Primal: A Quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity

Primal: A Quest for the Lost Soul of ChristianityProduct DescriptionOur Generation Needs A Reformation.But A Single Person Won T Lead It.A Single Event Won T Define It.Our Reformation Will Be A Movement Of Reformers Living Creatively, Compassionately, Courageously For The Cause Of Christ This Reformation Will Not Be Born Of A New Discovery It Will Be The Rediscovery Of Something Old, Something Ancient Something Primal Mark Batterson, Primal What Would Your Christianity Look Like If It Was Stripped Down To The Simplest, Rawest, Purest Faith Possible You Would Have , Not Less You Would Have The Beginning Of A New Reformation In Your Generation, Your Church, Your Own Soul You Would Have Primal Christianity This Book Is An Invitation To Become Part Of A Reformation Movement It Is An Invitation To Rediscover The Compassion, Wonder, Curiosity, And Energy That Turned The World Upside Down Two Thousand Years Ago It Is An Invitation To Be Astonished Again. Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength Sound familiar This is what Jesus said was the greatest commandment Here in Primal, Mark Batterson explores just what exactly does it mean to obey this command Using his own insights and experiences along with a well read abundance of insights from others both contemporary and historical, MB explores what it means to love God with all our heart compassion , soul wonder , mind curiosity , and strength energy In short this is a brilliant, book long answer to how we can apply the greatest commendment to our modern contemprary lives I like to say that there isn t a book out there except the Bible that I totally and fully agree with and that I like this better because I prefer to be stretched and challenged as I have a mental debate witht
The church is in need of a reformation But it s not going to come through charismatic leaders or grandiose notions it s going to start with each follower of Christ getting back to the basics of the Greatest Commandment to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength Batterson takes each of these 4 elements and fleshes out what they mean To love God with all our heart is to exhibit compassion To love God with all our soul is to exhibit w
Mark Batterson makes some good points in this book Christianity would be in a better place if we all back to the basics and that s what this book is about However, some of his medical information is wrong. Simplify Love the Lord with ALL your heart, mind, soul, and strength How can someone simplify that verse from the Bible Is that not simplified completely You would think so But maybe we are in such a fast pace world that we need to place this verse in slow mode, and re read it What does it mean to love with ALL That s what Mark Batterson does with this book Primal He explains the all in a practical and ingenious way Ingenious, because Mark holds your attention throughout the whole book with this one commandment Mark gives nibbles and full meals on information that energizes the mind and stimulate the brain to see closely the values in All Sometimes we hear the sermons, hear the same stories from the Bible, that they start to dull o
Another thought provoking read from Pastor Mark Betterson This is his best book yet in my opinion, not because his writing style has changed but because it contains the most original thoughts that inspired paradigm shifts for me that I didn t get in his sermons Kudos to Pastor Mark for not preaching
I really needed this book The way Mark describes the need of wonder to encourage my love for God was priceless. Great book Batterson writes in a way that gets the point across but is done in love. I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review You can find the first chapter available for preview here I were to ask you to break down Christianity into the simplest form you could, to simplify the message as much as possible, how would you respond Mark Batterson s answer to this question is to remind us of what many call The Great Commandment Mark 12 30New International Version NIV Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength Quoted from Even Jesus himself said that there is no law greater than this and the adjoining commandment to love our neighbor All of the laws, all that we are to do, all that it means to truly follow Jesus, to obey God, hangs on this Great Commandment, we are told.In Primal A Quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity, Mark Batterson breaks down exactly what it means to follow God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, by giving each of these dimensions as he calls them of loving God their turn in his explanation He has divided his book into four parts, each relating to a different dimension of the way we are to love God Part One is the Heart of ChristianityPart Two is the Soul of ChristianityPart Three
Necessary for Spiritual Survival I read this book in tandem with Lisa Bevere s Adamant and I have to say it was the most amazing spiritual journey I have been on in a long time Why do we love God How do we love Him How are we changed by this relationship This isn t just about what you know in your head, the truths we ve learned to parrot at the right time This book is about falling in love with the God of all Creation all over again And for some, for the first time See Him See Him
I was challenged by Mark s love for learning passion for change Some of my favorite quotes Christianity that is educated but less powerful, civilized but less compassionate acceptable but less authenticI wonderif the accumulated layers of Christian traditions institutions have unintentionally obscured what lies beneath Christianity has a perception problemChristians are known for what we re against than what we re for before confrontingour culture, we need to be humble enough, honest enough courageous enough to repent of what s wrong with usDoes your heart break for the things that break the heart of God Craig Groeschel If we could read the secret history of our enemies we should find in each man s life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility Henry Wadsworth LongfellowIt is a sad commentary and sadder irony that Christians are often viewed as heartlesswe have engaged our culture mind firstRick Warren the five global Goliaths spiritual emptiness, self serving leadership, extreme poverty, pandemic diseases, rampant illiteracy If you are in Christ and Christ is in you, you cannot be okay with suffering or injustice or starvation The blessings of God are always a means to an end And the end is blessing others We are blessed to bless Mall Effect Malls are designed to feed greed Mission Trip Effect the antidote is one trip to a third world countryI believe that God will bless National Community Church in proportion to how much we give t

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