Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit

Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime UnitDuring His Twenty Five Year Career With The Investigative Support Unit, Special Agent John Douglas Became A Legendary Figure In Law Enforcement, Pursuing Some Of The Most Notorious And Sadistic Serial Killers Of Our Time The Man Who Hunted Prostitutes For Sport In The Woods Of Alaska, The Atlanta Child Murderer, And Seattle S Green River Killer, The Case That Nearly Cost Douglas His Life As The Model For Jack Crawford In The Silence Of The Lambs, Douglas Has Confronted, Interviewed, Adn Studied Scores Of Serial Killers And Assassins, Including Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, And Ed Gein, Who Dressed Himself In His Victims Peeled Skin Now, In Chilling Detail, The Legendary Mindhunter Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of Some Of His Most Gruesome, Fascinating, And Challenging Cases And Into The Darkest Recesses Of Our Worst Nightmares. So John Douglas is great when he s talking about serial rape and child murder, and then he s intensely obnoxious when he s talking about anything else So I guess it s a good thing he mostly talks about rape and murder And when I say John Douglas, by the way, I mean John Douglas or his co ghost writer, because who knows who wrote what All I know is when this book talks about crime, it s focused and intelligent and compassionate And when it s talking about anything else the FBI, his home life, whatever I want to go hide under something to get away from the whining and the score settling and the endless, endless, endless ego wanking It s amazing that a guy whose entire vocation revolves around reading personality from behavior can t read what he s putting out in his own damn books.Oh, and he s still incoherent about the death penalty, for a
This review is going to be as much about comparing it to the new Netflix series as it is the book itself You have been warned.John Douglas was a FBI agent who spent most of his career working for its Behavioral Science Unit Along with other agents Douglas interviewed a wide variety of violent offenders including such notorious figures as Charles Manson, Richard Speck, and David Berkowitz, and then he tried to apply what they learned to develop criminal profiles of active unsolved cases If you ve ever read the books of Thomas Harris like Red Dragon and The Silence of the Lambs or seen the movies or TV show based on them then you might be familiar with the character of Jack Crawford who was based on Douglas Over the course of his career he worked on famous cases like the 80s Atlanta child murders and the Green River Strangler.This is your basic true crime stuff written by a law enforcement professional Douglas gives us his background as a fairly aimless youth who ended up as an FBI agent by pure chance and found that he had a taste and talent for digging into the history of criminals to see what made them tick The book mixes his war stories of cases he wo
If you re a true crime reader in the US, Mindhunter is a must read of greatest hits Be forewarned, though, that Douglas is an almost unbearable horse s a , lacking even the slightest self awareness, and with a zeal for capitol punishment and arrogant dismissal of those who disagree with him that twice came close to provoking me to throw Mindhunter across the room Props to his credited ghost writer who no doubt toned down some of Douglas even obnoxious takes.Also note that the utterly fantastic Netflix series is a different experience from the book I ve seen it It s can t miss tv Read the book The Capitol Punishment Rabbit Hole I am editing this review to be substantially longer than it was in order to provide context on my CP statement, because it s too important a topic to treat casually or ambiguously My view on CP isn t relevant to my criticism What I found offensive about Douglas ranting on the topic is that he repeatedly insults and demeans anyone who has thoughtfully reached an opposing view from his
Ok, this is pure wow The fact that the author doesn t adopt the holier than thou stance so common with law enforcement makes this an extremely enjoyable as well as worthwhile read.Q In high school, I was already six foot two, which I used to my advantage Talent wise, we were a so so team in a good league, and I knew it was up to the pitcher to try to be a field leader and set a winning tone I had pretty good control for a high schooler, but I decided not to let the opposing batters know this I wanted to appear reckless, not quite predictable, so the batters wouldn t dig in at the plate I wanted them to think that if they did, they risked being brushed back or even worse by this wild man sixty feet away Hempstead did have a good football team, for which I was a 188 pound defensive line man Again, I realized the psychological aspect of the game was what could give us an edge I figured I could take on the bigger guys if I grunted and groaned and generally acted like a nut It didn t take long before I got the rest of the linemen to behave the same w
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Behavior reflects personality The best indicator of future violence is past violence To understand the artist , you must study his art The crime must be evaluated in its totality There is no substitute for experience, and if you want to understand the criminal mind, you must go directly to the source and learn to decipher what he tells you And, above all Why How Who Special Agent John Douglas is the man who helped usher in a new age in behavioural science and criminal profiling With 25 years of experience and having hunted some of the most notorious criminals of our time, Douglas has a unique insight into the minds of serial killers.True crime is my thing If someone can hold a conversation with me based on murder and serial killers, you are automatically my new best friend So excitement was at an all time high starting Mindhunter I m not one for binging TV shows, I usually like to prolong my enjoyment for as long as possible, but I just couldn t help myself with Mindhunter on Netflix The book had been on my wishlist for a while, but the show was the excuse I needed to finally get my hands on a
6 4 2019 UPDATE Mindhunter Season 2 Charlize Theron Says August Debut, Plus Son of Sam Confirmed to AppearCharlize Theron is one of the Executive Producers of Mindhunter and during an interview with Howard Stern, she revealed the second season of Mindhunter was returning on August 2019 Although Netflix has not confirmed any specific date, August 2019 seems to be pretty solid with all of the news updates are using this information One of the main focuses will be the Atlanta child murders There are rumors of other serial killers, however, this series has been very cagy in not having any photos articles teasers out The two articles below have a bit information Will be counting the months till August Heads Up for the New Netflix Series, Mindhunter Spoiler Free Update Netflix picked up this series and hopefully will arrive in the first half of 2019. I am always looking for something to catch my interest and from the start Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris did it for me back in the day I read the book and was stunned and then the movie came out.It captured the feel of the book for me in so many ways The all star cast of Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins, and Scott Glen will forever in our minds be the first to talk about and show what a serial killer can beThere was something about trying to get into the head of these types of killers trying to see the why even with all the horror s
Think Like One and Get ThemWhat s that thing that thinks like a criminal, walks like a criminal, talks like a criminal, but doesn t hopefully act like a criminal It s an FBI Criminal Profiler, what else GREAT BOOK In a Nutshell Outside of a killer, a book is a great friend Inside of a killer it s too dark to read unless of course you can find a match there BOOOOOMMMM Gosh, these books bring out
the mindhunter tv show on netflix has literally both made and ruined my lifei have so much uni work but all i can do is watch netflixlisten buzzfeed unsolves true crime JUST ended and mindhunter comes i
I purchased this book recently having read the rave reviews received for the series of the same name on Netflix I am an avid thriller reader and fascinated by most things related to crime so found this account by John Edward Douglas who is a former United States Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI agent and o

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  • Hardcover
  • 384 pages
  • Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit
  • John Edward Douglas
  • English
  • 22 January 2019
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