The Mammoth Book of Murder and Science

The Mammoth Book of Murder and ScienceFrom Inside Flap In 1752, A Young Woman Named Mary Blandy Put A Mysterious White Powder In Her Father S Food At Her Trial For The Murder Of The Old Man, A Doctor Gave Astonishing Testimony That He Believed This Powder Was Arsenic Poison And He Had Performed Experiments To Prove It As Mary Walked Up The Steps To The Gallows, A New Science Was Born The Science Of Forensic Detection.Gathered Here Are Extraordinary Cases From History And The Present Day, From The First Use Of Fingerprints In A Murder Trial To The Recent Advances In Genetics Journalist And Author Roger Wilkes Gives A Fascinating Overview Of Famous Cases Covered By Some Of The Best Crime Writers In History. The Giant Book of Murder fell under reading challenge No.1 Read a book with five hundred pages, and while this book is certainly filled to the brim with interesting information regarding crime detection and even the inner workings of the justice system, it still suffers greatly from the same problems faced by other books of it s type.This book is a collection of extracts from throughout history and around the world that relate to some of the grotesque and difficult crimes to ever occur That being said, if you re looking for crimes from places other than the western hemisphere then you may be left wanting by the lack of global representation However despite this small issue it does help to shed light on some of the infamous crimes committed by our fellow man, as well as help to uncover some of the obscure crimes that may have gone unnoticed by some.One problem that some have as they read this compendium is that the book is populated by the works of dozens upon dozens of different authors, all reporting from different time periods in different parts of the world This leads to the issue of we don t get the same flow and style throughout this can make it difficult to keep focus and hold the reader s interest Multiple that difficultly when you realize that than once we are treated to the dry,slow, highly descriptive, no detail spared style of the Edwardian and Victorian
I received this book years ago, as either a birthday or Christmas present, and I attempted to read it at the time, but it didn t hold my interest very long as evidenced by the paper clip as bookmark only several pages in and sat on my bookshelf for ages.As a whole, the book is uneven, as each tale is penned by a different author some repeat later in the book, but it s still an issue of competing writing styles, from varying eras Some stories are interesting than others Some spend time at the trial than on the forensic evidence.The best way to enjoy this book would be to dip in at intervals, rather than read cover to cover.Speaking of the cover of this edition if you re not up on your true crime, the image is of Elizabeth Short, also known as the Black Dahlia, who was savagely murdered and had her mutilated body posed in a vacant lot in Los Angeles in the late 1940s This image was the sanitized version run by some newspapers at the time, as her b
This book is all kinds of wonderful Many cases, from the tall to the small, interesting because of how they were solved, who done it, why they done it, or some other fascinating detail Every story is well written and gripping Highly recommended.

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