Star Wars Generations: A Celebration of Fandom

Star Wars Generations: A Celebration of FandomTHE FANS ARE HERE A Special Book By Fans For Fans, Generation Star Wars R Celebrates One Of The Most Creative Groups Of Devotees In The Galaxy Packed With Photographs, Reminiscences, Milestones, And Little Known Trivia, This Book Features A Complete Retrospective On Than Thirty Years Of Star Wars Fandom, Including The Beginnings Of The Phenomenon At San Diego Comic Con Variations The First Fans, Old School Fans, Line Culture, Videogame Fans, And Female Fandom Celebrity Fan Memories From J J Abrams, Margaret Cho, Sean Lennon, And Many Others Personal Photos Of Fans Dressed In Their Star Wars Finest, From The S To The Present Day The Dedicated Clubs And Communities, From The Official Star Wars Fan Club To The St Legion, From The Ladies Of The ISO To The R D Builders Group The Many Fan Sites And Newsletters, From Theforce To Bantha Tracks The Early Conventions And Star Wars Celebrations Across The Globe Fan Tastic Fan Made Crafts, Art, Tattoos, And Other Obsessions Plus Pages For Collecting Autographs At Conventions For Star Wars Enthusiasts Of All Stripes From Those Who Have Camped Out For Hours In The Movie Lines To Casual Followers Of The Force Generation Star Wars Is The Ultimate Tribute To A Fun Filled Community