Don't Overthink It: Make Easier Decisions, Stop Second-Guessing, and Bring More Joy to Your Life

We ve all been there stuck in a cycle of what ifs, plagued by indecision, paralyzed by the fear of getting it wrong Nobody wants to live a life of constant overthinking, but it doesn t feel like something we can choose to stop doing It feels like something we re wired to do, something we just

Do Nothing: How to Break Away from Overworking, Overdoing, and Underliving

We work feverishly to make ourselves happy So why are we so miserable This manifesto helps us break free of our unhealthy devotion to efficiency and shows us how to reclaim our time and humanity with a little leisure Despite our constant search for new ways to hack our bodies and minds for

How to Be Fine: What We Learned from Living by the Rules of 50 Self-Help Books

A humorous and insightful look into what advice works, what doesnt, and what it means to transform yourself, by the co hosts of the popular By the Book podcast.In each episode of their podcast By the Book, Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer take a deep dive into a different self help book,

Get Out of Your Own Way: A Skeptic's Guide to Growth and Fulfillment

Dave Hollis, CEO of the Hollis Co and husband of 1 New York Times bestselling author Rachel Hollis, refutes the lies people believe but don t talk about, keeping them stuck in a rut, and points the way for readers to finally start living the best versions of their lives When Rachel Hollis began

The Gift of Forgiveness: Inspiring Stories from Those Who Have Overcome the Unforgivable

A fresh, inspiring book on learning how to forgive with firsthand stories from those who have learned to let go of resentment and find peace When we learn to embrace forgiveness, it opens us up to healing, hope, and a new world of possibility Katherine Schwarzenegger PrattWritten with grace and

Pretty Bitches: On Being Called Crazy, Angry, Bossy, Frumpy, Feisty, and All the Other Words That Are Used to Undermine Women

Leading women writers examine the power of the words that are used to diminish women Words matter They wound, they inflate, they define, they demean They have nuance and power Effortless, Sassy, Ambitious, Aggressive What subtle digs and sneaky implications are conveyed when women are

The Upside of Being Down: How Mental Health Struggles Led to My Greatest Successes in Work and Life

An entertaining, humorous, and inspirational memoir by the founder and chief creative officer of the multimillion dollar lifestyle brand, who has become a hero among women and likely some men too who struggle with mental health Forbes.After graduating from college, Jen Gotch was living