Unforgiven The Problem With Fighting Evil Is It Often Comes In A Very Attractive Package.Orphaned When Vampires Massacred Her Family, Jade Has Been Trained As An Elite Haven S Warrior She Is Pure, Untouched And Focused On Revenge Sheltered In A Remote Mountain Temple, Jade Has Known Nothing But Discipline Her Entire Life.Dillon Is As Undisciplined As They Come, A Rogue Vampire With Rock Star Style And A Cowboy S Whisky Kissed Drawl He Also Has A Penchant For Nicotine, Vodka And Women Especially Women He S Found A Certain Tedium To Immortality Until He Tastes Jade S Lips He S Been Through Hell Than Once In His Two Hundred And Fifty Years, But This Is The Cruelest Blow Of All To Become A Monster Who Craves A Woman S Trust.Life S A Bitch And Then You Don T Die. I loved Hunger, and I was all about reading this book when I learned that it featured Dillon, who was the hella sexy villain in Hunger He s really everything I could ask for in a vampire So, so good.I honestly had a hard time putting this book down once I started reading it It was interfering with my daily life I brought it with me when I took my husband to the doctor s office and I paid attention to the story than I did to what the doctor had to say about the hippy s bronchitis Sorry, sweetie Okay, I m not really sorry, it was just so dam