Not Another Blind Date

Not Another Blind Date[Reading] ➷ Not Another Blind Date Author Janelle Denison – These Valentine's Day dates have all the markings of blind date disaster Or do theySkin Deep by Janelle DenisonWho says nice girls can't have fun And Jayne does dirty dancing and a lot with a hot bad These Valentine's Day dates have all the markings of blind date disaster Or do theySkin Deep by Janelle DenisonWho says nice girls can't have fun And Jayne does dirty dancing and a lot with a hot bad boy one night Still it was a onetime thing Really But when she's set up on a blind date with her sexy stranger she realizes Cupid must have Not Another PDF/EPUB or other ideasHold On by Leslie KellyShy Sarah Holt has a bad case of unreuited lust She's hopelessly enad with a client sexy Steve Wilshire So when she gets the chance to impersonate the very kissable doctor's blind date she takes itand has the most torrid night of her sheltered life But will Steve still be holding on when the truth comes outEx Marks the Spot by Jo LeighOh no Paige Callahan just got set up on a blind date arranged by her ex boyfriend But potential catastrophe turns into flirty fun and then some when she meets sexy very wealthy Noah Hastings. Overall Rating 30 Stars Skin Deep by Janelle Denison | 30 Stars Hold On by Leslie Kelly | 35 Stars Ex Marks the Spot by Jo Leigh | 25 StarsThis was a cute little romance anthology to pass the time especially when you're in a reading slump and you just need a fluff piece to keep you going  Some of the ideals and scenes and dialogue in these novellas felt a little dated but this IS a category romance from Harleuin Blaze so I don't ever expect much from them aside from a cute little romance  And that's exactly what I got so I'm contentLeslie Kelly's novella was my favorite of the three and showcased what I love so much about her writing  It kind of reminds me of a romantic comedy movie actually; especially the ending that's all giddy and cute and sweet but not drawn out or cheesyJanelle Denison is a new author I've never read before but I really DID enjoy Skin Deep even if there were a few things I didn't uite care for such as the drawn out angstI've read Jo Leigh before in another anthology but I don't remember anything about what I'd read  So she's still akin to a new to me author for me  To be honest her story felt boringAnyway  Again this is a nice romance collection to pass the time with if you want so good fluff 2016 Reading Challenges • Goodreads Reading Challenge• BookLikes Reading Challenge• COYER Summer Vacation 2016 I was pleasantly surprised by this book usually you only find one good story and the rest are just fillers but this was a very good book all the stories were fun and easy to read surrounding Valentines Day I didn't give the last story by Jo Leigh 4 stars because it was moving too slowly for me and for being a Harleuin and an anthology I was expecting a uicker pace Also I never fully figured out the motive for the Ex boyfriend to set heroine up with hero It was just guesswork and I am still curious to know Overall worth readingSkin Deep by Janelle Denison 4 StarsHold On by Leslie Kelly 4 StarsEx Marks the Spot by Jo Leigh 5 35 Stars Valentines Day antholgy with 3 stories All the stories were pretty good what you'd expect from a Blaze book Janelle Dennisons story covered Brian and Jayne meeting at a fancy dress party then not meeting again til set up by a mutual friend Leslie Kelly's tale of Steve and Sarah had Sarah taking over a blind date cue omissions comments about deception running away and smoochy reunionJo Leigh's story of Noah and Paige who are both art lovers was perhaps the least exciting story but i liked it the bestNice uick reads Wow I was completely surprised and blown away by this one The last few of these Blaze anthologies had been unimpressive so I wasn't expecting this I loved all three of these stories The romance the couples and the sexual tension was outstanding Three cute novellas about meeting The One on a blind date My favorite was Jo Leigh story It showed tons of emotion and keep me interested through out the story I was very impressed with entire book A really cute collection of novellas featuring sexy blind dates These were all new to me authors I enjoyed the chance to try someone new Each of the stories had some fun build up some smexy times and I feel each of the characters did a great job to build to a HEA Fun read Enjoyed these stories Successful womennot afraid to go after what they wantnot that it is easy What can I say but cute Harleuin all the way These Valentine's Day dates have all the markings of blind date disaster Or do they? Skin Deep by Janelle Denison 2 other stories as well I love this anthologies series especially from Blaze kind of rare for me to find good read from Harleuin Blaze 25The first and third story were okay but I think the second one definitely let the book down

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  • 28 April 2016
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