The Complex

THE 6TH THREE BOOK SET IN THIS EXCITING SERIES FROM THUNDERSTORM BOOKS n nMeet the residents of the Pine Village Apartment Complex A young trans woman looking for acceptance A suicidal middle aged horror writer A single mother worried about her child A Vietnam veteran who feels the world has forg

Terra Insanus

From the most disturbing mind in modern horror, Edward Lee, comes four stories of extreme perversion and visceral horror THE STICK WOMAN Priscilla has been held hostage, physically mutilated, and fed feces for years And her situation is about to get much, much worse SHIT HOUSE How bad is th


Rick Nicholson loves his new job at Bent Creek Country Club and Resorts The exclusive five star hotel, located on forty square miles of rolling forests and picturesque prairies, is a perfect getaway for the affluent, and a monument to prestige Bent Creek offers it all at a price But Rick soon

They Kill

What are you willing to do, what are you willing to become, to save someone you love On the one year anniversary of his death in a terrible car accident, Sierra Sowell s brother Jeffrey is resurrected by a mysterious man known only as Corliss Corliss also transforms several people in Sierra s life

Lady Cannibal

Bailey is a troubled girl Ever since childhood she has enjoyed manipulating people in order to get her own way If that doesn t work, she has no trouble taking it by force Once in college, she realizes she may be a sociopath Instead of scaring her, she found the new revelation empowering n nWhile


Absolutely gut wrenching Kyle M Scott will turn your stomach as you keep turning pages Tim Miller, author of Hacked and Hell, Texas When Waldo s Burger Emporium rolls into the small town of Plainfield, Ohio, to open the doors of its first fast food restaurant, the whole town is excited It