Shelter of Hope

Shelter of Hope[KINDLE] ✽ Shelter of Hope By Lyn Cote – Struggling single mother Rosa Santos is deeply touched when volunteers band together to build her a home With a waitressing job community college and church Rosa barely has time to help let alone drea Struggling single mother Rosa Santos is deeply touched when volunteers band together to build her a home With a waitressing job community college and church Rosa barely has time to help let alone dream about a husband and father figure But when handsome volunteer Marc Chambers hands her withdrawn young son a little hammer her heart swells Suddenly her son is blossoming But the closer she and Marc get the he pulls away Shelter of PDF/EPUB ² Why He's built her a Shelter of Hope One she—and her son—pray he'll take refuge within. Sweet inspirational romances are becoming uite popular nowadays Readers are searching for a lovely escape from real life while being surrounded by a story that is edifying and entertainingI think SHELTER OF HOPE does a good job of fulfilling this demand It is a sweet love story between two flawed and broken characters and their road to healing and love I enjoyed the growth they had to make their interaction and the love story It never felt sappy or put on it was really just the right amount of romance for the right amount of storyI did notice a few tendencies towards “head hopping” a term used when the reader is moved from one character’s head to another without a visual break This can tend towards confusion on the part of the reader So while I did pick that up I wasn’t overwhelmed or confused by it So in this case I would say it worked fineAll in all I think this is a very sweet love story with characters that are endearing and a story that ministers as well as entertains Miniseries New Friends Street I loved this book Lyn did a great job with this story The things that Rosa and Marc went through seemed so real I could hardly wait to see how the book ended Rosa Santos Marc Chambers Two damaged souls One damaged because of unfortunate choices she made in her youth The other damaged as a result of a horrific accident for which he feels responsible Both of these characters are guilt ridden and as a result have been unable to move past the experiences which have caused them so much pain and anguish And yet these two people still manage to be caring compassionate Christians Rosa is a single mom struggling to keep food on the table and a roof over the heads of herself her young son and her maternal grandmother She has been accepted into the Habitats for Humanity program and a house is being built for her and her small family Marc Chambers is one of the volunteers who has come to work on Rosa’s new home One eventful day Rosa’s young son Johnny spots a stray dog across the street from the building site He chases after it and as kids are want to do doesn’t look for traffic coming and darts across the street after the dog Marc sees what is about to happen and races out to the street in time to pull Johnny away from the on coming cement truck This is Rosa and Johnny’s first encounter with Marc Sometime later Rosa spots Marc handing her son a little hammer and instructing the boy on how to hammer a nail into wood This simple little gesture on Marc’s part has a profound effect on Rosa and Johnny They both are drawn to this good man As the story develops and Marc and Rosa are thrown together repeatedly she tries her level best to rein in both her and Johnny’s feelings about Marc assuming that he is just being kind and when her house is finished he will disappear from their lives I really like these stories from Steeple Hill books The characters are well defined in my humble opinion They are people committed to living by faith and seeking divine help for their daily challenges That is both instructive and inspiring at times My favorite uote from this story is an example of what I mean “Only God can change a heart and only when the person wants their heart to change” The other thing I like about Steeple Hill books is that they are basically short stories a little over 200 pages in length uick and satisfying reads Single mom Rosa Santos is living in temporary housing with her son and her grandmother while some volunteers get together to build her a house She's deeply touched by all the help and generosity Then she meets Marc Chambers He develops a friendship with her son and with her He shows them such kindness and love that it's hard for her to believe that good things can happen to her But they both have so much guilt and heartbreak from their past Marc was in a major car wreck months before and still feels very much guilty and blames himself for the deadly wreck that killed several people including someone he knew Rosa feels guilty because of her son Johnny's father He left her and refused to be a part of his son's life He's just a real jerk Fortunately Rosa does have Marc in her and her son's life who is a positive male father figure for Johnny After some time Rosa and Johnny start to have a relationship beyond friendship They become close after they have a scare with Rosa's grandmother and also after Johnny gets hit by a car Some intense sad moments in this story And definitely some major twists involved Both Rosa and Marc eventually let go of all their guilt and resentment from the past I almost cried during a few scenes because of how sad some of the situations were That's how much this story touched me It's filled with action love humor and romance This is one of the best stories I've read in a long time I won this book from a contest on Goodreads and finally got around to reading the book I really enjoyed the story I love how Lyn is using a real charity in this series Habitat for humanity which builds houses for needy people The community and the new home owner help build the house and the recipient will then pay of a much a mortgage a price they can afford This book features Rosa who is the mother of a young son whos father has rejected him She lives with her grand mother who is charming Marc is a volunteer who is helping with the house and also has a charming grandmother I love how the grandmothers get together to think of ways to put the two together There are some interesting twists and turns in this book which I found interesting to watch Good read A small boy runs out into the road and a truck is heading right for him but Marc Chambers runs and saves the boy Johnny's mother Rosa Santos is eternally grateful She is being built a house by volunteers and Marc show up on the job He interests her however she senses something isn't uite right Johnny has a real father son crush on Marc and Rosa is afraid he will get hurt when Marc pulls away What is his problem? She's falling for him but cannot take another rejection I mentioned this in my review of Daddy in the Making but as long as you know that this book is not meant to provoke deep thought or anything like that it's cute I thoroughly enjoyed it because it only took me an evening to read and I liked it a lot Cute definitely recommend it for people just looking to read something that doesn't reuire a commitment Shelter of Hope is a book with heart I like my inspirational romances to deal with the struggles real life brings our way Lyn Cote does a remarkable job of making her characters real her story engaging and her faith message clearLooking forward to in the series Rosa Santos and her small son Johnny are to be the recipients of a Habitat house Marc Chambers is working on the habitat house and saves Johnny from one incident of an oncoming car Both have issues to work through but need love and the trust of a partner

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