hair had a sick look I didn’t like the face at all I went back to the desk I sat very still and listened to the evening grow uiet outside the open windows And very slowly I grew uiet with it 630% this is the kind of detective story I enjoy the most where the clues come in and slowly fit together piece by piece throughout the book building the big picture There is an info dump at the end but it's well presented 720% this is fabulously good stuff Raindrops on strippers and crisp apple gunshotsBright copper floozies and warm woolly whatnots Muscular gentlemen tied up with stringsThese are a few of my favorite thingsGirls in bikinis with breathtaking lipstickSlayed belles on gurneys as fast talking dicks uipSilverwhite cocaine and fabulous blingThese are a few of my favourite thingFinding those corpses with wide ugly gashesAnd no nose at all and not many eyelashesAnd Chandler and Marlowe and slightly left wingsThese are a few of my favourite things This is one of my favorite of Chandlers Might be because I was a San Bernardino County Sheriff's deputy for two decades and the story is about Big Bear Lake a lot like Phantoms by Dean Koonts that's set in Wrightwood The voice the prose in all Raymond Chandler books is what carries the story That's why he continues to be revered and copied through the ages Just writing about this book here makes me want to go back and read it again for the umpteenth timeDavid Putnam author of the Bruno Johnson series Raymond Chandler's fourth novel to feature Los Angeles PI Philip Marlowe involves two missing wives One is the independently wealthy spouse of Derace Kingsley an executive in a large firm His wife Crystal who disappeared a month ago after sending him a telegram from Texas announcing that she was divorcing him and marrying her boyfriend Chris Lavery who has a reputation as a Don Juan Kingsley isn't particularly concerned about that He doesn't really love his wife; he knows that she plays around and he also knows that Lavery is one of her conuests But then he happens to run into Lavery who tells him that he hasn't seen Crystal in a month and certainly didn't run off to Texas or anywhere else with her Now worried Kingsley hires Marlowe to find herInevitably of course this will lead Marlowe into a complex series of events that's hugely convoluted even for a Raymond Chandler novel Several people will be murdered; some will be blackmailed Almost everybody will lie to Marlowe making his job even difficult and corrupt cops will keep beating him up and threatening to frame him for all sorts of crimes But as always Marlowe will soldier on irrespective of the odds determined to root out the truth even though he really doesn't like his client or virtually anyone else with whom he will come into contact on this case It's his job damnit and he's going to do it the best he canAs with practically any novel by Raymond Chandler the plot is almost impossible to follow but then nobody reads Chandler for his plots Like the best of his books this one is beautifully written in the spare lean tone that set the early standard for hard boiled crime novels This is not my favorite of Chandler's novels by any means but it's still a very good read A rich man hires Phillip Marlowe to find his wife The trail leads to a resort town and another dead woman Where is Crystal Kingsley? And who killed Muriel Chess? And what did Chris Lavery or Dr Al have to do with it?The Lady in the Lake is a tale of lies double crosses cheating woman murder and a shop soiled Galahad named Phillip Marlowe caught in the middle of it Chander and Marlowe set the standards for slick talking detectives for generations to come and Marlowe is in fine form in this outing following the serpentine twists of the plot as best he can Chandler's similes are in fine form as is Marlowe's banterSince Raymond Chandler is my favorite of the noir pioneers I feel guilty for saying this but this thing is so convoluted I stopped caring about the plot about a third of the way in and just stuck around for the Scotch smooth prose Seriously this has to be the most convoluted plot from the master of overly convoluted plots I had an idea of the connection between the two women but it took forever for everything to come together Marlowe couldn't be blamed for not cracking the case early on since it read like Raymond Chandler was making it up as he went in between weekend long bendersTo sum it up the prose is up to par but the plot is a meandering mess It's barely a 3 and my least favorite Chandler book I've read so far The Lady in the Lake Philip Marlowe #4 Raymond Chandler The Lady in the Lake is a 1943 detective novel by Raymond Chandler featuring as do all his major works the Los Angeles private investigator Philip Marlowe Notable for its removal of Marlowe from his usual Los Angeles environs for much of the book the novel's complicated plot initially deals with the case of a missing woman in a small mountain town some 80 miles 130 km from the city The book was written shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor and makes several references to America's recent involvement in World War IIتاریخ نخستین خوانش پانزدهم ماه نوامبر سال 2001 میلادیعنوان بانوی دریاچه؛ نویسنده ریموند چندلر؛ مترجم کاوه میرعباسی؛ تهران، طرح نو، 1378؛ در 280 ص؛ شابک 9645625653؛ چاپ دوم 1389؛ شابک 9789645625656؛ موضوع داستانهای پلیسی از نویسندگان امریکایی ماجراهای فلیپ مارلو کتاب 4 قرن 20 ما شربیانی A rich man asked Philip Marlowe to find his missing wife who presumably ran away to Mexico to get a divorce but disappeared since then The search uickly led the private detective to a dead body of another woman with seemingly no connection to the first one except for them being neighbors The number of dead bodies rapidly increases as Marlowe tries to get to the bottom of a very complicated mystery while dodging cold blooded killers corrupted cops the level of corruption in Bay City seems to make that of Chicago during the Prohibition look pale and insignificant in comparison or just people who like nothing in their lives than to knock Marlowe out just for the fun of itI mentioned the complicated plot This one would make Agatha Christie the undisputed ueen of Complicated Mystery Plots extremely envious During my reading I had to stop several times just to make sure I have a clear picture of what is going on as clear as Marlowe at the moment has I really do not need to mention the uality of writing from the acknowledged Master of the genre but I want to mention characterization Raymond Chandler is really good at creating memorable characters with minimum amount of space; the best example of this would be Sheriff Patton who is or less friendly towards Marlowe for a change unlike the majority of policeman in the seriesOne fact need to be mentioned as time went by Raymond Chandler became disillusioned in his outlooks on life; his battle with alcohol addiction did not help either As a result the latter books of the series are somewhat weaker than the first ones This is probably the last book which fully deserves 5 solid stars The recommendation for the book is just as usual if you have even a passing interest in noir mysteries this is THE series to read but beware that the number of writers of the genre who approached this level of uality can be counted with fingers on one hand with some left to spare you might spoil the genre for yourself if you start with Philip Marlowe cases This review is a copypaste of my BookLikes one

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