The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories

The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other StoriesTwenty Three Illustrated Gothic Tales From The Dark Corridors Of The Imagination Of Tim Burton Burton The Creative Genius Behind Batman, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow And Nightmare Before Christmas, Among Others Now Gives Birth To A Cast Of Gruesomely Sympathetic Children Misunderstood Outcasts Who Struggle To Find Love And Belonging In Their Cruel, Cruel Worlds His Lovingly Lurid Illustrations Evoke Both The Sweetness And Tragedy Of These Hopeful, Yet Hapless Beings. This is me a huge Tim Burton fan or so I thought One day, while carelessly browsing the Internets, I came across a book that I had no idea existed I couldn t believe my eyes and felt especially stupid when realization hit me I must have been living under a rock in a God forsaken place, as never before had I heard of this book Of course, as soon as I realized that I had to have this book, another realization hit bullseye remember that God forsaken place, the one where I lived under a rock Yes, this book is not available anywhere in Bulgaria This is where frustration got the better of meBut I said to myself Fear not, Tina, for you have the power of the Internets and the credit card, and have been given up
The final gasp of his short lifeWas sickly with despair.Whoever thought that you could dieFrom breathing outdoor air For most lovers of the 7th Art, Tim Burton is an incredible talent For us Gothic aficionados, Tim Burton is a genius, a pioneer whose creations opened the audience s heart and mind to the contemporary Gothic style, aesthetics, and philosophy He is the one who found the perfect balance between the satire of how most people perceive the Gothic wave, evident in Beetlejuice, and the sadness, isolation and blind persecution of the Different, the Other exceptionally depicted in his masterpiece Edward Scissorhands The majority of his films is a hymn to the feelings of those who are isolated by a society that cannot understand or accept Corpse Bride, Big Eyes, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the violent, captivating Sweeney Todd, the exceptional Alice In Wonderland, the atmospheric Sleepy Hollow and his contribution to the classic The Nightmare Before Christmas.The 20th anniversary edition of The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy is a collection of poems dedicated to characters that would find themselves in the company of Edward Scissorhands Little ones in all their sweet ugliness and weirdness Sadness, loneliness, children denied by their parents The Stick Boy, the Staring Girl, the Robot Boy and the Boy With Nails in His Eyes The Stain Boy, the Voodoo Girl, the Toxi
The melancholy death of Oyster Boy other stories, Timothy Walter BurtonThe Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy Other Stories is a 1997 poetry book written and illustrated by American film director Timothy Walter Burton The poems, which are full of black humor, tell stories of hybrid kids, spontaneous transformers, and women who have babies to win over men.Some characters of the book would later appear in the Flash series Stainboy, which was created, directed, and written by Burton Stick Boy and Match Girl in Love, Voodoo Girl, Robot Boy, Staring Girl, The Boy with Nails in His Eyes,
I am a fan of Burton s movies So, I was kind of interested in his writings It wasn t a big surprise to find out that the level of awesome weirdness was the same The characteristic Burton mixture of darkness and uncomfortable tenderness I mean, he wrote some really freaky poems technically, not that great, and that is a charming plus but with such sweetness and sensibility that you feel touched Well, most of the times, just sad It is written in a way that seems to be funny, and for some people, this is a book that includes some weird poems that made them laugh and that s it But after a while, its melancholic humor kicks in, and you just feel bad for most of the characters And related I know I did I wanted to help them, to adopt them and bring them home and have picnics everyday and dance under a rainbow and clean the house while a couple of birds make their beds However, this is a Burton universe And from a certain point of view, it s not that different from our real world.Besides the poems, Burton also drew some lovely cartoons still, not appropriate for children If you re going to read about a boy with nails in his eyes, it is nice to see a detailed picture of that, right Same thing with a girl with many eyes Imagine the flood she d cause if you ever make her cry There are poems like The Girl Who Turned into a Bed, Sue and Jimmy, the Hideous Penguin Boy that made me smile with a feeling of what a piece of rare work this guy is
Reading this tiny tome was sort of like taking a prolonged vacation on The Island of Really, Really Misfit Toys The natives are strange but friendly They take some getting used to, but after a while, you ll want to hug themBUT be careful many of them have sharp objects sticking out of their bellies The Boy with Nails in His EyesThe Boy with Nails in His Eyesput up his aluminum tree.It looked pretty strangebecause he couldn t see. The above is a pretty good example of what s in this book and should tell you whether or not it s for you Bad things happen
Alone and rejected, Mummy Boy wept,then went to the cabinetwhere the snack food was kept Tim Burton, The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other StoriesI needed to read today I didn t want to simply read, I NEDDED to read I felt a need to clear the voices of Mrs Dalloway from my mind The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories, was the perfect book to do so This is a collection of grim short poems stories depicting the lives and misfortunes of a group of sympathetic outcasts as they try to find their place in the world often with tragic results.A stick boy finds himself engulfed in flames when he falls in love with the wrong kind of girl, a voodoo doll is cursed to be forever alone because of the pins sticking out from her heart, a depressed melonhead discovers he should be careful with what he wishes for, and Roy, known as toxic boy , learns he cannot coexist with fresh, clean air.Angst and a sense of not really belonging here are a given throughout the
A short collection of macabre poems, illustrated like a children s book, but aimed at the YA market, and delightful for dark thinking adults as well There are lots of gory things about eyes, stories of non human children toxic, half robot, half oyster etc and a most inappropriate present from Santa Occasionally the rhythm doesn t quite work at the first attempt, but even so, it s g
This was FANTASTIC OH MAN SO GOOD I don t have much to say It s a collection of short poems and accompanying doodles by Tim Burton It s damned creepy, freaking depressing, laugh out loud funny, and utterly awesome. nothing but macabre, delightfully weird and absolutely nonsensical this is why i m a tim burton stan i couldn t have picked a better time to reread this halloween month without burton content not in this household The Boy with Nails in His Eyesput up his aluminum tree.It looked pretty strangebecause he couldn t really see THIS IS THE QUALITY CONTENT I SIGNED UP FOR.i would marry tim burton s humor if i could most of his art just doesn t make sense at all, and that s why i fuck with it combined with his creepy art style the melancholy death of oyster boy other stories makes up the perfect read for this time of year.the reason why i m not rating it any higher than three stars is purely because it s just not that deep you can fly through this poetry short story horror gothic novel whatever thing in about ten
This collection of dark comedy poetry was at times very funny and creative, but at other times too strange for its own good It s a good balance I guess, my favourite one being the Toxic Boy poem.

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