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The Thin Man❰KINDLE❯ ✽ The Thin Man Author Dashiell Hammett – Nick and Nora Charles are Hammett's most enchanting creations a rich glamorous couple who solve homicides in between wisecracks and martinis At once knowing and unabashedly romantic The Thin Man is a Nick and Nora Charles are Hammett's most enchanting creations a rich glamorous couple who solve homicides in between wisecracks and martinis At once knowing and unabashedly romantic The Thin Man is a murder mystery that doubles as a sophisticated comedy of manners. We found a table Nora said She's prettyIf you like them like thatShe grinned at me You got types?Only you darling lanky brunettes with wicked jawsAnd how about the red head you wandered off with at uinns' last night?That's silly I said She just wanted to show me some French etchings” It is almost impossible for me to separate the book from the movies When I decided to reread this classic that spawned six great movies Nick Charles was of course William Powell and Nora Charles was of course Myrna Loy Those actors are forever Nick and Nora for me The book is famous for the witty exchanges between Nora and Nick but the book is somewhat overshadowed by the wonderful repartee between Powell and Loy over the course of the six movies The scintillating amusing conversations are punctuated by Loy’s uptilted nose and impish smile and Powell’s infectious grin as he takes pleasure in toying with his wife’s state of mind We must not forget the Charles’s dog Asta ”That afternoon I took Asta for a walk explained to two people that she was a Schnauzer and not a cross between a Scottie and an Irish terrier” The dog Skippy who was cast in the movie was a Wire Fox Terrier I have a six month old Scottish Terrier whose name is Astra after the state motto of Kansas ad astra per aspera Astra in Latin means stars For those who know us and how much we love The Thin Man movies they always assume that it is also a nod to Astaand they would be right Asta doesn’t provide the comic relief in the book that he does in the movie but he is a presence for most of the book There are usually some light hearted moments with Asta in every movie where they are chasing him around the room trying to retrieve a vital clue from between his jaws or other scenes where he is just doing something terminally adorable that brings a bit lightheartedness to the script Dashiell Hammett based the Charles’s off his own tempestuous on again and off again relationship with Lillian Hellman From what I’ve read he definitely must have focused on the sunnier side of the relationship because one of the most enjoyable things about this dynamic couple is their friendly jocular interactions highlighted with the rich overtones of how much they admire and like one another Hellman and Hammett fought like Siamese Fighting Fish The fights that Nick and Nora get into are playful funny and foreplay that provides Nick with an opportunity to grab Nora and plant a kiss on her that will shake her fillings There really aren’t a lot of happy married couples in noir literature Hardboiled mystery writers seem to focus on characters as singular individuals They are usually divorced or single and if they are married they certainly aren’t happily married Nick and Nora are best together and as the investigation in the story moves forward they seem a bit unmoored when they are apart They drink heavily mirroring the Hellman and Hammett relationship in that aspect ”She sat on the sofa beside me ‘Now out with it If you skip a single word I’ll ’‘I’d have to have a drink before I could do any talking’She cursed me and brought me a drink”Nick doesn’t want to investigate crime He is perfectly happy spending his days drinking martinis and looking after Nora’s money but Nora is obsessed with his previous life as a private investigator and certainly has a rosy unrealistic view of the profession So the way the stories go in the book and the movies is that invariably Nora drags Nick into an investigation He reluctantly agrees to see what he can do which is to cleverly solve the crime and wrap up the criminals for the bungling cops to haul off to jail In this book he is investigating the murder of a mistress of the mad scientist Clyde Wynant and in the course of his investigation he and Nora have to contend with the whole Wynant clan each as loony as the next The ex wife Mimi is a real piece of work a combination of curves and cunning She tries to use both assets on Nick and needless to say things get out of hand ”’Tell me something Nick Tell me the truth when you were wrestling with Mimi didn’t you have an erection?’‘Oh a little’She laughed and got up from the floor ‘If you aren’t a disgusting old lecher’ she said”Did she just say erection? My my goodness sakes Nora Do you kiss Nick with that mouth? Why yes she does If you take a drink every time Nick orders an alcoholic beverage you will be plowed by the time you get 30 pages into the book or thirty minutes into the movie The heavy drinking in this book and the movies might be than a hint to Dashiell Hammett’s own struggle with alcohol It might also be the key to why he stuck with Hellman so long She was a heavy drinker too and as happens sometimes couples bond over drinking Their drinking escalates with dual encouragement and they become caught in a cycle of maladaptive drinking I certainly can feel jealous of Nick and Nora’s lifestyle They can leave a city at the drop of the hat and go to any other city in the world Money is not an issue and time is something they have in abundance They are about as free as two people can ever hope to be Oh and they are hopelessly head over heels in love with one another Freedom plenty of money and someone who loves us what could anyone wish for? I highly recommend the book and the movies paired with a few vodka martinis shaken not stirred If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at I invented a new drinking game based on The Thin Man and tried to give it a test run when I re read it The rules were simple every time that main character Nick Charles took a drink I’d take one too However I had to be taken to the hospital for treatment of extreme alcohol poisoning by the second chapter So don’t try thatNick used to be a private detective in New York but he left that behind when he married Nora and moved to California to take over the management of the various businesses her father left her Why couldn’t Nora run them herself? Because this was 1933 so in addition to casual alcoholism being an accepted part of everyday life the lady folks weren’t going to be left in charge of something as important as business Ah the good ole daysNick and Nora are on a Christmas vacation trip back to New York when Nick bumps into the daughter of an old client of his Clyde Wynatt Wynatt has gone missing and a woman associated him was murdered so everyone from the family to Wynatt’s lawyer to the cops think that Nick is working the case Nick would prefer to just do some drinking but Nora is intrigued by the idea of watching her husband play detective and other events transpire to pull Nick into reluctantly investigating in between glasses of whiskeyHammett’s The Maltese Falcon and Red Harvest are two of my favorite detective novels as well as being considered classics of the genre This one shows off a bit of his versatility in that it reads as a witty comedy with a dash of murder rather than a hard boiled mystery The banter between Nick and Nora is fun and his casual remarks about needing a drink with breakfast just to “cut the phlegm” make for their own kind of anachronistic amusement The mystery is kind of a convoluted mess but Hammett managed to tie it all together with a resolution that makes sense It’s not my favorite book of his but it’s got a dated charm that makes it a fun read 365 stars I enjoyed this book a great deal For years I have heard readers and literary pundits talk about how Chandler and Hammett are the grandfathers of mystery For me Chandler has always been the pinnacle and no one else comes close His turn of phrase and perception of life is unmatched I read Hammett’s Red Harvest and thought “eh” Red Harvest was an okay book but not in the same league as Chandler With The Thin Man Hammett uses a different style than Red Harvest His prose is economic and he does a great job displaying character through dialogue which is what I prefer This book runs very uickly and reminded me so much of the movie I couldn’t help but hear and see William Powell and Myrna Loy while reading this book Hammett moved way up on my list and I intend on reading all the Thin Man series and sample other Hammett booksDavid Putnam author of The Bruno Johnson Series In Dashiell Hammett's The Thin Man the relationship of Nick Charles and his wife Nora makes this stand out from other traditional noire detective novels While Nick has many of the same Sam Spadish ualities as other detectives in the genre he actually listens to and values the opinion of his wife even if his language is sometimes patronizing Their banter also shows the tough guy personae on display when he interrogates suspects is not how he really lives but how he does his job I'm not claiming this is groundbreaking but it is still refreshing in this genre Overall I enjoyed the read As an aside I would like to be able to get as much done as Nick Charles does after so many drinks I'm not sure I would even be able to find my way home 35 stars Nick Charles used to work in a private detective agency got married later came into good money and took on a hard and thankless job of managing his investments The beginning of the book finds Nick and his wife Nora in New York It seemed they were drinking happily and heavily in a bar Later it turned out it was just a mild warm up routine for some very serious alcohol consumption We just woke up let's have a drink Having trouble sleeping double scotch is in order A guest came drinks for everybody A guest just finished his drink better finish mine and have another one Coming back from visiting a toilet celebration time If you are waiting for me to start giving an outline of a plot this is exactly what I do The book convinced me being rich is boring All you do is inviting guests to your place the same people mind you Being rich is also really bad for one's health and hopes of long life as no human liver can withstand this tsunami of strong alcohol consumed by Nick with occasional help from NoraDrink as he might Nick still ended up being mixed up in a murder case A secretary of an inventor he used to know was killed with inventor himself completely disappearing from the face of the Earth For some reason everybody and their brother decided Nick is the one to solve the mystery Nick certainly did not think so but after being shot at he decided to nudge the police into thoughtful investigation Between his drinks obviously People say in the classic movie based on this book the chemistry between the actors playing Nick and Nora totally carried it In the book however the chemistry is uite weak To be fair I found the ex wife of disappeared inventor and their children to be something out of this world all of them The rest of the characters served their roles but were nothing to write home about The book changed my views I used to think there are only two phases in lives of drunkards 1 Being drunk2 Suffering from a hangover Nick managed to be perpetually stuck in phase 1 I have not realized it was psychically possible Surely this is when pink elephants pay you a visit?Real Life™ full of great irony Take my case less than a month ago I stated that I have yet to see a boring book written by Dashiell Hammett Now I have to eat my words as this one while not exactly boring but at least the weakest story from the father of noir mystery So the rating is 3 stars and now my life has a purpose I need to see the movie Let us drink to this Cheers Oops I think I caught something from Nick uickly somebody call AA and book me an appointment for their next meeting The Thin Man is a sort of noir novel by one of the greats of noir crime history Dashiell Hammett who is best known for creating Sam Spade in The Maltese Falcon But The Thin Man was also a well known and much read series and maybe still is This one features the lush drinking duo Nick and Nora Charles and opens very much like a screwball comedy The movie version is a classic and maybe better than the book in some ways “Nora How do you feel? Nick Terrible I must've gone to bed sober” Hammett is most famous for being just so damned clever and especially with dialogue He keeps the jokes coming and it is entertaining Now if you like your noir truly scary and brutal read Jim Thompson or Richard Stark’s Parker series No laughs but lots of terrific writing And better stories This one is light hearted and he doesn’t really care much about the story so I am not even going to talk much about it The novel could be plotted in this way Part One Nick and Nora drink heavily and tell jokes about how Nick got out of the detective business to marry rich Nora and so onPart two They solve a crime featuring the dizzy blond are there ever dizzy brunettes? Sure but the blonds are the ones that have the most fun apparently She sets the standard for a beautiful babe who is a chronic liar throughout I already can hardly remember what happens or how they solve it but there is some brutality since it is noir but Part Three Nick and Nora begin drinking “like a fish” as they say againReminded me of the days when loveable drunks were a regular feature in literature and tv such as Crazy Guggenheim on Red Skelton Dudley Moore in 10 Hammett is a terrific writer of dialogueA clip from the movie which I recommend to read after the bookhttpswwwyoutubecomwatch?vbSThE45 stars 5 for creating the screwball detective duo Nick and Nora and the goofy girl and the dialogue and 2 stars for the story which is sort of not what Hammett seemed to care about here Ah give me a drink I had fun An inventor goes missing and his mistress winds up dead Former detective Nick Charles wants nothing to do with the case but keeps getting drawn in With his plucky wife Nora can Nick get things sorted out so he can get back to his drinking?The Thin Man was not at all like I expected After reading the exploits of Sam Spade and the Continental Op I expected of the same The Thin Man is much humorous than Hammett's earlier works and I found myself liking it uite a bitNick Charles former detective is uite a character He's smart sharp witted and he likes the sauce He's such a raging alcoholic that Matthew Scudder and Nick Stefanos once staged an intervention for him BEFORE they got off the sauce Nick we like week long benders as much as the next guy but you might have a problem His wife Nora sticks by her man even if he probably smells like a distillery most of the time due to all the alcohol he consumes The one liners each of them fire off are infinitely interesting than the plot I'm pretty sure the plot is only here for Nick and Nora to bounce lines around and give them something to do between drinksThe writing is top notch for the era as well As always once I forgave Hammett for not being Raymond Chandler it was off to the races uotable lines abound“Nora How do you feel? Nick Terrible I must've gone to bed sober” “Nick Don't you think maybe a drink would help you to sleep?Nora No thanksNick Maybe it would if I took one” The plot was suitably serpentine and the interplay between Nick and Nora kept me engaged throughout The rapid fire dialogue was by far my favorite part of the book Didn't Nick and Nora's dynamic in The Thin Man inspire JD Robb's In Death series? It's a shame Hammett didn't write Nick and Nora books Four stars We didn't come to New York to stay sober The Thin Man is best read with a drink in hand Do you have a drink? Do you need a refresher? Would you like another? Above all else it is important that you be drinkingSeriouslyDRINK My god a lot of alcohol is consumed in this book It reads as if Ernest Hemingway had taken up crime noir In The Thin Man Nick Charles private detective has hung up his hat Nora his wife kinda wishes he hadn't She likes wrapping her head around a good mystery Well a good one comes along in the form of murder for money and Charles' old friends are all wrapped up in it The plot unfolds essentially in three places at the Charles' at their friends' and at a speakeasyeach place being as well stocked with liuor as the next Other than drinking they don't do much of anything And they don't really go anywhere unless it's someplace to drink They hang around and tie one on while they try to figure out whodunnit The writing is solid the plot feels sound the characters are a little dramatic don't get me started on the women these dames is batty but once all that's in motion the book as a whole feels static And then Hammett pulled a MelvilleAt least Herman Melville was writing a novel about whales when he inserted that non fiction book sized treatise on the whale species Yes it took the reader right out of the story for a damn long time but subjects were related Hammett goes into great detail in a long passage on the Packer cannibal case of 1873 74 Was it necessary? Intrinsic to the plot? Or was it tossed in for its shock value? A bit of sensationalism to spice up a book that was getting a tad boring? Either way the aside is overlong by a LONG SHOTDashiell Hammett author of The Maltese Falcon pretty much invented this genre so perhaps I should lay off But I'm not always one to treat revered things precious likejust the stuff that's precious to meso I'm docking this a star for Hammett's ol' slight of hand writer's trick Otherwise it's not a bad little book What I learned from this book in no particular order1 A speakeasy is the proper place for a man to wait for his wife to finish her shopping2 A Schnauzer is NOT a cross between a Scottie and an Irish terrier3 “I hit Nora with my left hand knocking her down across the room” If a bad guy points a gun at you and your wife the standard operating procedure is to knock her out to prevent her from becoming hysterical over such a potentially distressing situation 4 Women do not really mind being knocked out for such reasons by their loving spouses She would mildly protest but would uickly forget it over a few drinks5 “Feminine brain storms” cause hysteria in women Italians and other foreigners are also prone to hysterics6 A Scotch and soda is a panacea for insomnia and taken first thing in the morning before breakfast would keep you awake during the day Having up to 5 or 6 drinks a day would not keep you from being a brilliant dick7 Policemen’s liuor is no good Never partake of any even though it’s terribly tempting8 A dame “with hair on her chest” is admirable 9 Women’s intuition is not to be belittled even though they are prone to hysterics10 Flirtatious banter directed at any receptive female would get a man out of any number of tight situations Other Random ObservationsNumber of dead bodies 3 Number of alcoholic drink consumed by the protagonist 21Number of cute canine interludes 8Number of un PC racial epithet 1Number of incident of spousal abuse by the protagonist 1BUT SERIOUSLYI expected this to be a shining example of the 1930’s noirscrewball comedy starring an amusing bantering couple hard drinkin’ tough guys and smoky eyed femme fatales It certainly delivers some of these elements in generous portions However the banter is only mildly amusing and the twist ending is achieved through the concealment of certain crucial facts from the reader not my preferred kind of mystery writing There is some social commentary although nothing overt considering that Hammett was a Communist; and a perfectly adeuate if rather bland description of the seedier underbelly of Prohibition era New York City Raymond Chandler with his vivid similes deliciously uotable dialogue and atmospheric evocation of LA seems to be the superior noir writer This Christmas you are invited to a party of hard liuor witty repartee and murder in the company of Nick and Nora Charles A hardboiled crime comedy might seem like an oddball choice for a winter holiday read but Dashiell Hammett manages to mix together not only killer martinis but also a succesful marriage between the mean and dirty Prohibition Era gumshoe detective and the British slick and sophisticated whodunits of Agatha Christie or Dorothy Sayers Spiced up with some of that enchanting 1930's screwball comedyNick Charles is a former private detective who gave up on his profession after marrying rich socialite Nora He's now returning for the Holiday Season to New York where he plans to play the stockmarket like a boss enjoy the nightlife and be pleasantly drunk from the moment he wakes after noon preferably to the moment he goes to sleep preferably in the early morning hours Nora and their pet dog Asta are willing partners in the plan their apartment door always open to old friends and former enemies of Nick and the cocktail glasses are never emptyPretty soon these old friends are all pressuring Nick some at gunpoint to investigate the dissapearance of one of his former clients the thin man from the title Clyde Wynant is an elderly cranky and eccentric inventor who managed to alienate all his relations and business partners providing an exceedingly large list of suspects his secretarymistress his former wife his young and alluring daughter his morbid teenage son his ex wife's new husband his lawyer a disgruntled former business asociate his mistress' gangster boyfriend an ex convict that now runs a speakeasy a police informer also interested in the secretary and so on Some of them turn up dead as the investigation unfolds Nick does his best to try to stay out of it but Nora is thrilled by the dangerous aspects of her husbands former lifestyle The denouement is closer to Hercule Poirot than to Sam Spade but very satisfying despite the fact that I was already aware of the identity of the criminal after watching the movie several timesThe dialogue is lively and often caustic with the easy banter between Nick and Nora nicely balancing the less savoury aspects of the suspects venal actions The novel is actually painted in darker shades boiled harder and cynical than its famous movie adaptation The exuberance of the detective couple actually serves to deepen the black shadows cast by the characters fighting over the Wynant fortune There's a world of crooks and liars sharks and femmes fatales outside the Nick and Nora penthouse apartment reminding us that Hammett is rightly famous for less comedic offerings I don't like crooks And if I did like 'em I wouldn't like crooks that are stool pigeons And if I did like crooks that are stool pigeons I still wouldn't like you is just one of the memorable uotes in the novel I had but my phone decided to lose them and all my bookmarks unexpectedlyAs a conclusion if I would be asked to choose between the two versions I would pick the movie as my favorite William Powell and Myrna Loy are perfect in their roles as Nick and Nora often improvising much funnier repartees and moments of physical comedy than those found in the source material And the dog playing Asta merits an Oscar of her own The supporting cast is excellent the black and white cinematography crisp and elegant I really don't see the need for a remake despite being a fan of Johnny DeppThe final remark of Nick at the end of the case All this excitement has put us behind in our drinking CheersAnd a Merry Christmas to all Goodreaders

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