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No Longer Mine➯ [Read] ➫ No Longer Mine By Shiloh Walker ➻ – One woman one man and a love that won’t let either of them go Born on the wrong side of the tracks and dealt a fair share of hardship Nikki Kline never gives up a fight Even when her reason to keep One woman one man and a love that won’t let either of them go Born on the wrong side of the tracks and dealt a fair share of hardship Nikki No Longer ePUB ô Kline never gives up a fight Even when her reason to keep going is ripped from her Nikki tries desperately to hang on But when the man who broke Nikki’s heart comes back into her life she doesn’t know how much she can take Especially since that man seems determined to win back her damaged heart Wade Lightfoot is a man who knows he’s made mistakes than most As much as he would like to repair the damage he’s done to those he loves Wade also knows there is no going back But when he sets out to put things right the last thing he’s prepared to find out is that he had a son A son he’ll never get the chance to meet When the truth is out and all the old wounds are bared it seems impossible that Nikki and Wade will find their way back to each other But true love is an undeniable force that even past hurts can’t destroy This book has been previously published and has been revised from its original release Warning This title contains heartbreaking tragedy lies and deception and a scorching passion that nothing can deny. WowIn a good wayIn a bad wayIn a way that made me cryIn a way that made me unhappyIn a way that ripped my heart right out of my chestThe rating for this book is 3 stars for writing 1 star for the hero 5 for the heroine 1 for the endingso I will not rate it It's like a big rainbow of feelings that I could not can not placeMaybe I was supposed to feel sorry for the hero because Jamie manipulated himMaybe I should have felt sorry for his kid because Nikkie was cold to herA lot of maybe sI have wrote the same about one other book but it is still trueThis book is not about second chances It is not about love It is not about familyMaybe it was supposed to beBut to me it was a book about one womanIt was a book about a woman that was strong enough to survive anything But not strong enough to not love the wrong manAgain I start with the maybe esMaybe the fact that the hero was besotted was supposed to make me like himMaybe I should have pitied Jamie for killing herselfMaybe maybe maybeBut also again I did notWade was a creepy and untrustworthy young man After all he cheated on his fiancé the woman he loved because of his uncontrolled jealousy The jealousy that was a result of something that happened before she even met himBut he turned out in to a full fledged psychopath laterAt times it was not really seen because of all the love he showed for his little girlBut it was still there hidden under the surface shown in the way he pursues the heroine never leaving her be never letting her live onBut his loony toonynes got its own super freak category when he wanted to get back at Nikkie for having a kid He suspected it was not his because of the date of birthand this rattled him so much he has gone to crazy lengths to ‘get back’ at her He frightened L to not tell her He seduced Nikkie when she was vulnerable and broken downAll this to get back at herfor?Because he believed she was with an other man?‘Giving him what was his?’Really? After he married Jamie and Jamie had his kid?He wanted to get back at her because now it was not ok for her to call Jamie a whore?Even thou Jamie was not only a whore but a fellow crazy sole?Never mind Nikki es hurt over her childNever mind it allShe is going to payBut then she tells him the child was hisAnd he lashes out because she did not tell himMaybe the kid would not have died if she told himI was shivering while reading these final scenesThe emotional abuse The way he kicked her when she was downAlways kicking her when she was down all of her lifeAfter she told him how she almost died when he married Jamie When they broke upHow she became anorexic and fought it only to stay pregnant Pregnant with a part of him because she loved him loves him will always love him?But he still kicksAnd I sayGod He is right Love is sometimes cancer But the cancer in this is him He is her cancer And he is ugly He is just plain ugly on the inside Evil Malicious CruelThe torture I can not imagineI could notI just cried for her like a moron For all she had to surviveHis angerHis betrayalHis child with an other womanHis marriageHer child's deathHis pursuitHis rage HimJust him And the ugly karma that brought him to herI had high hopes that Wade would die in that coma It was kismet was it not for him to now have a car accident?Maybe his kid could have turned out good if Nikkie raised her on her own She did have pshio genetics fro both mother and father SO I wanted him deadBecause Wade was a bastardHe just wasAnd he deserved Jamie and Jamie's fate as wellMaybe not in the beginningBut they were cut form the same cloth I saw this as I readShe molested him while drunk pretending to be his girlfriend and she did not have an abortion so she could have him even thou she hated her child because it did not bring her him not reallyand she told him trough a letter to his fiancéSo yes she was evil before himA slow petty small minded kind of evilBut he was pure evilA big angry animal on the loose hunting for his prayAnd he was like Jamie angry because of the way thing were This that were like that because of him Them Their own actionsThe hypocrisyBut he did not die and the author gave us a so called happy ending for him and the heroineAfter reading this book I just kind of continued to look at the final page an thought how the heroine was going to have a very dark future indeedI could already imagine all the cruel stuff that would be her punishment for little things not loving his kid this or that way not taking care of him then and then and most of all for looking at that cash register dude a bit to freelyAnd you know these things just had to end up in abuse I have no idea how she was not already black and blue with all of his unnatural ragesSoall in all very disturbing Very not my cup of tea because for me love is always a bit broken when people cheat And a very anti hero indeedI still loved Nikkie with all my heart She was a very hopeful young woman that would have given Wade all that she had He made his bed and was unhappy with it but she was the one that had to live with all the pain Pain that she did not deserveI justI wanted to take her out of this book hug her erase her memory and give her to Dale The Dale that was a normal human being that wanted her in a non crazy stalker wayMaybe you should try it out and see for your self But I personally think you should spare yourself the unnecessary angst Really cheater scumbag weak heroine Ogro asshole alertHe was engaged to heroine and had sex with another woman leaving her pregnant Kicked to the curb our heroine and married another womanOur heroine is left pregnant and alone while he builds a new life with another womanI've never felt such hatred for a hero in this way he is despicableShe deserved a better man and he was so selfish and hypocritical When he found out that she had lost her son in an accident and almost died he just thought she had sex with another man and was furious and jealous But he dumped her for another woman that he got her pregnant and got married to her for years and when he finds again the heroine and she left town he soon got a nurse to date and replace the heroine He is a miserable bastardHe is not worthy This story had loads of promise but for me it was just too angsty depressing and was marred by a rather unlikable hero and heroine There was no joy at all in this book I felt like I went fifteen rounds in a boxing match while reading this one and I was relieved when I finally finished itBest friends Nikki and Wade had a three year courtship and were all set to marry Wade worked as a paramedic and Nikki was studying to become a nurse A few days before the wedding Wade hit Nikki with a huge bombshell that destroyed both their lives They broke up and went their separate ways both miserable without the other Years later Wade comes back into Nikki's life and wants another chance at love with her But Nikki's not the same girl that Wade remembers A terrible tragedy has happened to her in the years since they were engaged and although Nikki never stopped loving Wade she's not ready to risk getting hurt again But stubborn Wade won't give up he must have Nikki again But Nikki has a secret of her own that she must reveal to Wade before they can ever think of a reconciliationI enjoyed the premise of this book The characters were written very realistically they were flawed and had problems and seemed like people that you would know in real life But what I didn't like was that besides being flawed which is okay the Hh were just unlikable to me The hero especially was too jealous made too many stupid assumptions got angry and said hurtful things to the heroine and spent a lot of time apologizing The heroine had some tragic things happen to her but she fell apart one too many times for me She suffered from depression which led to anorexia and she and the hero continually flip flopped over whether they wanted to try again It drove me crazy No matter how good the writing is if I can't connect withlike the Hh I'm not going to enjoy the book much And I struggled with this one But I kept on reading because I was curious to see if these two could overcome their boatload of problems and work things outA word of warning about this edition of No Longer Mine it was filled with typos missed words and confusing editing Nikki started out as a nurse in training and all of a sudden she was a writer; it took than a few chapters to finally figure out that Wade was an EMT I understand that there's going to be a revised edition coming out soon so I'd urge anyone interested in reading this story to wait for that one Perhaps Ms Walker will somehow make the hero a little likable in the new edition and some upgraded editing will make the story flow a little better and be less confusingIf you enjoy a story with tons of angst and don't mind a hero who sometimes speaks before he thinks and has a big jealous streak and a heroine who really should be treated for depression then you'll probably enjoy this one I don't really enjoy a story where the Hh continually hurt each other so this one didn't uite work for me 3 stars This book was a mess I am so disappointed I thought I was going to love it because this story line usually appeals to me fall in love when they are young and then are torn apart Well it didn't work for me here The whole book the Hh were apart it made me feel awful I kept hoping for a happy vibe waiting searching for it It never came for me The only positive I can say about it besides the heroine was somewhat likable was I read it uickly trying to get to the HEA Also there were so many holes in the story that at times I was uestioning if I read something right At one point the author made a big deal about the noise of the hero's vintage mustang coming up the road then she had the hero get out of a truck I also had trouble with the timeline and trying to figure out the ages of the characters At one point I think the heroine was a twin then later she had 2 brothers one older and one youngerWhat really killed this book for me was the hero Wade was absolutely horrible I love a good jerk I don't even mind cheaters hoping eventually they will redeem themselves and make it up to the heroine Not Happening Here Wade was delusional he turned psycho instead of better I thought I was going to explode by the endI don't usually slam books at least not this hard but this one did not work for me This was the author's first book and as such in the fore notes she admits to some problems with polish and overly dramatic characters This is the edition where she went in and added a bit of polish but she didn't want to change history by altering the story I understand and respect that This is the first book I've read by her but I would definitely be willing to try another and give her a break on the first bookThe opening scene is horrific Seriously horrific It's not graphic in a blood and gore sort of way but the realism of the happy baby babbling to himself and chewing on his toys right before the accident that kills him is hard to read It is effectively written thoughThe rest I don't know The H was incredibly self involved and a pig about something that made no freaking sense unless you are living in HPLandia Maybe they were He was just one of the working class heroes we don't typically see thereSPOILERS BELOWIn a nutshell The heroine loses her child in that first scene Through a series of flashbacks we learn that the baby was the hero's but he never knew about him The two had been together since she was a teen and were going to get married when he threw a jealous fit over nothing and the two got into an argument Wade slinks off and gets drunk and whiny He ends up sleeping with a girl who has been chasing him for years but was so drunk he doesn't remember itThe other girl turns up pregnant and he has to tell the h She has sex with him one time cuz that's exactly what I'd do if a guy just announced he got another chick pregnant Afterwards she leaves his engagement ring behind and leaves town I think All the flashbacks confused me He decides to marry the OW since she's pregnant and the h ditched him They leave town tooFive years later they've moved to the same town He's a widower wife committed suicide because he still loved the h The heroine is a famous writer who has been understandably depressed and shut down in the 3 years since the loss of her childThe H is determined to get the h back and doesn't understand why she's so adamant about shutting him out I can sort of see his point She tells him than once that he ruined her life They were kids essentially when this happened and the h has gone on to have a great career and moved out of poverty He on the other hand screwed up his life with a ONS and endured an unhappy marriage I guess he feels he's suffered for his sin He can understand the mistrust and the unwillingness to give him another chance but the out and out venomhatred seems a bit OTT after so many years Of course he doesn't know about the babyHe finds out and based on the child's date of birth decides she went to another man shortly after the breakup Now he's pissed How dare she sleep with another man I mean he married another chick and had a kid with her but the heroine was supposed to go in deep freeze How dare she be such a bitch to him and refuse to befriend his 4 yr old daughter blaming everything on him when she is mourning another man's child He'll show her This is where the insane HP tycoon logic comes in I'm gonna have to tag him even though this isn't a HP and he's not a tycoonHe decides to move away and puts his house up for sale then he goes and picks up the h who has decided to give him a chance She thinks they'll drive around and talk or go somewhere close but he instead spirits her away to an isolated cabin in Gatlinburg the redneck euivalent of the private Greek island I'm from TN and I've been to Gatlinburg 1000s of times I can say thatHis master plan o revenge? Sleep with her for the weekend and then drop the bomb that he's leaving town and she's a bitch for snubbing him and his child by the OW over her grief for another man's baby He finds out the truth before pulling the trigger on his plan but the h figures it out anyway and shuts him down Wade slinks away with his daughter to another townA year later he's in a coma after a car accident the h was in a coma in the beginning So bonus 2 comas His last words before lapsing into unconsciousness were to ask for the h His family contacts her she goes and sits by the bedside and talks to him with the little girl After he comes out of the coma they decide to get married Not sure why aside from her blinding lurve she wants him Read this years ago and I hated it I actually hate thinking about this book because I loathed Wade Deleted this years back I wish i didn't get reminded of it now I wanted to like this book because I love reading books about a hole heroes that find ways to redeem themselves I live for grovel scenes In saying that this book had no grovel scene whatsoever and I feel cheated Wade hero was a fucking asshat who had no redeemable ualities at all Don't get me wrong i love jerk heroes but ONLY if a whole lotta grovelling is promised But nope not in this book Fuck That I get that the author tried to make him look like an almighty alpha male or some shit but he ended up just looking like a spoilt stalker who doesn't comprehend the word No Let me just point out a few things that pissed me the hell off in this book He cheated and had the audacity to play the drunk card instead of just manning up and owning that shit Fuck off If he hadn't gotten OW pregnant he would never have told Nikki heroine that he'd cheated on her When Nikki left him after finding out he cheated and got OW pregnant he fucked her 2 minutes later AND SHE LET HIM That's some unrealistic bullshit right there Most women wouldn't have let him get close enough to touch let alone fuck Wade not taking no for an answer Borderline psycho Wade acting as if he has the right to be possessive over Nikki Oh hell no Who the fuck does he think he is? He has no right to act as if she is not allowed to date anyone but him especially with his history Eat shit Watch out 'cause this next one's a doozy When he found out that Nikki had a son and that he died Wade didn't give a shit All he cared about was that Nikki had gotten herself knocked up by someone else Even when he was standing at the poor kid's grave he didn't care that a child had lost his life instead he was doing math in his head and coming to his own conclusions that Nikki had moved on uickly after they'd broken up and that she was a heartless bitch He even stood at their her son's grave and uttered the word Bitch aloud He didn't care that Nikki had suffered through the pain of losing a child he only cared that somebody who was not him had put their dick inside her THIS coming from a married guy? Hey Wade go fuck yourself buddy I hate that Nikki let herself waste away after their break up I understand her reasons but it still sucks There was a lot of fucking suicide talk for a book that isn't that long damn First Nikki's mom then OW even Nikki's self destruction seemed like an unconscious form of a slow suicide There were other things that had me gritting my teeth through this book and I found myself flicking through the last 4 chapters because when I realised that Wade's sorry ass was going to be doing no grovelling I gave up I don't know maybe after a few days I may change my mind about this review but for now I'm leaving it at that Authors please note Alpha Male does NOT eual to AholeThe blurb was promising He cheats on her one night when he's drunk and then when the woman turns up pregnant he marries her Now she's dead and he's back to pick up where he left off with the heroine Predictably she wants none of itI don't have a problem with cheating heroes in romances because it takes exceptional writing skills to determine how much groveling is enough The redemption of the cheater and his transition from someone the reader detests to someone likable is how I judge these novelsAnd having said that No Longer Mine fails completely there I did not like Wade At all There isn't enough from his loving relationship before the cheating and break up to compensate for the appallingly bad behavior that follows Bad enough that he cheated he was also a Grade I certified Jerk He claims to love Nikki to the point of insanity but nothing he does proves it At one point he slams Nikki up against the wall for calling the woman he cheated on her with a slut Honey if I were her there's a lot that I'd be calling that ho'bag and you'd best be listening with your mouth shutI have mixed feelings about Nikki too While she does tell him off from time to time he just has to touch her tits or kiss her and she's all over himI have no real problem with the writing or any of that My low rating owes itself solely to my inability to like the main protagonists I just didn't sense any real relationship between the two And that is not something you want to say about a romance novel What a bookdear god the hero really what to say such a GFN disgusting pitiful excuse for a manhoodi gave 2 stars only for heroin cause she was strong n went through so much hurt n pain but i really disagree with her decision when she decided to be back with hero specially after blaming her for child's deathstory was strong had potentials but author truned it into abusing painful readIgnore it I had to wait a week before I could at least stand the thought of reviewing this book Not cuz I didn't like it but because I was so touched by it that I always started crying only thinking about it The warning at the end of the Blurb really is true No Longer Mine is a heartbreaking tragedy that won't leave you untouchedThe story starts in a dramatic way We join Nikki her little son and her brother in a bumpy ride through a storm We see how much they care for each other and bam everything is over We find ourselves again in the hospital with Nikki barely living and conscious just long enough to get the news that her boy died in the accident At this moment I first thought that I wouldn't be able to read this book I was so touched and felt so much for Nikki I was afraid I couldn't stand all the emotion and heartbreak that had to follow I took a break and during this time I thought about what would happen next and what should not I started to think about all the possible ways Shiloh could ruin this book and I thought perhaps it wouldn't be that emotional the whole time I was wrongNikki is broken but she tries to stay strong Her life was nothing you would wish even your worst enemy She was hurt by Wade big time and when she discovers that she's pregnant she just knows one thing she wants that child The boy gave her life a sense again She had something to live for and when he is ripped out of her life she thinks that nothing is left that's worth living for I can hardly imagine how it must feel to be in that kind of a situation but I have to say Ms Walker made me believe I got what it would feel like My heart broke so often for Nikki and I admired her for her strength When she sees Wade in her life again all the old emotions surface again and she has no idea how to handle it Can she live with the constant reminder of her boy and the heartbreak Wade caused her? I think I couldn't stand thatWade is clueless that he had a boy He thinks that Nikki is just angry cuz of his past mistakes and the way he indirectly ended their engagement He wants her back cuz he never stopped loving her and he tries to find a way to sneak back into her heart He knows he was wrong in the past and he knows that it is hard for Nikki to forget that but he underestimates the situation He has no idea that he was a father and that Nikki lived through hell cuz of losing that child As you can imagine the whole situation seemed hopeless from the start But I just couldn't stop wishing for a HEA But what kind of HEA can that be? The boy is dead after all? I learned to accept that together with Nikki in small baby steps and at the end I could see a future for them again It was a hard and heart wrenching story No longer Mine is no story you can read fast and be satisfied with I cried so much even after I finished this book It just makes you think about life and death and the unfairness of life It was really depressing from time to time A few times the book was too angsty for my taste and some things seemed a bit off but it is a book I will never forget All in all No Longer Mine was a captivating read I had to put it down from time to time but my thoughts never left it It was just so emotionally intense heart breaking and lovely at the same time I loved the characters and was sucked into the story right away I highly recommend this book

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