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I Married a Dead Man[Ebook] ➧ I Married a Dead Man ➭ William Irish – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Pregnant abandoned by her slimy husband and destitute Helen Georgesson boards a train going west In the crowded train car she meets happy newlyweds Patrice Hazzard also expecting and Hugh They are on Pregnant abandoned by her a Dead Kindle Ø slimy husband and destitute Helen Georgesson boards a train going west In the crowded train car she meets happy newlyweds Patrice Hazzard also expecting and Hugh They are on their way to visit Hugh’s parents whom Patrice is meeting for the first time After Patrice hands Helen her wedding band so she can wash her hands in the rest room the train crashes killing the Hazzards but Helen survives When she regains consciousness in the hospital she discovers she has been mistaken for Patrice Patrice’s wealthy in laws send for Helen and she decides I Married PDF or for the sake of her son to go along with the misunderstanding They welcome her into the fold and her “brother in law” Bill even shows signs of romantic interest But when her husband tracks her down and threatens her with blackmail her dream turns into a nightmare. I would have to term this one as mentioned in the edition of the book I have a Soap Opera noir Even for Woolrich this was an unusual work of suspense For those who've read a lot of the great author's work it is fabulous but others may have some difficulty getting into the style and flow Once they do they're hooked but it can be jarring if you're used to the modern and mundane type of storytellingWoolrich places the reader into the mind of someone and you feel and experience the world and the situation from her perspective as she takes the place of another and lives in fear It is like an old time melodrama where the tension is sustained throughout the narrative Rich with moral complexity and psychology Woolrich adds fabulous little moments of insight One such moment occurs when the girl in uestion is called to supper It floods her heart with a feeling of acceptance because supper is a term used informally with family; only when we dine with others or go out in the evening does it become dinnerThe premise is simple the execution extremely difficult Perhaps only Woolrich could have written something like this and made it work A mesmerizing read for Woolrich fans but most definitely not the book I'd recommend as your first exposure to this great author who in my opinion eclipsed all others of suspense Definitely give The Bride Wore Black a read first and though it's longer Deadline at Dawn which I consider to be Woolrich at his finest before tackling I Married a Dead Man This one is a type of masterpiece to be sure but a bit less accessible than the aforementioned Not for all tastes This first edition hardcover has the original 275 price on the dust jacket and is marked First Edition on the copyright page I read this book in the Centipede Books edition I just ran across this first edition of I Married a Dead Man in a box of books I had put into the back room perhaps ten or so years ago The book is J B Lippincott Company A Story Press Book copyright 1948 Stated First EditionThe book still had the sales receipt in the back and it seems that I paid 298 for the book at a used book storeWhat a pleasant surprise For Helen a future mom with no man and no money to her name she finds a rather morbid and twisted way to get herself into a wealthy family What ensues is dramatic and emotional and I Married a Dead Man is as eye opening as it is dark It's a story of a woman who isn't really a bad person but she's desperate and her ordeals are very intense February 2017I read I Married a Dead Man several years ago in the Library of America's Crime Novels of the 1930s 40s I had never read anything by Cornell Woolrich before and apparently it incited in me a drive to read everything by him I could get my hands on So I was curious to examine this again I believe in this I was attracted to Woolrich's detached fable like writing and the way this mixes with melodrama of almost cheesy sentimentality And all with a edgy darkness often literal He does standout Yes there is often a clumsy convenience to his plots but isn't that part of the weird fableness? And now I know that for a writer considered significant to the development of noir Woolrich writes often from a female perspective This and the Black Angel also Night Has a Thousand Eyes and Deadline at Dawn Like I said he is extraordinary July 2010Gothic soap opera noir I loved it Cornell Woolrich aka William Irish divine? I loved the way the train crash scene was written Easily my favorite book in the collection Melodradramatic as hell but I could hardly put it down Woolrich builds suspense menace and character empathy like the best noir author but there is something so simple and almost sweet about this tragic little tale that elevates it for me The ending was classic and ambiguous and Excellent Read in Crime Novels American Noir of the 1930s 40s collection from the library One of the few books I've ever read twice actually three times A title that just makes you have to pick it up Steeped in paranoia it is one of the best noir novels ever written full of Woolrich's creepy imagery The only thing I have never bought is the ending and the only thing that keeps the novel from being perfect Woolrich in an effort to put yet another layer of paranoia on the existential cake leaves us with a footnote that just doesn't ring true given the characters he has drawn for us The enigma of the ending would have stood better on its own without further comment Finish the book and pretend it ended like Clockwork Orange at the penultimate chapter Cornell Woolrich is one of the glories of American noir literature And I Married a Dead Man is one of his best books Unless you've spent the last half century cowering under your bed you've heard of such films as The Bride Wore Black Rear Window Phantom Lady The Leopard Man and Mississippi Mermaid Not once not twice but scores of times Woolrich's stories have been turned into films I Married a Dead Man tells the story of an abandoned young pregnant woman who takes a cross country train trip on which she meets a pair of newlyweds the wife of whom is likewise pregnant The train derails but not before Patrice Hazzard asks Helen Georgesson to try on her wedding ring Both the real Patrice and her husband perish in the wreck but Helen awakes in a hospital with the ring still on her finger It turned out that the dead Hazzards came from a rich family which thinks that Helen whom they had never met and her newly delivered infant son are all that is left of their familyHelen decides to act the part of Patrice though not without a sense of dread Sure enough complications begin to emerge First the late Hugh Hazzard's brother Bill falls in love with Patrice; and the lowlife who had seduced and abandoned Helen figures out what happened and comes a blackmailing The blackmailer is killed but by whom? Patrice thinks she did it Bill says he did it The dying Mrs Hazzard his mother writes a legal confession that she did it Despite the absence of any legal pursuit the thought of murder begins to wear away at Bill and Patrice's relationship This is an interesting twist as pure guilt and the sense of mutual recrimination is so horrible of and by itselfWoolrich writes his novel with a deft hand and a brilliant style such as when Patrice is driving with the intent to confront her blackmailerOutside the street lights went spinning by like glowing bowls coming toward her down a bowling alley But each shot was a miss they went alternately too far out to this side too far out to that With herself and the car the kingpin in the middle that they never knocked downShe thought That must be fate bowling against me But I don't care let them comeI think it is time that Woolrich and the other great noir writers of the Thirties and Forties men like James M Cain Horace McCoy Edward Anderson Kenneth Fearing and William Lindsay Gresham be recognized side by side with the academic standards of the same period The tone is very 1940's It brings to mind John O'Hara or Graham Greene but not uite at their level I really like the way Woolrich can pump up the drama but this is probably not his best work I had read this novel both in Chinese and then in English in the past and in both times I had eually been impressed by what Cornell Woolrich could do with his plot twists with the perfect noir atmosphere he'd created and the flawless suspenseful dark romance between the male and the female lead So here we have this intensive but scary romance between a man and a woman with them both holding some secrets back from one anotherPlus it's an art form of its own kind to see Mr Woolrich wrote his female characters They feel so real with their own sensuality inner strength and weakness; I just love it so much

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