Colters' Lady Colters' Legacy #2

Colters' Lady Colters' Legacy #2❮PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Colters' Lady Colters' Legacy #2 ✈ Author Maya Banks – Can their love give her the strength to overcome the tragedy in her pastColters' Legacy Book 2When police officer Seth Colter sees the delicate shabbily dressed beauty in line at the soup kitchen wher Colters' Legacy PDF Å Can their love give her the strength to overcome the tragedy in her pastColters' Legacy Book When police officer Seth Colter sees the delicate shabbily dressed beauty in line at the soup kitchen where he's serving he's gut shot over the idea of her being on the streets cold and alone More baffling is the dark possessive instinct that tells him she Colters' Lady MOBI :¿ belongs to himFor Lily Weston home is a secluded nook in a back alley until Seth offers her a place to stay She's wary of his offer but even one night out of the cold is too much temptation to resistSeth is convinced Lily is his The problem is when his brothers lay eyes on her the same primitive instinct comes roaring to Lady Colters' Legacy ePUB ↠ the surface The Colters never imagined they'd follow the unconventional path of their fathers but they can't ignore their mutual need to offer Lily their protection and their love But before Lily and the brothers can forge a future together they must heal the deep wounds of her pastWarning this title contains the following explicit sex graphic language multiple partners menage a uatre violence. Not as bad as I'd feared You have to be able to put aside a lot of uestions not think Well why didn't they do that? and How come they and What do they see in and How could she and just let yourself be entertained by a story where women or should I say the woman is placed on a pedestal and worshipped doesn't have to lift a finger unless she wants to and her every whim including sexual whims is met by three hunky brothers whose only goal in life seems to be to please their woman until she can't stand it any If you're the type of person who can do that you just might be entertaineda lotFirst of all it helps if you've already read this book's predecessor Colters' Woman so you have an idea of this sort of alternate reality in which the Colter family lives In Colters' Woman the three Colter brothers Adam Ethan and Ryan have a ménage relationship with Holly a woman they found in the snow if I remember correctly and after some big drama end up married with a HEA Thirty years later Holly and the 'Dads' as they're referred to here have produced four offspring sexy police officer Seth sexy with a big member veterinarian Michael tattoed buff and sexy pub ownerentrepreneur Dillon and I don't know what her profession is but she's not too happy someone's done her wrong Callie While volunteering in a soup kitchen one day Seth spots our heroine Lily a beautiful little homeless waif with mesmerizing blue eyes He's totally captivated in that Colter gotta have her way convinces her to come out of the cold and to let me take care of you with a lure of all the hot chocolate she can drink Lily accepts who wouldn't? and thus our story is on the way Of course once Michael and Dillon lay eyes on the fair Lily they get that same she's the one feeling and oh no looks like that desire to share one special woman is a genetic thing Damn It doesn't take Lily long to agree to try out what the three hunks propose because after all she's been homeless and on the streets for three years lonely for some company and some good food they have bacon and hot chocolate and they are verrry easy on the eyes And they ask no uestions And they are very patient You'll tell us why you've been homeless when you're ready Lily Just let us love you and worship you and you'll forever be our ueenOkay I'll admit I like to be entertained and I mostly bought into this fantasy world I wasn't exactly thrilled with the heroine Lily she seemed kind of weak to me and I didn't really see why the Colters found her so fascinating but I figured they knew their own minds So if they wanted Lily I was on board with it It was kind of hard to believe that they would take her in with no uestions asked they sort of just trusted their gut instinct that she wasn't some psycho killer or running from the law I guess the Colters are a bit naive hard to believe since Seth is a cop and trusting and they figured if they showed Lily all the love and sex they had to give that she would trust them and spill her story Which she did After they loved her every which way til Sunday she did eventually tell her sad storySo as you would expect there was a fair amount of sex in this story Nothing all that kinky beyond the ménage although there were a couple of times where they worked Lily over so well it was a wonder that she could walk But of course that is the Colter wayLily's big secret was sad but I think the fact that she was on the streets for three years was a little unbelievable I know she carried some big guilt around but I thought she would have forgiven herself a lot sooner Who knows if Seth hadn't spotted her she may still be on the streetsYes I mostly enjoyed this book Even if a lot of the stuff was hard to believe I do appreciate Maya Banks's writing style and this was a very easy read And fantasizing about three handsome hunks who just want to make your dreams come true doesn't hurt We all can dreamIf you're a realist you probably won't enjoy this one If you read for escapism and you like some hot love scenes you might roll your eyes a time or two but I think you'll have fun with this book as I did 4 stars This story is about the second generation of the Colters after Colters' Woman Colters' Wife and Callie's Meadow The heroes are the Colters' three sons The oldest son sees our heroine Lily in a soup kitchen and take her home since she is homeless Unfortunately his two younger brother see Lily too and want her also They soon realize that they might have to follow the family tradition practiced by their parents and grandparents of sharing one womanBottom line this was just okay The parents Holly and her men took up half of the book It was as if the author couldnt let go of the characters Someone early on joked that they might seem like a cult but that's EXACTLY what they seemed like to me You never see any of the second generation have friends and talk to anyone outside their family besides the town sheriff Their insularity was disturbingAnother problem was that I developed a raging hate on for Lily right from the start I've pretty much have read everything the author has written and sometimes she has a habit of making her heroines a little too weepy and delicate Lily may be the worst she has ever created Not only did she have the personality of a dishrag but she was like an infant that always had to be taken care of She was always hungry and asked to be fed She always had to ask to be driven around somewhere or accompanied somewhere The first morning she tries to leave she ends up in the middle of a gang turf war and get shot at In downtown Denver THAT takes a certain talent The Colter family is always afraid that she would run away so they have to distract her as you would a toddler Ooo look Lily Animals Horseys Wanna ride even tho you have a gun shot wound on your arm? I have a motorcycle Lily Wanna ride? Keep looking at the shiny pretty things LilyThis novel is about 199 pages on PDF format It's established early on that Lily is homeless but how she came to that pt isn't revealed until about page 165 I thought the author has forgotten that plot point and after waiting so long I was like that's it? It is indeed a sad past but there was something not believable about it Not the least of which is no way Lily could have survived on the streets for three years when she needs her hand held just to wipe her arseThe sexxoring starts on page 93 I wished that it started earlier to distract me from how much I want to start a Lily Sucks Club Frankly the relentless smex was a large part of the first book's charm I know a lot of people think that 3 stars is a negative rating but as GR categorizes it 3 I liked it Did it blow me away? No Was it a bad read? Not at all It was okay and in this case it was what I was in the mood for at the timeThis book continues the Colter family legacy of 3 brothers who fall in love with the same woman In this case these are the sons of the unconventional group from book 1 in the series Seth Michael and Dillon While they all loved their family and never felt “weird” about having 3 dads and 1 mom these guys didn’t buy into the idea that it was a “genetic” thing until Seth meets Lily and immediately thinks “MINE” When Michael meets her the following day he has the same reaction and lo and behold ditto for Dillon At first the brothers aren’t sure how this is going to work for them but their bigger issue is convincing Lily that they want her with them and that she can trust themLily has been living on the streets for 3 yearsby choice sort of She has excelled at being invisible so when the handsome police officer named Seth follows her after she gets some food from the soup kitchen where he is volunteering she is surprised and confused But when he kindly offers her a hot chocolate to hear him out she accepts Lily is attracted to his caring demeanor and his attractiveness so she is shocked when she has a similar reaction to Michael and then to Dillon Maybe it’s just been too long without a man so she’ll throw herself at anyone kind to her Surely when they realize what she’s been hiding they won’t want anything to do with her As I said this was a solid smutty read that I needed at the time insomnia so I liked it well enough If you read the first book in the series and enjoyed it you will also like this one I’m sure It was nice to revisit the characters from the earlier story 30 years later to see how they grew as a familyPlot — 35Main Characters — 35Supporting Cast — 355Violence — nothing graphic or domestic Language — SomeSteam Level — 4755 not a rating so much as an indication of amount of smut involved — in this case they pretty much did everything in this one y’all except MM action bc they are brothers and that would be yucky 😳😂 Holy Shitthat was hot I remember reading the first book some time back Colters' Womanwhich is a menage a uatre between the 3 hunky and sexy brothers AdamEthan and Ryan and their one woman HollyAnd i also remember Ryan Colter the youngest brother being my favourite of the sexy heroesIn the seuel Colter`s Lady their 3 sons SethMichael and Dillon finds their soulmate in the tortured Lily WestonYet again the youngest brother is my favourite i just fell head over heels over Dillon Colter`s tatoos and fuck you attitude The sex scenes are mind blowingand i find myself admiring Maya Bank´s way of writing them with such heat and satisfactionI also like that the Colton brothers found it shocking to know that they all are in love with Lily and have to share herUnlike their fathersthey found it uncomfortableI may consider reading Colters' Promise just cuz of these characters again 3 'Colter Bros to Share' 3 StarsBook 1 worked pretty well Book 2 not so much The brothers aren't as close and they don't seem so eager to fair and suare share each set on staking his own claim to woo her individually So their backhanded wooing to claim their prize without bothering to bond as brothers together first in her best interest just didn't work for meespecially seeing how skittish she was with her messed up pastWorth a listen just beware it's not as good as Book 1 Maya Bank’s ‘Colter’s Woman’ was the first erotica story I ever read so I have a bit of a soft spot for itIn that first book Maya Banks introduced three very unusual brothers Adam Ethan and Ryan Colter were three men who grew up in a family with three dads and one mother – and that family dynamic stayed with them into adulthood and became their ideal family unit Then Holly stepped into their lives to fill the role of wife for the three Colter’sThis seuel ‘Colter’s Lady’ is set a few years down the track Holly Adam Ethan and Ryan have four grown children – Callie Seth Dillon and Michael The seuel focuses on the three Colter male children – when we meet them Seth is a policeman Michael a veterinarian and Dillon owns a bar The three men do not want the same ménage lifestyle their parents have but that all changes when they meet LilyLily is a homeless woman whom Seth discovers in line at a soup drive He falls instantly in love and offers to bring her home to the Colter ranch and make a life with her Seth intends to keep Lily for himself but when Dillon and Michael lay eyes on her the Colter impulse kicks in and all three of them want herLily is cautious at first but eventually accepts the love of all three men What the Colter men really have to contend with is Lily’s past and the haunting of old woundsI am a big fan of the first book ‘Colter’s Woman’ I know lots of people read and were disuieted by the storyline – not so much the ménage aspect but the familial ménage Fair enough I can completely understand some reader’s unease – but I wasn’t overly concerned To be honest I was probably too awe struck by the novelty of my first erotica novel to pay too much attention to the finer disturbing plot pointsHowever reading this seuel minus the rose coloured glasses I had a lot less patience for the storyline Everything I seemed able to ignore in ‘Colter’s Woman’ like the awkwardness of brothers having sex with the same woman at the same time I was unable to ignore in ‘Colter’s Lady’The storyline is a carbon copy of ‘Colter’s Woman’ with few plot tweaks – it is again about a woman ‘on the run’ from her past instead of an ex husband this time but still and three brothers who decide to be her saviourThe biggest difference in this second book is the fact that the Colter brothers in ‘Lady’ are uneasy about sharing a woman whereas in ‘Woman’ they were actively looking for a wife to share That just makes the storyline glaringly awkward and a lot seedy Where I could live in the fantasy of ‘Colter’s Woman’ and accept that three brothers would want to devote their life and lust to pleasing one woman it was harder to believe in this seuel when the brothers all air their grievances and concerns but decide to share Lily regardlessEvery concern and complaint I've read about ‘Colter’s Woman’ was ten fold in this seuel to the point that I couldn’t ignore the incest storyline and the general discomfiture of the plot No matter how many times Lily talked through her concerns or spoke to Holly and her husband’s about their perfect ménage life I remained unconvinced; “My heart tells me I love them but my mind asks how it’s possible to love three very different people at the same time”“The heart has an endless capacity for love” Holly said “As a woman you love your family your children – especially your children – your friends and you love your husband or lover Who’s to say you can’t love three men with all your heart and soul? I mean really who makes the rules?”It also didn’t help that Lily was as dull as a houseplant The most interesting if completely unfathomable thing about Lily was her homelessness But the reason for her living on the streets is a ridiculously contrite plot point designed to make readers and the Colter men feel sorry for her But it just turned her into even of a Mary Sue and all the unbearableThe Colter men; Dillon Seth and Michael were unremarkable and dull I didn’t envy Lily her situation one bit The sex scenes felt awkward and clunky – where they were inventive and sexy in ‘Colter’s Woman’ in ‘Lady’ the focus seemed to be on Lily’s back story and her growing love for the men – so the sex took a backseat But that was okay – since I was feeling icky about the brotherly ménage anyway I didn’t particularly relish the idea of reading smoking hot smutI was actually looking forward to this seuel Even in light of the awkward feelings ‘Colter’s Lady’ illicits concerning family threesomes I still hold ‘Colter’s Woman’ in esteem I only wish Maya Banks had come up with a inventive storyline instead of a recycled off cut of ‘Woman’ that seemed designed to uell nay sayers and further explain the benefits of brotherly love I would have preferred it if ‘Lady’ had been about Holly Adam Ethan and Ryan – maybe following them after their ‘happy ending’ and observing how their threesome coped with the inclusion of babies and town curiosity? As it was ‘Colter’s Lady’ is a weakened version of ‘Colter’s Woman’ with none of the endearments that made that book a truly naughty joy to read Rated 45 I couldn't have been excited when i was offered the chance to read Colters' Lady by Maya Banks I'm very much on Team ColterYes this book is has the same premise as CW did three Colter men and one woman But that is where the similarites end The one thing i thought was lacking in CW was how the men decided to share a woman in the first place we never saw that and in Colter's Lady i got it None of the brothers had prepared for falling for the same woman despite having three fathers each wanted Lily for themselves i liked how they resolved it I can't describe the story better than the summary gives so i will jump right in with my thoughts on the book It's heavily character based woot lots of dialogue another woot and it has three of the sexiest non paranormal brothers' you'll find in one book Seth Dillon and Michael all easily distinguished with their own personalities and body tats and piercings i found it hard to choose my favourite so i decided just to have like them all but each man is intensely similar in their focus on Lily and their attraction to her i found it so sexy “I’m having my own set of what the hell is going on thoughts” he said honestly “But I’m not going to fight it whatever it is between us From the moment I saw you I knew you were going to be a part of me A big part of me I don’t understand it but I’m not going to fight it I don’t want to fight it” SethI found this story very real real that Lily wasn't all on board when three hunky men wanted her she was wary and unsure not just because of her past but the fact that three men brothers at that all lusting for her and not being shy about it either I could understand the draw she had to them Maya Banks writes alluring and tempting men and real that these men had to come to terms with his brothers wanting the woman he wanted too Lily was just a sweet loveable character i didn't once get annoyed with her several moments are sad enough to have me sniffling Between all characters including side characters from the previous Colter book and the new Callie have a good chemistry i found it so enjoyable to read their banter Callie is a wonderful secondary character already her back story is in place so i'm eager for her book i wonder if she'll have three men wanting her and what will her brothers and fathers think about she's not at all like Holly previous book or Lily so it makes me intrigued to read her story If you loved Colter's Woman and love a good character based sexy erotic read this is the book for you Even if you didn't read CW it's still very enjoyable you just wont feel the connection and warmth to see Holly Ethan my boy Ryan or Adam they'll just be good new characters to you I can't review a book about three men and a woman and not mention the somes nothing suick worthy just lustable men and hot hot HAWT sexinessThis is a series much like Maya Banks' Sweet series that i'm going to love and with each book I enjoyed this book I know it's not perfect by any means but it just worked for me Sometimes that happensSeries NoteThis book is a seuel to Colters WomanI wouldn't say its necessary to read that one first but I think it'd be helpfulSummarySome thirty years after there parents set on a path of an unconventional relationship one woman three brothers their three sons are making their way in the world never planning to follow in their parents' footsteps But then Seth a Denver cop meets a homeless young woman and is hopelessly hooked He just knows that she is THE ONE Unfortunately his brothers end up feeling the same way when they first meet her Big problem Or notbecause all three brothers know that their parents made it workso why can't they?ReviewIs this book realistic? Probably not in some ways But I think one's liking of this book depends on what they're expecting prior to reading it and how open minded they are This book is a light mostly fluffy tale to read when you want something sweet and simply And if you are a fan of alternative relationshipscuz that's definitely what you've got here with three brothers and one woman I just liked how sweet and simple this story wasI don't always go for books that are sweet and simply but it worked for this one I kept smiling while reading it The romance aspect has an old fashioned vibe to itthe men want to take care of the little woman while still respecting her I liked thatIt had me crying near the end too when Lily has to confront her past That was just so heartbreaking But kudos to Lily for taking chargeEven though I enjoyed the book as it wasa simply romance I wouldn't have complained if the story had dug deeper It's rather superficial skims over issues oversimplifies them I think it could have been a really great book if Banks had really dug into the story But like I said it works the way it is tooI look forward to reading the next Colters installment which will be about Callie the sister of the brothers in this storyWARNING this book contains explicit sex and language oral sex anal sex mmmf hetero menage HEA involving three brothers This one was pretty good It's only the second book I've read that can be dubbed erotica and I think it's a decent starter book for romance readers who are looking to branch out because aside from the fact that the couple is made up of 3 guys and 1 girl it's basically a mid range romance novella None of the sex is really kinky There's no BDSM or toys or anything but fairly vanilla sexit just happens to be occurring between 4 people instead of 2That having been said it IS a novella So if what you're looking for is a romance story that just has a little extra spice in it you might feel a little let down because the non sex parts aren't as polished and thought provoking as you'd see in a regular romance There's no real buildup of the relationship or sexual tension or will theywon't they anticipation They're pretty much instantly the perfect little poly amorous group The only real drama comes from the heroine's tragic backstory which only plays out right at the endview spoilerSo as the dust jacket explains Seth Michael and Dillon are the sons of the previous book's 4 way They have 3 fathers and 1 mother who all live together in one happy relationship But although the boys were raised with this being normal they never intended to enter into a similar arrangement themselves But the best laid plansSeth meets Lily while he's volunteering at a soup kitchen The second he lays eyes on her he's struck to the core with the notion that she belongs to him He's GOT to have her A lot of people don't like the insta love trope but it doesn't bother me It usually makes for some steamy sparks between the characters and a hero who is 100% committed to marrying his true love I like that better than the aloof sshole heroes we get in some books who play games with OWs treat the heroine like dirt and or less act like they couldn't care less if she lived or died until the last few pagesBut anyway Seth follows Lily when she leaves the soup kitchen driven by a need to make sure she's got a safe place to live He finds that her home is a cardboard box in an alley unprotected from the Denver cold So he cautiously approaches her wary of scaring her off and offers to let her stay with him She resists at first extremely skittish of people in general but eventually lets him talk her into it She spends a warm night at his house and eventually he gives in to the urge to kiss her It's an earth shattering experience for Seth and he's convinced than ever that Lily is meant to be his wife On Lily's side she doesn't seem to be uite as moved by Seth as he is by her which isn't ideal She feels a pull to him but she's afraid than anything because of her issuesThen Michael stops by unexpectedly He takes one look at Lily and also feels that same connection He ends up kissing her within the first five minutes of meeting her while Seth is out of the room and Lily feels awkward and confused She feels the pull to Michael as well but also feels like she's sort of cheating on Seth by kissing his brother When Seth comes back Lily goes into the bedroom and the two brother grunt at each other about who Lily belongs to Michael is the first one to suggest that those darn Colter genes must have come into play here and they're destined to share Lily Seth resists at first but then resignedly says that they'd better introduce Lily to Dillon to see if he reacts the same wayThen the brothers realize Lily has been out of the room for a long time and run back to find that she's slipped out the window and run off Both men are frantic to find her and search for hours Eventually Michael finds her and she's been grazed by a stray bullet from the local gang turf war He wants to take her to the hospital but she's vehemently against it so he takes her back to Seth's house Michael is a vet so he doctors her up while both men cluck over her and fall all over themselves saying that they want to protect and take care of herI love a good hero who is so in love with his woman that he's desperate to keep her from any kind of harm but even I have to say the brothers were a bit over the top with that stuff And so were their fathers when it came to their mother I mean they hadn't even let the woman drive in over 30 years of marriage That kind of bordering on psychoticBut anyway they head back to their hometown of Clyde and first stop is Dillon's bar so Seth can talk to his sister Callie who's the heroine of the next book He leaves Lily out front in the empty bar while he goes in the back to talk to his sister and while he's gone Dillon walks in He also instantly wants to club Lily with a jawbone and drag her off to his cave but he's a bit alpha when it comes to getting what he wants than the other two So he just walks right up to her and demands to know if she belongs to anyone She having just kissed two other men in less than 24 hours doesn't really know how to answer that uestion so she says that she's her own person and doesn't belong to anyone Dillon then kisses her and she kisses him back something she didn't do with the other two Her inner monologue also mentions how attracted she is to his muscles and tattoosDillon is now convinced that Lily belongs to him as well and then spots her injured arm and gets extremely pissed that some one obviously fell down on the job of protecting her Then Seth comes out and Dillon lays into him about not taking Lily to the hospital Seth just resignedly accepts that this is going to be a 3 man 1 woman relationship because none of the men are going to give her up But things kind of drag out for a while as the guys still discuss how crazy that is despite them living with it their whole lives and also go to their fathers for advice Eventually they agree that it's got to be this way because none of them could ever be happy if they had to sit by and watch one of the others exclusively marry LilyFinally after all of that they get around to asking Lily if she's up for it She talks to the boys' mother who has lived this lifestyle for decades and then decides to go for it She tries to spend a little time with each guy because she actually knows nothing about any of them and it seems pretty obvious that she likes Dillon best and Seth least It's never expressly stated but she never thinks lustful thoughts about Seth the way she does Dillon And she almost has sex with Dillon solo before any of the others Really the only thing that stops her is feelings of guilt that it'll hurt the others' feelings if she shows favoritism So instead she opts to have their first sexual encounter be a group event which I think was probably for the best Seth's inner monologue later admits that he would have had a hard time if Lily had chosen to sleep with one of the other's before himNow a word on the sex these guys are brothers so they don't do anything to each other This is strictly the sharing of a woman not an everybody on everybody else free for all Just in case anyone was worried about thatThings sort of meander along after this with the uadruple having lots of sex in various configurations Usually there are at least 2 men involved Lily rediscovers her passion for drawing and cooking Seth takes a job in Clyde and sells his house in Denver He Michael and Lily all move into Dillon's place because it's the biggest and they start working on building an addition onto it The only blip on their domestic bliss is Lily's adamant insistence that the men wear condoms in addition to her getting on birth controlEventually they have another 4 way sex session and afterward Lily realizes that one of the condoms broke She goes ballistic and runs into the bathroom scrubbing herself raw Then she locks herself away from the guys for a while listless and lost Eventually they get her to tell them what's wrong and man was it sadTRIGGER WARNING3 years ago she'd dated an older man who was kind of a condescending sshole He belittled her chosen major in college art and eventually made her feel so bad about it that she dropped out Then she got pregnant so they got married He worked all the time and left her alone throughout the pregnancy Once the baby a little girl was born he continued to work crazy hours and insisted that she had to do all the childcare even when he was at home It was the typical sshole fatherhusband routine of claiming that she was home all day doing nothing while he was busy working so when he got home he deserved to relax Of course the truth is that she was completely exhausted from caring for the baby round the clock for months She hadn't had a clean uninterrupted sleep since before the baby was born Finally she told him that she was on the edge of collapse That she needed help and he blew her off again and told her to stop being so dramatic The next day while he was at work she put the baby down for a nap and fell asleep She woke up hours later when her husband got home confused that the baby hadn't woken her up sooner That's when they found the baby's dead body in the crib She'd died of crib death while Lily slept Her husband then immediately turned on her Screaming that she'd killed their baby and was the worst kind of person alive Lily was practically catatonic as she got through the funeral and on that same day her husband presented her with divorce papers and told her to get out of his life She signed them and just walked away No money no clothes nothing She'd been living on the streets ever since And now she's terrified of having another babyI have to say being a mother myself I was tearing up at this part and kind of feeling like WTH Maya? I didn't pick up this erotica book so I could end up crying about dead kids I'm already one of these parents What are you trying to do to me?? Gah brb I have to go check on them againAnyway Seth Michael and Dillon fall all over themselves telling her that it wasn't her fault and her ex is a bastard That he must have realized he was to blame than she was but that he'd been unable to face his own guilt and had instead taken it out on her They also assure her that they'll never pressure her to have children but if later she thinks she wants to try it won't be like last time She'll have tons of help between the three of them their dads mom and sister She feels a bit better after this but still spends the next two weeks holed up in her studio barely interacting with the guysEventually they take Lily on a picnic and propose marriage to her She tells them that there's something she has to do first but to ask her again in a week Then she asks the mom and sister to go with her on a trip First she gets a tattoo that represents her and each of the guys that's what she was doing the last 2 weeks; designing and drawing it Then she goes to see her ex husband who apparently still lives in the same houseWhen she arrives she's greeted by a woman with 2 very young children and she realizes that her ex has remarried and now has a family She's stung that he just moved on while she spent the last three years in guilt ridden misery And I have to admit he really did move on fast I mean she's only been gone for 3 years and one of the kids is a toddler So he must not have wasted any time at all finding his next wife and getting her knocked upBut the wife is overjoyed to see her and begs her to come in saying that the ex will be so glad she's there Lily confronts him and says that he was wrong about their child's death being her fault and he was wrong to say it to her She deserved better than the way he treated her He admits he'd been wrong and begs for her forgiveness Saying he's ashamed of the way he behaved and he's been searching for her for years That he's been so worried because she left with nothing and he wanted to try to do something to help her to make up for how he acted He offers to pay for her to go back to school because he knows she loved art and he took that away from her too She tells him that she's fine now she's in a good place and then she leavesThen she goes back to the guys shows them the tattoo and tells them to ask her again to marry them They do and she says yes HEA hide spoiler This is just too odd for me A cop meets a cute homeless lady and is instantly so smitten he takes her home The cute homeless lady never seems to worry that he has nefarious designs Then the cop's brother a veterinarian sees her and is also instantly smitten Then the cute homeless lady flees only to get minorly injured in a turf war between drug dealers In downtown Denver Colorado I am not saying that absolutely could not happen but it's not like Denver is going to show up on a remake of The Wire if you know what I mean Anyway Then the two brothers take cute homeless lady home to their tiny mountain town where she meets the third brother who owns the local watering hole Also it is revealed along the way that the brothers are the children of three brothers and a lady who all live in a happy group marriage together and apparently this new generation must do the same thing At no point does cute homeless lady ever say anything like So are you guys trying to brainwash me into your cult? or Wait wait hold the phone You're telling me I have to sleep with all three of you at once? In front of each other? But you're brothers Isn't that a little creepy? Basically everyone is so totally cool about what is a pretty unusual romantic arrangement that it really bothered me Also it bothered me to think of a bunch of brothers watching each other bang a possibly brain damaged lady who had no personality no will of her own no preferences NOTHING She was just a wad of humanity who periodically showed up on the page and cuddled with someone muscular and thought about how large his penis was I also had some uestions like how do they handle birth certificates and retirement planning? Do they all have power of attorney for each other? Clearly I am a giant nerd because a book about the boring details of how a handful of people in a group marriage arranged their lives would be way interesting to me than this book was The prose in this is not awful or anything I guess if you're a person who thinks that she'd really like to read a book about three brothers wooing the same woman with an eye to collective marriage AND you do not reuire any kind of character development or real chemistry or any obstacles or ANYTHING besides correctly spelled descriptions of a trio of brothers boning a boring lady maybe this is the thing for you But it was not really my jam

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